• PNoy has other options to stop rate hike – Trillanes


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd can spare millions of power consumers from the highest-ever power rate increase if he wants to because he has several options to address the surge in power rates, according to Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th.

    Trillanes said that if the President really had the welfare of the people in mind, he should not hesitate in using those options, which include subsidizing the additional cost of power producers by tapping the Malampaya fund.

    Aquino has said he is powerless to stop the power rate increase because the Supreme Court has ruled that the Malampaya fund should be used solely for energy development.

    “That is his (Aquino) interpretation,” Trillanes said a radio interview, adding the Court ruling did not say anything against using the fund for subsidy.

    He noted that the President could use the Malampaya fund for subsidy and let the Supreme Court rule on its legality later if his move was questioned.

    Trillanes said that instead of allowing power companies to pass on the additional charges to consumers who are already struggling with the high prices of basic commodities, the government should have taken the burden and use its available funding or savings to cushion the power rate hike.

    “The power rate increase is a result of the failure of the government to address that issue earlier, so it is their fault and it is only right for the government to take the burden,” Trillanes said.

    He said the public should apply political pressure on the Aquino administration to compel it to address the issue.

    The rate increase, according to him, is equivalent to a wage cut of about P1,500 per month.

    Trillanes said the statement of the President that he is powerless to stop the power increase shows that the government has no concern for the people.

    “You are not elected to do that, you should give protection to the people,” he said.

    “What is happening now is the decision made by the people in 2010,” he said, referring to the last presidential election. “Next time don’t be persuaded by advertisements or various gimmicks.”

    The Senate committees on Energy and trade, commerce and entrepreneurship, are set to start on Wednesday an inquiry into the record power rate increase to determine and validate the reasons given to justify the hike and also know the status of the implementation of the Electric and Power Industry Reform Act.

    Trillanes, who filed the resolution calling for an investigation, said the inquiry will also take up the government plan to ease the impact of the rate increase and reduce power rates in the future.

    He said he expects the Department of Energy and the Energy Regulatory Commission to find a way to lower the electricity rate, which is one of the highest not only in Southeast Asia but in the world.


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    1. Mr. Trillanes seems talking with sense now. But I hope he’s not making”sawsaw” to the issue or doing JBinay style “plan ahead for 2016”. If he’s serious to help the people, as other said, he has to draft a law and let his colleagues approved it ..that all consumers(residential) shall be exempted or totally not to pay V.A.T. and other items other than the total number of Kilowatt Hours monthly consumed of each consumers.

      Mr. Trillanes has to review also the posibility to restore or to start utilizing the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and also check /review and audit how much and till when the government of the Philippines will pay a certain amount or as per agreed amount during Cory Aquino period.

    2. I share the disgust of the senator against the statement of pnoy that he is “powerless to stop the rate increase”. Its so much like mar telling the Taclobanons “bahala kayo sa buhay nyo!” These inutile people should just resign its a waste and useless burden to the hapless citizens of this country to pay them their salaries and other perks out of their taxes.

    3. Another option of Pnoy, for the future, is make an Executive Order that all power plants schedule of maintenance or emergency maintenance should be approve by DOE or ERC. This will prevent a cartel of these people to raise their price to heaven’s high by scheduling their maintenance all at the same time, particularly during Christmas holiday just like now.

    4. santiago caisido on

      For the first time trillanes is talking sense sana di lang lip service ito or good for press release lang do something trillanes file a law in congress exempting public utilities from vat.

    5. Looks like the loyal ally of CNoy is now attacking his benefactor and his administration.

      This is another proof that the palace ship is taking water and sinking fast. Abandon ship, SOS!