PNoy belittles Marcoses

HOT SEAT Presidential candidates (clockwise from left) Vice President Jejomar Binay, Sen. Grace Poe, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Manuel Roxas 2nd pitch to businessmen their economic platforms during the 41st Philippine Business Conference at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City on Tuesday. PHOTOS BY RENE DILAN

HOT SEAT Presidential candidates Vice President Jejomar Binay, Sen. Grace Poe, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Manuel Roxas 2nd pitch to businessmen their economic platforms during the 41st Philippine Business Conference at the Marriott Grand Ballroom in Pasay City on Tuesday. PHOTOS BY RENE DILAN

President disregards resurgence of support for former First Family

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Tuesday belittled the Marcos family’s ability to claw its way back to power.

The President particularly took pot shots at Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s bid for the vice presidency, belying the purported “resurgence of support” for members of the former First Family.

“No, no. I think the answer to that is very obvious. I don’t think so,” Aquino said when asked if he believes that the Marcoses are regaining wide support from the people.

Marcos is running as an independent candidate for Vice President and is purportedly the running mate of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

While admitting that his camp had met with Santiago’s representatives over a possible team-up, he is yet to confirm their alliance.

The President’s father and namesake, late former senator Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr., was killed a few minutes after he arrived in the country from exile in 1983.

His father’s death catapulted his mother, Corazon “Cory” Aquino, to political prominenc, paving the way for her to become the opposition’s standard-bearer in the 1986 snap presidential elections.

She was later installed into power in 1986 after allegedly anomalous elections fueled a “people’s revolt” that led to the ouster of the Marcoses.

Fielding questions from members of the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (Focap) on Tuesday, President Aquino said he does not see the view that “by appearing on a cover of a magazine demonstrates a resurgence of support.”

Aquino was referring to a glossy magazine, which had the 60-year-old Ilocos Norte governor, Imee Marcos, on the cover of its latest issue.

The governor is Ferdinand Jr.’s elder sister.

Aquino said he faithfully believes that the Marcoses would not be able to return to Malacañang.

“I have faith in my bosses, the Filipino people. There was nothing that has caused me to change the faith that they are able to discern,” the President noted during the Focap forum.

What should be “highlighted,” he said, “is the fact that there is a period in time that contrary opinions were not encouraged, that somehow they were involved in the periphery of.”

“In our watch, contrary opinions are part and parcel and protected in the democratic space that we have managed to really strengthen within our watch. That is, I think, proof positive that the democratic system in this country works,” Aquino pointed out.

The President noted that his administration showed that “the democratic system in this country works” contrary to how it was during martial law, which Sen. Marcos’ father and namesake imposed.


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  1. I think the Filipinos are not smart enough to pick the right person to lead the country to become a progressive nation. If we keep on voting with these people whose interest only to become rich and famous, then the Philippines is not going to be near matched with other Asian nations. We are going to be left behind economically and the people will continue struggling with no job opportunities.

  2. Interestingly, the slate of presidential candidates in the Philippines, however, hardly resembles the buffoonish roster of Republican hopefuls, which have captured the global imagination. All of the four Filipino presidential candidates boast strong educational credentials and haven’t uttered anything even remotely akin to the outrageous statements of leading candidates in the Republican primaries. (Although the Southeast Asian country can boast a wide array of very colorful nuisance candidates, who are expected to be disqualified before enjoying the same limelight as their peers in the Republican party that are, quite astonishingly, now leading the race.)
    A relatively inexperienced politician, Senator Grace Poe, is currently leading the presidential race in the Philippines, exposing lingering distrust with political insiders. Instead of banking on her track record and (limited) experience in office, she is leveraging her squeaky clean image, her pedigree as the daughter of the late movie star and presidential candidate Fernando Poe, and perceived independence from the ruling establishment.
    Meanwhile, the only son of the former dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, is a top contender for the vice-presidency — which, unlike in the U.S., is separately contested from the office of presidency — even if he has refused to offer a full-hearted apology for his father’s crimes during the two-decades-long martial law, which ended after the 1986 “People Power” Revolution. America’s dysfunctional politics, meanwhile, has convinced one in six Americans to flirt with the idea of “having the army rule”, according to the World Values Survey.
    In both the Philippines and the U.S., personality-based politics is dominating the electoral landscape, favoring political outsiders who have astutely tapped into popular frustration with business-as-usual democracy. To many, autocratic rule doesn’t seem to be as frightening as it used to be. The physics of politics has dramatically changed, and, by a strange twist of history, the U.S. now increasingly resembles its former colony, transforming into a fragile democracy threatened by oligarchic takeover. What is at stake is no less than the survival of the least imperfect political system in human history.

