PNoy . . . an arrogant, obtuse leader


Monday night saw the arrogance of the President during a live telecast of his speech defending his infamous Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

PNoy questioned the decision of the Supreme Court and hinted this could create a conflict, or even a crisis, between the executive and judicial branches of the government.

The Court earlier voted 13-0 declaring the administration’s DAP, which was invented by Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, illegal.

Instead, of just keeping his mouth shut and ordering his legal team to file a motion for reconsideration before the High Court at once, President Aquino opted to go on air still trying to convince the public that he and Abad were right on DAP and the magistrates of the highest court of the land were wrong.

However, his appearance on TV did not help at all change the mind of the majority of the people on its perception of what some quarters believe as the “pork barrel “ of the chief executive.

He reiterated that the Supreme Court’s decision illegalizing DAP was not good for the nation and the people since it runs the risk of paralyzing the country’s development.

One wonders, isn’t the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of the lawmakers intended for the development of every district and region in the country?

Or perhaps, the several, if not the hundreds of billions of pesos annual budget given to each department, particularly to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the Department of Agriculture (DA), not sufficient enough to cover these development programs?

Whether or not DAP was spent “in good faith,” it was still an act of squandering billions of pesos of hard earned people’s money by PNoy and his sidekick, Sec. Florencio Abad, said my good old barber Mang Joey Manalang.

Though the people have shown their disapproval of DAP and the Supreme Court ruled it as illegal, the President continues to insist that he and Abad were right on this wasteful and questionable spending.

I really can’t blame some people if they start to wonder if PNoy is still in his right mind or if he is just “Abnoy” since birth?


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  1. BantayKurapsyon on

    Every year, we have energy generation problem in Mindanao. This problem has been presented to the present president, however until the problem of blackout persisted. Where is the DAP that Pnoy and Abad claimed was used to solve the economic problems where electric generation is one?

  2. Abnoy since birth, kaya lang majority of the filipino people failed to notice it. I did not vote for this abnoy because I was able to notice his abnormality from the beginning since congress days. I see him always scratching his butt (sarap na sarap siya kahit may ibang taong kausap sa labas ng corridor ng kongreso at syota pa niya si Bernadette Sembrano at that time). Filipinos are gullible at mahilig sumabay sa sikat kaya ayan we have an abnormal tenant in malacañang. I voted for Gibo who is more decent and intelligent than his cousin the abnoy.

  3. hIndi lang yan, Istupido pati. Allow me to express my view on the issue: the DAP is ILLEGAL IN its entirety. If Jinggoy have not exposed in his speech the bribes given to the 188 Tongressmen and 20 Senatongs (all allies of Pinoy), this DAP will remain a secret to the public. See the logic? They really kept this super secret, only merong hindi natuwa dahil binabanatan nila. Kaya ayun, sumingaw. I put my trust in the words of Jinggoy kahit hindi ko siya ibinoto kasi common practice ito sa Pinas. Kawawa naman kami dito sa ibang bansa. Napakasakit pa eh, tuwing magtatanong kami kung bakit walang Philippine Honorary Consulate sa ibang bansa eh, sagot palagi eh WALANG BUDGET. Un pala naibulsa na nila lahat. Sige Mr. Tulfo, banatan mo mga hinayupak na yan. Puro DISENTENG MAGNANAKAW!!!

  4. It is very riling to hear one pnoy rah-rah boy say that removal of the DAP will “delay” the energy projects of government. I am referring to Sec Petilla being interviewed by Karen Davila on the energy situation of the country where the Sec suddenly blurted that the current dire energy situation marked by a very slim energy reserve due to the shutting down of the plants of PRIVATELY owned power plants will be exacerrbated by the removal of DAP. Why so may I ask. Is the government putting up aany additional power plants anywhere. The power grid is even owned privately and will expand or improve purely on private initiative isn’t it so. All that the energy dept is doing is to approve applications from the private sector to put up plants and regulate the charges for the service. Where is the DAP relevant here. I should rank Petilla now among the likes of Coloma, Lassierda and Valte who are robotic in their thinking.

  5. roger ganadin on

    this is very elementary point of argument,the three branches of govt are co equal ,forporpuses of check & balances….congress to legislate,palace to execute & sc to arbitrate.ones excesses the other will a working democracy each will perform their function legally.and respect each other authority .if not there is chaos/problem.loyalty to your party ends where your loyalty to the govt beginsthe process should be give & take,a two way traffic.its not mine or yours.its should be ours.leaders should act like a stateman not act like a boogeyman,dont bend history so that the youth of today will remember you standing in a pedestal.lets unite for the country .do we still have the love o f country?our nationalism?

  6. P. Akialamiro on

    All the negatives about Pres. BS Aquino’s reaction to the 13-0 decision of the SC on the DAP have been said. The yellow ribbon ‘cult’ personality (Aquino) symbol has failed to generate its followers to show their support. From now on, I hope the President of the Philippines will start showing the Philippine flag pin instead of the yellow ribbon.

  7. All ARROW and GUNS commander in chief at that he seems to forget war fighting is not done önly by arrows and guns it is done wid BRAINS

  8. nestor fernandez on

    Kaya nga basag ang pula, dahil abnoy.”penoy “Hollow head.Ang tusong si abad at kaalyado pinaiikot si ngoyngoy sa kanilang palad.Mahirap magkaroon ng leader na kulang sa kaisipan,pinagsasamantalahan ng mga tusong pulitoko para sa makasariling intension.

  9. Bay, this man King PNoy is a very good example of what we call a CRY BABY. If you do not have kids of your own you can affirm my description. Having children of my own, I can relate the similarity between PNoy’s actions and motives. Just like a baby, he cries out loud when he is not given the toy he wants or some other baby grabs a toy from. Simple. A conclusion that the Philippines is ruled by one child who appears like a matured person is in order. We are ruled by a child, Bay.