Plushies to encourage healthy eating among kids


While different kinds of fruits and veggies are needed by children for a variety of vitamins and nutrients to keep them healthy, convincing them to eat their greens, among other vibrant colors, remains one of the most daunting tasks for parents.

This is in mind, supermarket chain Rustan’s, which advocates healthy eating, found a way to help parents encourage their children to eat vegetables with a very powerful tool: cute vegetable plushies.

Dubbed the “Goodness Gang” Body Squad 2017 edition, this troop has eight members who promise to power up children with vitamins and minerals for strong bones, clearer eyesight, a healthy stomach, and so much more.

There is “Wally the Watermelon” who is made up of 92-percent water to help kids stay hydrated under the sun, and supplies their daily dose of Vitamins A, C, and B6 to keep the heart, eyes, skin, and liver functioning properly.

“Chloe the Cauliflower,” on the other hand, is great for helping kids solve problems at school because she improves brain health, while “Cedrick the Celery’s” specialty is keeping little ones’ mouth and teeth clean.

Another squad member to watch out for is sweet “Paulie the Pumpkin” who is full of Vitamin A to keep kids’ eyesight sharp. “Patricia the Plum” can be their best companion especially when they play sports, because she is packed with vitamins to strengthen bones.

For a super healthy tummy, children can count on “Pio the Pineapple” with all his fiber to help them digest their food; and Ringo the Radish who protects those who eat the vegetable from kidney stones.

Finally, “Lizzie the Lemon” provides that boost of energy with her amazing abilities to keep children from getting sick.

These are stories that parents can share with their children using the Goodness Gang as enticers. Of course, follow on with cooking healthy vegetable dishes once the little ones are familiar with the superpowers healthy food can give them.

What’s more, parent-children bonding can be enhances with trips to the grocery where they can collect stickers together to avail of the plushies.


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