• Pnoy fights back tears, but Kris weeps in gallery


    It was his fifth State of the Nation Address but it was the only time that President Benigno Aquino 3rd became teary-eyed while reporting to his “bosses.”

    Several times during his speech that lasted one-and-a half hours, the President’s voice broke. He fought back his tears when he declared that he does not regret running for President because doing so amid a flurry of criticisms would be akin to turning his back on his parents who fought the dictatorial rule under former President Ferdinand Marcos.

    Aquino had been at the receiving end of stinging criticisms particularly after the Supreme Court declared the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional. The High Court’s ruling prompted several groups to file impeachment complaints against the President.

    The President’s sister Kris broke into tears while listening to her brother.

    “We know everything that he has been through leading up to this speech. We have been praying a lot, having novena . . . and he told me that he will fulfill this responsibility [of being President]because this is the fruit of our parents’ sacrifices. I just hope that the people felt his sincerity,” she told reporters.

    The President tried to hold back his tears at least thrice during his speech, which was accentuated by the lines: The Filipino is worth dying for, the Filipino is worth living for and the Filipino is worth fighting for.

    “We were raised to put other people’s welfare first. I’m very proud of him,” Kris said.

    Representatives Romero Quimbo, Elpidio Barzaga and Carol Jayne Lopez said the President’s emotional speech showed that he is not insensitive to the needs and sentiments of his countrymen.

    “We saw the side of the President that we don’t get to see everyday, that he listens to criticisms . . . that he is hurting over these criticisms thrown at him even if he has not taken part [in]corruption. In fact, the prosecution of those who got involved in corruption happened during his term,” Quimbo, a party-mate of the President, said. He was referring to the prosecution of three senators and at least 30 others for plunder and graft charges in connection with the Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel scam.

    “It was a very emotional but factual speech. The President uttered words coming from his heart. The President assured the nation that he would not taint the name of his parents nor blacken their memories, therefore sending the strongest message that he will do his best for the welfare of the country,” Barzaga said.

    Lopez, the Deputy Minority leader, agreed that Aquino may have been hurt but he cannot afford to break down and cry with just two years left in office.

    “When he got emotional, we empathized with him. But a President should have a strong heart in attacks and criticisms. He should get used to the heat. He can’t complain. He has two years left to fulfill his promises to our people,” Lopez said.


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    1. Cosme Ferrer on

      I sense PNoy is not having the normal good time as a bachelor. His trusted lieutenants are instead having the best times of their lives in all aspects. Sincerity, honesty are not the only qualities of good and effective leader. Knowing lightning fast who are the pickpockets in your cabinet, the legislative and judiciary and how to effectively deal with them is important in Philippine politics. Before corruption existed only from the level of the cabinet secretary to the Palace. From 1986 onward even a mere clerk became corrupt. PCory is no doubt honest, sincere, unspoiled by power. If Marcos has the heart of Cory and Cory has the mind of Marcos, what a better and prosperous Philippines we have. Thievery has become a cottage industry.

    2. It is the disease of parochialism, the curse of of self-lovers and the blight of professional, paid political watchers to focus on what is not so important at the expense of what is truly important, and to highlight the not so important even but then by ascribing slanderous motives to the person whose activity they are focusing on.

      For the first time, ever, PNoy became emotional. That is news. But that is not as important as the reason why has gone this road. PNoy just like everyone else, in case you have not noticed, is human. When people throw stones at you, and media ‘agrees’ with them by saying they are throwing stones at you because you have not done your best, or you have been a crook yourself, (when the truth is that you have been championing righteousness all along), that hurts.

      PNoy is no saint nor he is the perfect leader who can save this country from all the maladies afflicting it. Agreed. But in truth, only God is perfect and only God can save us. Indeed, there is no reason to shoot down the few who are trying their best to bring this nation in a better position. Instead of throwing stones, it will serve us and this country better by doing whatever we can do to help them…..we do not help when we accuse, complain and whine. We do help when we remain right-thinking, sober and responsible when we express our views.

    3. mga kritiko. sino ang presidente na nakapagpakulong ng mga magnanakaw na tulad nina tanda, sexy at pogi. kanya tumahimik kayo dahil mga nakinabang kayo sa ninakaw nitong tatlong kamoteng ulalo.

    4. Parang bata na kapag my gusto makuha at hindi maibigay ng magulang ay umiiyak o nagpapaawa. dati astig ang dating niya, lately astig pa din ng harapin niya ang SC, marami siyang sinasabi na mali daw ang SC bakit bumaba yata siya ngayon at humihingi na naman ng simpatiya sa kanyang mga Boss, lumipas na ba ang karisma niya ang magic ng kanyang mga iniidolong mga magulang, nakita niya kasi na mas maraming tao ngayon ang mga nagrally at nagprotesta at pati ang iba sa kanyang mga kakampi ay inayawan na din siya, nakakabahala nga ang situation kaya para makakuha uli ng simpatiya ay dapat iba naman ang kanyang gawing pasok sa tao, iyon bang may paluha luha ng konti para madala ang mga pilipinong mahihilig manood ng soap opera.

    5. Not because he almost broke into tears he was sincere with his sona. Imelda always breaks into tears whenever interviewed about their corruption and the millions of dollars hidden abroad. Tears is a means to get sympathy, it does not mean that a person is going to change for the better. And for kris, well she may be proud of his brother since he is blood, but pinoy did not have to go through this crying act had he not been caught with the billions of dap money missing. Besides, luisita got a big chunk of this money to compensate for what they gave to the farmers. They cheated the farmers, some lost their lives, and they get the money from taxpayers to refund the money they gave away which cheated the farmers, so does that mean taxpayers helped in cheating the farmers? just an analogy…..but, people especially women cannot make a rational decision because of sympathy, they easily get moved by tears, and forgive. and the guilty continues to proliferate around the world.

