PMA honor code a piece of crap?


Philippine Military Academy (PMA) First Class Cadet Aldrin Cudia will never be able to graduate from the premiere military school of the land.

Cudia was found by the student committee to have violated the academy’s honor code.

Cheating, lying, and stealing are major honor code violations. Cadets who violate the honor code are forever banned from the academy.

But do these cadets carry with them the honor code into their military or police careers? The answer is NO!

As one former military officer who graduated from the PMA said, the honor code is observed by young officers straight out from the academy.

But by the time they make major or higher rank, the honor code is totally forgotten.

The officer, who is my friend and used to hold a ranking position with the Armed Forces, admitted that several senior military and police officers especially during the Arroyo administration who were PMA graduates were the number one violators of this honor code system.

He cited as example the AFP generals and senior officers who were investigated by the Senate a few years ago for malversation and fund diversion.

One general was imprisoned while the other took his own life before the investigation ended.

A few months later, several generals from the Philippine National Police (PNP) were charged with graft after being found to have used the police funds to buy Euro currency for their pocket money on their trip to Europe. They were later dubbed as the “Euro generals”.

The problem of corruption did not stop there. Last year, a former PNP chief and his senior staff were sent to prison for plunder. They were accused of overpricing the repair and maintenance of several police armored vehicles.

So, do you think these AFP and PNP officers observed and practiced the honor code the academy has taught them?

My source added that if these so-called PMA-produced officers are not involved in stealing, they are into cheating their wives.

Most of these married officers have paramours or “girlfriends” or “kabit”, my source revealed.

So, isn’t this a violation of the honor code?

Let’s not be hypocrites!


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  1. Russel B Molina II on

    Most of the comments made here are not fair. Its obvious that they are mostly sour graping over the PMAyers who often get the approval of most leaders because they have seen professionalism in them. Our society is full of cudias and this is the very reason why our country can not move on because most of us continue to patronage them. Look at what’s happening in the senate. Three senators were found to be involved in the greatest cheating that ever happened in our government. Just like cudia, they are using their popularity to turn the accusations to their favor just exactly as what cudia did in facebook. The thing these guys have and is also common to our culture is the is that we delicadeza. Unlike the Japanese, even if they are just suspects or under trial for something that they have not actually commited, they look at it as a sign of distrust from their peers and constituents and they will file a resignation or worse yet some of them commit suicide. In the philippines, the more you are involved in cases, the more popular you will be. I think this, and not the conviction of some people to denounce dishonesty, is the thing that makes us far behind from any other nations in all aspects, not just in terms of military advancement.

  2. concepcion absalon on

    For being late and lying, a young and hopeful person wont graduate and they say that he will even pay big amount of money. If that is in rule, so be it but then clear out the issues against the 8 other committee members. If he did really commit these violations to their honor code, well people higher than he is in that institution must also be liable. He is already graduating, meaning, the knowledge, values, skills and attitude the academy should have given him is almost complete. If he lied, cheated or whatever, he must have learned it somewhere didnt he? I say that all steps in his case must be revisited.

  3. Members of the Honor Code Committee should be the ones disallowed to graduate.

    They manipulated this whole thing and are using tradition to cover this conspiracy

    against one.

  4. Drama drama lang yan honor code na yan..Santambak na problema din binigay ng PMA sa Pinas..

  5. how about the commander in chief? is in it that that from day 1 he and the
    rest of his staff were and are feeding their bosses false crap/s, what
    can we expect.

  6. It is but a sad reality that sometimes those who are dying to uphold honor (codes) and gallantry are not the PMAers but the lowly privates who may have never been inside the academy but simply has high regard for the institution of the Armed Forces.

  7. honor code for what? just look at the state of the AFP, its the most weakest and ill equipped armed forces in ASEAN. Look at how China is blocking the troops resupply in Ayungin and the AFP cannot even drive out these 2 Chinese coastguard. where is the honor code when the AFP heirierchy stole most of the funds for the modernization starting from Fidel Ramos who is even a West Pointer. we are a laughing comics by the world.