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  3. My dear panot abnoy, please don’t call us your boss, we aren’t your boss, your KKK and your oligarch friends are the actual boss, you and your minions have become richer day and night while the 100 millions Filipinos become poorer, hungry and angry. Don’t you know that as…ole? You don’t deserve a kick in the ass but a jail term. Lastly, NOooooo to LP in 2016 election. Santiago and BBM got my vote..


    My fellow countrymen, never again that we will be fooled. As a tickler comes election
    these things. Let’s help in booting out these corrupt, vindictive, liar and crocodiles
    in government. It’s time to erase these HUWAD AT TUWAD NA DAAN IN SOCIETY.

  5. Arch.Lito L.Mallonga on



    So maybe you will know more about me. From time to time it will be upgraded so you will know what I can deliver to all our people once elected.
    Comelec has no right to disqualified anyone as long as they are born in the Philippines with both parents FILIPINOS. Not half cook and has DUAL CITIZEN
    and has not renouce being a Filipino. THAT IS MY BOTTOM LINE!!!!!

  6. I never voted this Pnoy, for just one very simple reason/serious question- how can he lead a country when he dosnt have a family,therefore, his not a husband,not even a father no nothing, He’s a S,,,you guest it right.

  7. Since the Aquino’s installed to power in 1986 evil revolution the term “utak talangka and utak alimango” started and spread like wild fire. The country is divided more than ever before coz they run the government like a fraternity. Common people came to realized that the life they had before is much better compare to this day. BBM will win!

  8. Abnoy Panot! Karma will catch up with you soon. All your kabitzers will be dropping you like a sack of rotten potatoes, oh! how I would love to spit on your face together with those two traitors Delles and Koronel the MILF R&R women.

  9. Rodan Guerrero on

    A STUPID belittling the Family of Intellectuals? The Marcos Family had been mocked and demonized until now by the Aquino/Cojuangco Family which resulted to a very bad picture for the Marcoses. However, truth will prevail and history will be rewritten to unmask what the real truth is. 1. The old Aquino collaborated with the Japanese during WW2 which resulted to the death of so many country loving Filipinos. 2. Ninoy Aquino, the presumed hero, because of his foolish ambitions to become president supported the NPA and used it to de-stabilize the Marcos Regime.He is even suspected as the brain of the Plaza Miranda bombing by being ovbiously not in the political rally where he is the keynote speaker. He was sentenced to musketry because of his activities detrimental to national security. He was however able to evade the implementation of his sentence as FM himself worked-out for his repatriation to the US with his family in Boston where they enjoyed luxury of life using government money. His failed obsession ended when he came home. He was shot to death at the NAIA leaving in question until today who the the assasin is. The Aquinos are blaming the Marcoses but until now they cant prove it and allegations are it is a close relative who master minded the killing which they continue to hide to avoid unprecidented embarashment to the family. 3. Corazon Aquino assumed presidency as a result of FM`s downfall. A reign of the oligarch emerged. She initiated the use of PORK BARREL which is the root of corruption until today. There was no significant accomplishment by this president as she was always described as ” TANGA ” who is never prepared for the presidency. The people around her ran the government as she prefered to play MAHJONG with her AMIGAS. She is pictured by the paid media as the SAINT and Mother of Phil. Democracy….but is she really is? 4.After three regimes, the son came into power of no reasons I could not imagine how come a man they call ABNOY, a lawmaker for 12 yrs without any accomplishment could become a President of this country? He invented the DAP to pursue his enemies and used it extensively to bribe the congress and the senate in order to cause his vindictiveness. He abused the use of PDAF to attract the balimmbings in joining his camp and they were succesful in impeaching Corona who would implement land reform that will distribute the Hacienda Luisita to the farmers. He destroyed and invaded every branches of the government and bastardized the constitution to implement his selfish intentions. WHAT ABOUT YOU BROTHERS, WHAT CAN YOU SA ABOUT THE AQUINOS?