      • You’re right. The compensation given to the farmers of Luisita should come from the purse of the Aquino themselves not from the money of the taxpayers. It turns to come out that we the Filipino people paid the farmers. Pitiful.

      • Give the President credit where credit is due. In fairness he showed his human side at the end of a one a half speech. I was also touched. He has listed the government’s accomplishments and also gave credit to people both in his govenrment and opposition on their excellent performance on their respective provinces and cities.

        I appreciated Cong. Tiangco and Jinggoy for giving good words to the President. By no means he is perfect but definitely the speech can be considered one of the best speeches by anoy President in our country. I’ll pray for his steadfastness, health and to the improvement to the lives of all Filipinos. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

    6. “We were raised to put other people’s welfare first. I’m very proud of him,” Kris said.,, Say this to the Hacienda Luisita farmers who for decades been fighting to own a piece of land.

      • Bonifacio Claudio on

        “… akin to turning his back on his parents who fought the dictatorial rule under former President Ferdinand Marcos.” How did his father fought against the architect of ANG BAGONG LIPUNAN, Marcos? Itanong kina Enrile & Ramos kung sino ang kasama niya sa litratong bumababa sa helicopter – ‘di ba si musang ng NPA na siyang armadong lakas ng Kumunista? Gusto ba ng madlang people ang kumunismo? Hindi kaylan ‘no?! Itanong kina Enrile, et al kung maka-demokrasya nga ba ang ganitong pagsama sa armadong kumunismo na nagwawagayway ng banderang pula… Ngayon na kasi nandiyan pa naman sila eh bago maging huli ang lahat… Coup d’Etat ang nagluklok sa kanyang ina bilang presidente para lang maipakita nina Enrile na ang rebolusyon ay people’s power kaya lehitimo ang pag-agaw sa gobyerno noon. I stand to be corrected po… Pero itanong po muna ninyo kina Enrile & Ramos & the children of the Aquinos kung anong basehan at naging tigapagligtas sila ng demokrasya sa pinas, plsssss…

    7. Two things I liked on the SONA: pnoy was deferring to the SC when he said that he will be asking instead for a supplemental budget for projects that were to be funded by DAP. He now adheres to the constitutional principle that no money can be disbursed except authorized by law passed by congress; and he refrained from bashing the three senators

    8. armando flores on

      kRIS aquino’s crying in the gallery for his brother was deliberate and scripted to gain sympathy from the general public. She did the same thing during the wake of their mother in endorsing his brother’s candidacy. KUMITA NA YAN PAG IYAK IYAK by the billions of money they have amassed by this time through DAP and other illegal presidential pork barrel. Kris was reported to have paid the highest income tax sometime in the recent years. Malamang sa hindi kumita rin siya sa DAP ng kuya niya!

    9. This is what Kris said” We were raised to put other peoples welfare first” If that was true, why did their parents Cory and Benigno Aquino failed to turn over to the poor farmers of Hacienda Luisita after 10 yrs,yet they continually enrich themselves at the expense of those very poor and suffering farmers , resulting to the many death of farmers in Mendiola and those poor farmers suffered more deaths in Tarlac, the poor farmers seek for justice in SC , and when the poor farmers won legally , they used the taxpayers money PDAF and DAP to impeach a CJ and continue to hurl injustices to his predecessor GMA when they both did were to follow the law and give the 6000 hectares. to the legal beneficiaries ,the poor farmers which they should have not done if they truly care of the peoples welfare.

    10. Crocodile tears from stubborn boy, who thinks he has all the answers whether they constitutional or not.

    11. I agree with the author on the emotional side of the speech but I hope those involved in the DAP issue have also their hearts to examine their conscience on the effects of their follies.

    12. Many Filipinos will remember PNoy on these words, “The Filipino is worth dying for, the Filipino is worth living for and the Filipino is worth fighting for”.

      Truly he is genuine leader! God Bless You. I am sure Tita Cory and Ninoy are watching over your shoulder.

    13. nelson z. valles on

      So ok na dahil sensitive naman pala si Mr. President. So hindi na siya corrupt dahil may soft spot naman pala para sa mga pilipino. So ok na dahil si Kris eh humagolhol sa gallery.

      A true statesman will recognize when to stop and when to continue. Ours is neither, a low life sanamagan who does not respect the constitution he has solemly sworn to, to protect and defend. He did the exact opposite.

      I would even be embarassed to even face the nation for what he has done and has claimed to accomplish. Ipinamahagi niya ang pera ng mga pilipino sa mga kapwa niya hidhid, slippery slopes, worth billions of pesos that would have been used for what it ought to be used for but no..


      This corrupt president got emotional and has to fight back his tears because he was deprived of his piggy bank which is the DAP. Para siyang bata na kapag inagawan
      ng candy or laruan iiyag o maglulupasay. Remember, kaya siya nagagalit sa
      Supreme Court dahil they declared the DAP as unconstitutional. In short, the
      corrupt president violated the law. In his SONA he is saying that the Filipino is
      worth dying and living for. True, because if not for the Filipino taxpayers money
      there should be no DAP. Wala siyang ginamit na pinangsuhol kayla Drilon, Trillanes,
      et al sa impeachment ni corona. Wala pati siyang ginamit noong 2013 election.
      Kaya siya napapaiyak ngayong. SIMPLE AS THAT.

    15. Well, for Kris, we are not surprised anymore, her being the “artistang bakya” but PNoy’s acting is quite surprising, he, he. He must have known already that after his term, he will be in a worse situation than that poor woman Gloria Arroyo who was the first victim of his vindictiveness. Good acting, Theif Executive.