PMA ordered to comment on Cudia petition


The Supreme Court (SC) has ordered the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to comment on the petition filed by Cadet First Class Aldrin Cudia who was not allowed to graduate for violating the PMA’s Honor Code.

The SC’s order is contained in a two-page notice of resolution issued on Friday.

Cudia, in his petition for certiorari, prohibition, and mandamus, sought the issuance of a temporary restraining order or a status quo ante order to stop the implementation of the dismissal order imposed against him by the PMA Honor Committee.

The cited committee earlier found Cudia to be guilty of violating the PMA Honor Code by allegedly lying about the circumstances surrounding his two-minute tardiness for a class.

Meanwhile, the High Court, in its notice of resolution, gave PMA officials 10 days within which to submit their comments to Cudia’s petition.

The respondents in the petition include the Superintendent of the PMA, the PMA Honor Committee and the Cadet Review and Appeals Board (CRAB).

In the same resolution, the SC granted the motion for leave to intervene filed by Cudia’s mother, Filipina Cudia, who is represented by the Public Attorney’s Office headed by Chief Public Attorney Persida Acosta.

Cudia also asked the SC to order the grant of appropriate recognition to him.

He further urged the High Court to compel the PMA to include him in the list of the graduating class of Siklab Diwa PMA Class of 2014 once he completes all the requirements for his graduation.

He further seeks the submission by the PMA CRAB of all the records of the proceedings pertaining to his case.

The Manila Times obtained a complete set of his transcript of records and it shows that Cudia notched several “100” grades in his Conduct subjects in the PMA and majority of his grades from 1st year to 4th year were in the line of 90s and above.

The Cudia family also wants the SC to give credence to the findings of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on its fact-finding investigation on Cudia’s case.

This would include the plea to allow Cudia to graduate; for the PMA Honor Committee to uphold the original 8-1 voting on Cudia’s case; for the PMA to declare Cudia “not guilty” of violation of its Honor Code; and for the PMA to restore Cudia’s benefits as a PMA cadet.

Cudia has also questioned in the petition the suspect change of vote of one of the members of the Honor Committee allegedly made to pin down and harass the cadet.

In a sworn statement, Commander Junjie Tabuada, head of PMA’s Department of Naval Warfare, detailed the admission of Cudia’s fellow cadet, Cadet First Class Dalton Lagura, who reportedly confessed that he was forced to change his “not guilty” vote on Cudia’s case which was then pending before the PMA Honor Committee.


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