    • “Funds for AFP modernization stolen starting from Fidel Ramos.” First time I have heard of it. Was it when he was President, Secretary of DND or AFP Chief?

    • Russel B Molina II on

      Maybe its true that we are far behind our ASEAN neighbors in terms of military. But its not only in military where we lag behind. This state is just reflective of our economy and its not the fault of the Honor System in the PMA. I guess the only battle where we can claim excellence is being among the most corrupt countries, most number of media killings and more. Can you tell me where else did we excel?

  8. ramzi tubloklawi on

    Honors Committee members are the greater liars for manipulating the votes from 8-1 to 9-0. They also must not be allowed to graduate until they’re found not guilty. They’re not yet officers but hy already mastered the art of conspiracy how much more if they become officers.

  9. If the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) can prove to the entire nation that their most guarded, cherished and revered Academy’s Honor Code have meritorious value of being honorable in character and immaculate from institutional blemish and moral perversion then so be it. But, were it not… thrashes it!

    • Rightly or wrongly, i have NEVER looked at PMA graduates as honorable people. This is because of ALL the corrupt generals in the military (AFP) and the police (PNP).Then you still have the corrupt Colonels, Lt. Colonels and Majors in the AFP and their equivalent in the PNP. There are very few ones I know or have heard of who are not. One is the husband of my wife’s wife. Thanks God that she earns more than him and helps support the family..

  10. Your very right mr. Tulfo. These guys are a bunch of hypocrites. 100% of which are pma grads.

  11. Voice from the Wilderness on

    Perhaps this problem in the PMA and the AFP in general can also be attributed to the revolving door policy in the appointment and designation to sensitive position in the organization. In many instances, senior ranked major generals who have no less than two years in their tenure of service and who are due for retirement in a year and can not already be accommodated to take an area or major service command is in lieu appointed as PMA superintendent. And also in many instances, when this generals are appointed in this position, he brings with him an entourage of loyal officers who had served with him in his previous assignments and they are designated as tactical officers of the cadets. These tactical officers in many instances acted like spoiled brats and the cadets are sometimes not forewarned not to antagonize these officers even unintentionally or else they will suffer dire consequences like perhaps what happened to cadet Cudia.

  12. Douglas Merz on

    Let’s have the full story. What is the violation allegedly committed by PMA First Class Cadet Aldrin Cudia? What are the circumstances that caused Cadet Cudia to allegedly violate the honor code? Is it true that he was to graduate at the top of his class with the highest marks ever achieved as reported on television here in the USA? If so, why would he jeopardize his reputation, graduation, and commissioning days before he was to graduate? Who stands to gain by his dismissal? Is there a cadet who formerly stood behind Cadet Cudia in class ranking the son of some politically connected official or senior officer? Something smells here. It deserves a thorough investigation.

    • What is more unusual is that the very person who initiated the first investigation ruling that Cudia is guilty was the second in rank, as reported… so if that’s true, isn’t it proper that he should have inhibited himself, as any other judge in the courts of justice would do, as he seems to stand benefited from the expulsion of the person standing in front of him… no delicadeza, no honor for that person… poor Cudia.

  13. Honor code is an horror Code so why not punish any PMAer who commit corruption and dishonesty if already outside PMA, they must be more meted with higher penalty or punishment since their strictly observing in the Camp. While not do they same outside compound.

  14. Well isn’t this cudia kid on its way there? Isn’t he showing signs of not being the ideal soldier? The kid was lying… Would you assign him to your division’s finance group if ever he makes it? Head of procurement? Don’t think so…

    We’re talking about the Academy here, the Academy that has produced tens of thousands of soldiers who have defended and served our country. Don’t go around saying this institution is a pile of crap and has to close down just because less than a percent of them came up with bad mistakes… Don’t do that.

  15. instead of the honor code in the pma, how about a “moral code” to be taught
    and observed as a lifetime commitment.

  16. Siony Camacho Bana on

    For the members of the honor code committee: The honor code criteria has been violated by the 8 members who influenced and dictated one member to vote for cadet Cudia disqualification, which is a clear indication (red flag) that PMA and its institution is one corrupted system to begin with, period.