• PNoy administration more corrupt than GMA’s govt


    We’ve been saying it all along. Noynoy Aquino, Butch Abad and associates have circumvented provisions of the Constitution that laid down basis to the Supreme Court (SC) rulings outlawing pork barrel.

    The High Court declared unconstitutional the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in November 2013 and the Disbursement Acceleration Program in July 2014.

    Instead of heeding the SC rulings, Noynoy and his cohorts merely changed the labels of and concealed the congressional and presidential pork barrel items in the railroaded 2014 and 2015 national budgets.

    In the same way that a drug addict cannot do away with his fix, these pork barrel addicts shrewdly got around the SC landmark rulings to keep their loot.

    Noynoy’s administration has, in fact, outdone and outperformed Gloria Arroyo’s in terms of lascivious leakages in the national treasury.

    Like sex-starved perverts, the “bright heads” in the Palace and the stamp-pad 16th Congress raped and ravaged the nation’s coffers, making the national budget balloon to trillions of pesos and sinking us deeper in foreign debt.

    That is why the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) has asked the Supreme Court to stop the shameless fleecing of public funds, including Noynoy’s pork barrel.

    In petitioning the SC for a temporary restraining order (TRO), Philconsa cited the “scandalous and unconscionable freight” of P424-billion lump sums that were “cleverly embedded” in nine departments, including two agencies directly under the Office of President.

    Former senator Ping Lacson said the agencies with the biggest pork barrel are the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Education, Department of the Interior and Local Government, Department of Health, Department of National Defense, Department of Agriculture, Department of Public Works and Highways and Department of Transportation and Communications.

    Among the specific unconstitutional provisions the petitioners cited in the General Appropriations Act of 2015 were Section 65 on lump sum appropriations, Section 70, which redefined “savings,” and Section 73, which allowed realignment of funds.

    Philconsa, led by its president Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez, along with former Budget secretary Benjamin Diokno, former senator Francisco Tatad and Archbishops Fernando Capalla, Romulo de la Cruz and Ramon Arguelles, sought the SC to issue a TRO on the allocation of lump sums.

    In a full-bench session presided over by Justice Arturo Brion, the SC ordered Malacañang and Congress to respond to Philconsa’s claims in its petition in 10 days.

    Earlier this month, former national treasurer Leonor Briones of anti-corruption watchdog Social Watch Philippines filed a similar petition in which case the SC also ordered the government to respond.

    Abad blamed lawmakers for the existence of lump sums as they were the ones who approved his national budget scheme.

    Kung ano ang lapad ng kanyang noo, yun din ang kapal ng mukha nitong si Butchiki.

    It is clear and evident that there is a pattern and systematic plunder of public funds throughout Noynoy’s term.

    This weekend, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the General Appropriations Act (GAA) based on Abad’s national expenditures program for the 2016 election year.

    Of the 291 congressmen, only 20 voted “nay” to the exorbitant P3 trillion budget proposal for 2016.

    With a number of senators running for reelection to or for higher office, the GAA is expected to pass smoothly.

    The House-approved bill was left virtually untouched from the original budget proposal submitted by the Department of Budget and Management .

    Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares noted the presence of pork barrel or lump sums or discretionary funds amounting to P758 billion.

    Wala talagang kahihiyan sa Tuwad na Daan.

    * * *

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    1. That’s true. Smuggling in 2009 was around $9 billion plus. Under Pnoy it’s now $26 billion. We have worst MRT and LRT services. For sure ilabas ang new trains pag near na election. BIR still corrupt. Printing operators cannot get printing jobs directly from company. Printing jobs will pass through BIR employees with their commission. A friend of mine applied for new car plate last January until now wala pa. In BIR they haven’t seen your papers, they will tell it’s incomplete. That means Lagay to be deposited in their relatives account to avoid lifestyle check.

    2. Sa naunang limang taon ni Pnoy bilang pangulo, mas dumami pa ang naging hikahos sa kanilang buhay. Yong mga ipinalalandakan ni Pnoy na tumaas daw ang antas ng ekonomiya natin iyon ay pawang kasinungalingan. Lahat ng mga yon ay propaganda lamang dahil hindi man lang naramdaman ng mga maralita nating kababayan. Kung ere rate ko si Pnoy I will give him a failing grade.

