Plot to spring Sayyaf bombers from jail foiled


ZAMBOANGA CITY: A daring plot to free three “notorious” Abu Sayyaf rebels from a prison in Zamboanga City was foiled late Monday after the discovery of a grenade, a caliber .45 pistol and several loaded magazines hidden inside a stove that was delivered by female visitors. In the report, it appeared that the guards grew suspicious of the stove after prisoners Bensar Indama, Jamil Ajijul and Imran Napi requested the item from the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center. The three are allegedly involved in several bombing incidents in Mindanao. Officials say they immediately requested for a heavy-arms troops and for police commandos to help secure the prison. Boats were also dispatched to patrol the coastline in case the Abu Sayyaf pursue their plan to spring the three. They added that Indama is the brother of Puruji Indama, a known leader of the rebel group. Plans to transfer the prisoners to a bigger and tightly-guarded prison facility in Manila are now being readied.


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