PNoy, heed your Dad’s teachings


THE whole country is waiting for President BS Aquino The Last to make good his promise in 2013 to be run over by a train together with DOTC Secretary Joseph Abaya if he could not extend the LRT to Cavite by the end of 2015.

Well, tomorrow is the last day of 2015 and the completion of the LRT extension project to Cavite is evidently a “mission impossible.” So, if Malacañang values the President’s credibility, it should now name the LRT station where he and Abaya will be jumping under a train.

The word of BS Aquino on the LRT extension is not to be taken lightly because he even cited the teachings of his late father and namesake to always value his word. He intoned that with his father’s teachings as his guide, he will be true to his word that the LRT extension to Cavite will be finished by year-end 2015 or else he and Abaya would jump under a train or, as he said in Pilipino, “magpapasagasa sa tren.”

BS Aquino The Last never tires of invoking his parents’ name to bolster his credibility and determination. He won in 2010 because of the death of his late mother. Here and abroad, he always gives high praises to his parents and their contributions to the country. He truly portrays himself as a dutiful son.

But what if he has been using his parents’ name in vain? We’ll know tomorrow. If he can’t follow the teachings of his father to be always true to his word, the inevitable conclusion is that his words can’t be trusted and that he has never really imbibed the teachings of his father.

In such a situation, the description of Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago of BS Aquino when he was still a congressman will ring true: “He’s a sorry excuse of a scion of a great man…”

Oh yes, the President once lectured media to write only stories that will bring hope to the people. Well, here’s one sentence of hope that will bring cheers to the populace: The President will stop messing up the country after six months.

More on the steel industry
A dear friend, Rolly Narciso, gave added info on the move to revive the steel industry that I mentioned in my column on Duterte.

Rolly said that the Department of Trade and Industry has developed 30 sectoral roadmaps, including the steel industry in the last three years “for an orderly development toward inclusive growth.” He added that the Asean integration was supposed to infuse a sense of urgency in implementing them.

“But, the way things turned out, signification action on these roadmaps may have to await the arrival of the next president — whoever he or she may be,” he said.

Gatchalian’s bill on parking space
The bill of Rep. Win Gatchalian (NPC, Valenzuela City) requiring buyers of brand new cars to have available parking space for the new vehicles deserve immediate action.

Gatchalian, one of two NPC candidates for senator (the other is reelectionist Tito Sotto), said that the road condition in Metro Manila is worsened by idle vehicles parked on the sides of the streets, thus hampering the flow of traffic.

At present, a car may be bought by anybody who can afford it, even if he has no private parking space for it. Fewer cars will be on the road if only those with parking space could be bought and registered. I hope Congress will find time to act on Gatchalian’s bill. It’s often stressed that the bad traffic has cost the economy billions of pesos a year in lost productivity, fuel wastage and pollution.

Incidentally, it seems Gatchalian is following the example set by former Sen. Edgardo J. Angara in concentrating on education. This also holds true with Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo, who’s also running for senator. I wonder if this espousal of educational reforms is responsible for Catchalian’s inclusion in the list of 13 senatorial candidates with a chance to win as per Pulse Asia survey.

Recently, Romulo, chair of the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education, approved Gatchalian’s bill that seeks to fully subsidize the tuition fees of an estimated 2 million undergrad students of over 100 state universities and colleges in the country.


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  1. It is very hard to be elected as president because of your assassinated father. I personally do not think Pinoy is a good president I cannot wait for 5 to 6 months for the turn over. Abad , Abaya , Purisima, they destroyed Pinoy presidency. Seriously, do you think that Abad does not know PDAP , DAP anomalies. Do you think Abaya does not know the anomalies in MRT LRT and changing all car license plates without congressional approval. Do you not think Purisima does not know what happened in Mamasapano ? What is happening to our country ? We are governed by very corrupt officials and we cannot do anything about it. We are held hostage and the only way is thru election. Do not cry for me Filipinas Argentina.

  2. Venerando Desales on

    Secretary Coloma said that the President’s words be not taken literally. Well, if the words were metaphorical, it can still be done: sack Abaya, sack Abad, and all those cabinet secretaries who are drawing the President down the pit. I do not suggest ‘hara kiri’ for the President as it is not in our culture and religion. How about, with due respect and ‘ mea culpa ‘ for my unsolicited advice, if he just follow his economics professor saying, ‘I’m sorry,’ then bow down with humility, stop early campaigning, be in barong with designs fitted for formal and informal audiences, not that divisive yellow t-shirts, and pave the way for the transition of power after an honest elections next year! When King David erred, he repented and wore sackcloth. God was touched and forgave him! When forgiven, King David danced! Nobody is perfect!

  3. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Cong. Romulo is dreaming with his eyes opened. Unless the K-12 is done and implemented properly, there are no good candidates to subsidize in higher education and even TESDA. His hope to be senator lies on his becoming real and practical. Same with Win. God bless the Philippines.

  4. Gatchalian’s proposal is good only if done after the government junk all the dilapidated jeepneys of World War II and improve the trains, adding more trains.

  5. The Filipino people have a lot of reasons to be proud when their president will mean his words on or before the deadline.But, did he really say those words, or GMA said them?

  6. “Rolly said that the Department of Trade and Industry has developed 30 sectoral roadmaps, including the steel industry in the last three years “for an orderly development toward inclusive growth.”

    Ang ginawa ng isang kumpanya ng steel sa india, nag invest kuno at binili ang Philippine Steel Corporation or National Steel Corporation. iyon pala ay binili ang PSC upang patayin ang kakumpitensya at mamayagpag ang steel industry ng India.

    sana ang susunod na pangulo ng Pilipinas ay buhayin ang steel industry, patungo sa Philippine industrialization.