PMA holds entrance exam today


THE Philippine Military Academy (PMA) administers its entrance examination for aspiring officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in 40 examination centers nationwide today.

The PMA Entrance Exam (PMAEE) is the first stage in the selection process for cadetship in the country’s premier military school.

Cadets enjoy a full government scholarship during their entire stay in the PMA.

Upon earning a bachelor’s degree, they will be commissioned as second lieutenants and ensigns in the AFP.

Today’s examination will measure applicants’ mental ability in Mathematics (Algebra and Geometry), English (Grammar and Reading Comprehension) and Abstract Reasoning (Verbal, Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis).

Pioneering batches of senior high school students under the K to 12 Basic Education Program who will have graduated before April 2018 are allowed to take the PMAEE.

The academy particularly accepts Grade 12 and even college-level students who graduated from the 4th year High School of the old curriculum.

Qualified applicants must be natural-born Filipino citizens, have a minimum height of 5 feet for both male and female, single and have never been married, physically fit and of good moral character, must have not committed any administrative or criminal case and should have been born between April 1, 1996 and April 1, 2001.

Successful applicants would be officially received in the academy on April 1, 2018 and would be part of PMA Class of 2022.



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