• Plunder raps vs Aquino et al a waste?

    Erwin Tulfo

    Erwin Tulfo

    The cases of plunder, malver-sation, and graft filed against Pnoy and several other officials before the Ombudsman may not prosper.

    Critics believe the complaints will either be dismissed or gather dust in the archives of the judicial body then eventually die a natural death.

    The same group are pessimistic that the cases will reach the Sandiganbayan because Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales was appointed by President Benigno Aquino.

    Others believe there is no sufficient evidence to prosecute these officials.

    However, the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas [KMP], who brought the charges before the court, claims that they have documents to pin the respondents.

    However, no chief executive of the land has yet been tried and prosecuted by any court not only because they enjoy immunity from indictment but because of the influence and power they wield.

    Like I said, Ombudsman Morales is an appointee of the President and is unlikely to prosecute the man who appointed her.

    My friends at the KMP may have wasted their time and effort this time, but I do agree these officials should be held accountable for wasting the people’s money.

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    Insurmountable evidence vs Alcala
    Several groups agree that there is insurmountable evidence against Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala to prosecute him of graft and nepotism.

    Lawyer Argee Guevarra said he has documents to prove that Alcala is guilty of graft due to the overpricing of some 350,000 metric tons of rice that was imported from Vietnam this year.

    Lawyer Ariel Jawid, on the other hand, claims his importer-clients can prove that Alcala, in tandem with a certain Lea Cruz, has monopolized the importation of onion and garlic.

    The Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas [KMP] said the agriculture chief violated Section 9, Rule XIII of the Civil Service Commission memorandum circular no. 40 of 1998, regarding the appointment of relatives in the government service.

    No wonder almost everybody at the DA, especially the heads of its different agencies such as the Bureau of Fisheries, Bureau of Plants, Philippine Coconut Authority look like Sec. Alcala because they have blood affinity.

    Alcala should not remain another day in his office.



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    1. Yes, the outset of the Million March protest was a show of people’s objection and anger against the graft-ridden Pnoy dispensation. But, last Friday’s Million March on Ayala Avenue was conspicuously infiltrated by the Yellow Society as the march for public cause was transformed into as unified system and coordinated program equipped with a costly raised platform to stage their satirical performance but without hitting the Hacienda Owner and lastly an obviously costly huge golden pig made of papier-mâché were not be possible without financial support from the Ruling Class of Makati City that supports the Tarlac debonair

    2. Arsenio Cortez on

      Someone must be blind. Where is the economic growth, transparency, and anti-corruption campaign. Why are some people so blind enough not to see how the government is riddled with corruption.

    3. Don’t be 2 sure Mr.Tulfo dahil pag ang mga Tongressmen at Sinatong mga tuta ma feel nila na ang mga Pinoy ay ubos na ang pasensiya at mag aalsa na bibitiwan din nila ang (bakintol) na president na iyan .

    4. I read this speculations during the incumbency of the Former Ombudsman Gutierrez. The saying goes, “What comes around goes around”. What a cycle?. History repeats itself.

    5. the Pork Barrel protests of today is way different than the first one. The first protest was more on Public Sympathy and Anger. No politics, and especially no commies (I heard that they got booed as well). But the following protest are just ways to destabilize and derail the image PNoy’s government. Which is not gonna be successful, because no matter what they say, it’s still not enough to counter the things that PNoy did to our country. Like, continuous economic growth, transparency, and his anti-corruption campaign. He might f*cked this DAP issue up, but compared to GMA’s scandals this is nothing.