• PNoy fires LTO chief Torres


    Tama lang na matanggal ang mga LASON ng gobyerno lalo na sa LTO. Last week pa ng August 2013 ko na-register ang aking car pero up until now wala pa yung sticker.Sa ganitong sistema ng gobyerno natin, di ko alam kung bakit nasasabi PNoy na “napakasarap maging Pilipino” sa panahong ito…
    Jude Dolor, judedolor@yahoo.com

    mr president, paki sibak na rin si valte, lacierda, carandang, roxas abad huwag ka mabbgla sla ang mga anay na sumusira sa iyo
    Janey, any@yahoo.com

    You failed to cite the real reason behind her resignation. None of the above.
    The real reason which is glaringly obvious is a sinister one. Stradcom’s Quiambao Group have finally come to a friendly agreement with Mar Roxas Group. Ergo, Torres the main obstacle to this party-party had to be shown the door. It’s all about the money folks and 2016.
    Migs Doromal, migs.doromal@yahoo.com

    Many wanted Torres’ neck because LTO is the gold mine for most corrupt candidates to the position of LTO Chief. From day one, Torres was being ousted by the syndicate but failed. If her playing slot machine triggered her dismissal, then that’s BS. How many government officials openly and discreetly gamble in casinos with some who are even high rollers. Slot machine is more of a past time hobby especially for seniors. You see a lot of seniors playing slot in other countries. It’s not true that INC expelled Torres for gambling. That’s too drastic a decision if true. Former NBI Chief Gatdula, also a member of INC, was involved and charged in kidnap for ransom; yet, INC did not expel him and even provided lawyers to defend him.
    Jorgie, jorgebalagtas@yahoo.com


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