    • Ronaldo Valdes on

      Ya right.. anybody who wants the second comming of a dictatorial goverment like you will vote for him. I left my beloved country in 1973 because i hate dictators.I am now living in new york. I still remember when a real estate property in New York was taken from them because this property was bought by the Marcoses on Phili[ppine goverment money.There are a lot of candidate you can choose find a better one.

  10. Pnoy just shut up, you will never speak against BBM if you see it otherwise, and don’t you ever dare to call Filipinos your boss as you sound hypocritical!!

  11. Yan ang bobong naging PANGULO nga Pilipinas! Makitid mag-isip at puro galit ang nasa Puso nya eh kamag-anak naman ang nagpapatay kay Ninoy. Ayaw lang nila pagusapan dahil kahihiyan lang ng pamilya nila.

  12. He must be jesting, right? Bongbong Marcos will surely land in Malacanang except if they will use the magic of Garcillano. Read about Mar Roxas in contact with Garcillano in the newspaper yesterday. Gumagalaw na ang mga villains sa ating lipunan to ensure their victory. Mapagmatyag tayo. Maliban sa dayaan sa mga liblib na lugar kung saan available at willing ang mga Garcillano’s, bantayan din ang SMARTMATIC-TM, PCOS at ang COMELEC. Every institution ngayon ay prinostitute na ng gobyernong Aquino so let us guard COMELEC as well. LP will win by cheating, there’s no other way!

  13. Your days are over PINOCCHIO Aquino… BBM will be the next Vice President, of the Philippines.. Let us unite Filipino people to oust the Elitist Oligarch people supported by this yellow cult administration. Sila ang salot sa bayan at sa mamayang Filipino.
    Feed your mind.

  14. BBM is intelentgent than u are… If you want BBL, Corina S, Yolanda “(Bahala Kayo sa Buhay Nyo)” MRT , LRT , Daan na Tuwad, Saf 44 …… Then Vote for Mar Yuloy and Daan ……… Marcos will b n Malacanang soon…

  15. Before I was really considering voting for Gringo for VP. However with this comment from the bald one, my vote now goes to Bong Bong to prove him wrong. BONG BONG FOR VICE PRESIDENT!! Lets make this bald one wrong !!

    • true. sana bago nya punahin ang marcos tignan nya muna kung anong nagawa nya. ni hindi nga sya panalo sa tarlac. Nililinlang na naman nila ang mga mamamayan. mga kawatan! halimbawa n maupo ang mama nya benenta ang MERALCO then ng resign sa pwesto ang tito nya at sya (tito) ang naging presidente ng meralco! oh db? isang halimbawa lng yan ng pagiging kawatan nila!

  16. What a pity for Filipinos to have a disillusioned President! When will he ever wake up from his illusions. If you compare Marcos’ achievements who served for 21 years vs. Aquinos’ who served for 12 years (Cory plus Pnoy), the difference is like the distance between heaven and hell. Let us get rid of vindictive people. Out with the LP!

  17. I just hope that when PNoy sleeps tonight, he won’t see the Marcoses in his nightmares.

  18. Xavier Leo Gumabon on

    ““In our watch, contrary opinions are part and parcel and protected in the democratic space that we have managed to really strengthen within our watch. That is, I think, proof positive that the democratic system in this country works,” Aquino pointed out.”

    —- A system that works for you and your family…. but not for the filipinos, Whether you admit it or not Mr. President. And this system will be your downfall after you stepdown from power and somehow and someway, the Filipinos will see if your so-called “Tuwid na Daan” was really sincere… #Miriam2016 #Bongbong2016

  19. His father Ninoy should also apologise to Filipino for his lies ! His father was allowed to USA by Pres Marcos due to his ailment. Likewise, Pres Marcos gave Ninoy all the opportunity for his treatment which include financial help. Look who is talking now!