    3. Ang dami parin sa atin ang bulag na hindi tinitingnan ang big picture. Try to check our economic growth 12yrs back kung saan na tau ngayon. After Gloria kung saan zero ang kaban ng bansa check kung ano status ng financial natin today. If you need sudden change magician hapapin nyo na mamumuno. In 6 years no president can uplift everyones life lalo na kung ang mamayan reklamo lng ng reklamo at di nalang mag hanap ng paraan tumulong. Try to search in Google what philippines economic today compare to our neighbor countries in asia and you will know how the administration work for us in long term.

    4. Well, all anti-Pnoys why are you still here then? I am not pro-Pnoy, but tell me if you had a choice would rather have Erap or GMA still in the palace? Or would you rather wish Binay is now our President? Have you had a chance of comparing progress vs. progress of each administration? Do so and make your wise comments.

    5. Same old story by anti-pnoy factions most likely paid for by the very same people who are now accused of plunder themselves. None of them have ever shown that Pnoy took even a single centavo from the billions of pesos under the executive branch because if they do, these trolls will no doubt be having a grand time telling every one about it. It’s a pity that people are so gullible to believe accusations like this.

      • @Mel Navato:

        Same old TROLLING by pro-Noynoy factions most likely paid for by the very same people who are taking bribes to cover up their own crookeries. Pnoy took even a single centavo yet thanks to trolls like you who cover-up their crap as well., in addition to the biased media. It’s a pity that Yellow Zombies like you are soooooo gullible, because in the first place, only gullible fools would believe in the Aquino Hype Machine. Period.

      • same old story they did to marcoses? well it’s karma – what goes around comes around! and aquinos so well deserved it! next – hospital arrest! ??

    6. Corrupt are those who used the money for personal gains. Diverting saved funds for other use is technical malversation, but if accounted for and used again for government purposes, is that corruption.
      I do not condone corruption, but you will only appreciate Pnoy when you know what he has done, what to compare and who actually became rich during their term.

    7. Gil Pangilinan on

      Nothing new. Same shit different day. But I still believe. God bless the Philippines.

    8. Let this stupid idiot president taste his own medicine, including his cohorts must be handcuffed and throw them in jail without due process or execute all of them by firing squad except the panot guy and Butchiki should be beheaded publicly. They deserve it.

    9. The Daang Matuwid is just a clever use of words. It is no more than words. PNoy’s administration is really known for selective justice and hidden corruption.

    10. Don’t worry! Just vote for VP Binay so PeNoy will take my place here at Veterans Hospital next year.

    11. Will Pinh Lacson still follow through his concern with the budget now that he is in the LP Senator line-up?

    12. Wala namang pinagbago ang mga Aquino, peste talaga. Pero ang mas nakakalungkot po, nanginginig at umiiyak pa ring luluhod sa harapan nila ang mga pilipino, sa konti drama at gimik lang sa tulong ng ABS2 at GMA7. Tao po ang problema, madaling mamanipula.

    13. Daniel B.Laurente on

      Consider the Philippines Treasury like a dam over flowing with water. The excess water goes directly to a spillway. That;s the excess above the required dam water capacity. this excess can be utilized to irrigate farmland and also can be for generation of electicity. Thje Philippines Treasury also is over flowing due to extreme effort exerted on tax collection at all sources and levels. It resulted that our country’s budget for next year expenditures reaches to more than 3 trillions pesos which according to CRITICS exceeded as required. They have suspicions where the excess m0ney will go. Wherever it goes, it is the court that will decide not us people whose only capabilities is to speculate and convict one in Public thru the media without any iota of evidence to substantiate our accusations or if there is one, it is full of falsehood
      just to ignite and trigger people’s anger and disgust. Pity these folks who really don’t get the old ways of political games played by Politicians not only locally but world wide.

    14. Let them do what they want today BUT after Pnoy expires his term, let them incarcerate same as the previous Presidents. Let them suffer same as the million of Filipino people is suffering now.

      • Round up the senate pork barrel and house of rep thieves as well

        18 senators on the Napoles list, 3 opposition senators arrested
        100 house members on the Napoles list, zero arrested

        Cabinet officers should go as well

        Build more jails

    15. Ang kapal ng mukha ng gagong NOYTARD pati na ang kanyang mga alipores.Ano kaya ang galit ng nasa itaasat pinabayaan niyang maging pangulo ang isang mapanisi,mapanuhol,mapaghigantiat tamad na ABNOY.