  20. You’re out of reality Mr.Notpa.
    2 Aquino government did not bring
    Progress to this country. They’re
    remembered for long brownouts,
    Mamasapano fiasco, DAP, PDAF,
    Bribery in ousting the sitting CJ.
    Your government is Notorious for
    Vindictiveness and Arrogance.
    Bongbong Marcos will be in
    Malacanang whether you like it
    or not.
    Goodbye to your Twerking Tuwad
    na Daan ng Kapalpakan.

  21. my father always tell me that life is easier during the MARCOS era.. if there will be a chance to have them back let it be now!

  22. I don’t always agree with PNoy, but he hit this issue squarely on the head. The country neither wants or needs a ‘former first family’ in the Palace. They have had their reign. There is little to be gained by going backward. The country needs to be going forward.

    • The Filipino people had gone backward after Marcos…only a few oligarch move continuously forward including the family of Aquinos amassing billions to the detriment of the people…

  23. I’d rather praise Bong2 for his achievements as a local official in their province and as a legislator than this inutile president who talk nonsense..

  24. Desert Wanderer on

    …bosses, your a_s..wait till BBM wins the’ll soon be remembered in history as the greatest disaster ever hit the presidency..shame on you..a disaster greater than Yolanda..

  25. This is an expected answer from this person. They have profited so well with the death of Ninoy whose death they blamed on Marcos that led to his fall, but never bothered to prove. Or maybe withholding the truth is necessary for their survival; after all the nation experienced two of the most tragic and vindictive Presidents of the nation, the mother and son Aquino. the ultimate oligarchs, catapulted by the oligarchs to power beneficiaries of the US/WB/IMF to retain the Philippines a vassal state, unfortunately Filipinos took line hook and sinker. AT this point, BBM is right to not to prosecute Aquino after he steps down ( Mamasapano/DAP/Pork Barrel, BBL)…a bitter pill to take a bullet to bite to lead and take the nation out from the vindictiveness that has become prevalent but to usher us in a more forgiving, spiritually mature, peaceful nation focused on our new paradigm of discipline, responsibility and productivity. We should all prosper together and remove the veils and walls of separation for this is all we have, one nation one Philippines. Let us correct our mistakes, let us become a stronger nation to withstand anger and division. Let us learn from the past, know our history, understand our leaders and grow from there. WE should will thbis as a nation for our own sakes.

  26. What system you’re talking about, Mr. President, ? Nobody would believe you anymore, Filipinos.cannot be fooled anymore by your senseless rhetoric. You had your chance for six years, ( and you told this to Sen. Marcos,” nagkaroon kayo ng pagkakataon ” which to this day many programs FMarcos did are still benefitting the majority poor but your vindictiveness ruined the dreams of the many poor Filipinos (your boss) especially the many poor farmers of Hacienda Luisita who up to this day remains poor due to your failed reform (CARP), but oh by the way your very good at using peoples money for self-enrichment you sponsored for your KKK and allies and the elite rich unfortunately you were caught red-handed by the Supreme Court of your unconstitutional DAP and PDAF. Please no more lies.

  27. art divinagracia on

    zero votes to all liberals candidates!!!! we need a new administration! enough for huwad na daan!!!


    This Abnoy cannot read between the lines. Anyway it is understandable because
    he is patented liar, vindictive, and incompetent. By now Filipinos should be asking
    themselves which was better? IS THE PHILIPPINES BETTER OFF TODAY THAN
    DURING MARCOS? In answering this question one must be honest by to one self,
    and be objective enough to realized what accomplishment has this Abnoy together
    with his mother Cory done during their administration as compared to Marcos.
    Accomplishment wise, who did more? What has this Abnoy can brag off. The

  29. Whether Pres. BS Aquino III likes it or not, BBM’s time has come. He is now a ‘lame duck’ president and on his way out! He has not done anything that stands out remarkably, in a positive way, to be reckoned with for posterity. Five years is long enough for the people to speak for him, for his achievements, and ‘not himself nor his spokesperson’. What a missed opportunity!