PNoy hits Arroyo anew


PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Monday found another convenient venue to lash at his most favorite punching bag — former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo.

During the 111th anniversary of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in Quezon City, Aquino belittled Arroyo’s highest recorded tax collection of P778.6 billion, boasting that under his watch, the amount will double.

“Sa Daang Matuwid, dahil sa mas masigasig at tapat na pagkolekta ng buwis, sa di hamak na mas maikling panahon, napantayan natin, nalampasan, at ngayon ay madodoble pa ang kanilang nakolekta (With good governance, in a short period of time, we managed to outdo their performance and are about to double their tax collection),” the president said.

The BIR is poised to collect P1.5 trillion by the end of 2015, according to Aquino. He noted that the bureau passed the trillion mark in 2012 when it collected P1.06 trillion.

Last year, the BIR collection stood at P1.3 trillion, up by 9.64 percent from P1.2 trillion in 2013.

“Ngayong taon, ang sabi sa atin, puwedeng malikom o malapit nang malikom ang P1.5 trillion, na isa na namang record high kapag nagkataon. Ihambing ninyo ang mga numerong ito sa pinakamataas na naabot ng sinundan natin: P778.6 billion (This year, I was told, we can collect or are about to collect P1.5 trillion, another record high. Compare this with the highest collection under the past administration: P778.6 billion),” the President further stressed.

In another reference to Mrs. Arroyo, who is under hospital arrest for various offenses, Aquino claimed that the past administration was ruled by “lies and cheats.”

“Noong nakaraang Lunes, iniulat ko kung paano natin binago ang dinatnang kalakaran ng kasinungalingan, pandaraya, at pagnanakaw sa pamahalaan. Ito po ang nagbunsod ng pagbangon at muling pagsigla ng ating bansa (Last Monday, I reported how we were able to change the system of lies, cheating and thievery. This was the key to the nation’s growth),” he noted.

In the same gathering, Aquino extolled BIR Commissioner Kim Henares for steering the agency to the straight path. He added that the “house cleaning” undertaken by the agency and the campaign against tax cheats proved effective.

He said that upon the orders of Henares, 107 establishments were closed in 2014 while 380 tax evasion charges have been filed.

Meanwhile, the Finance department filed charges against 380 of its personnel who were allegedly inept and corrupt.


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  1. William Tubig Dungo on

    I”ll the credit for the 3 trillion peso budget. EX PRESIDENT RAMOS, JOSEPH ESTRADA and GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO must be given credit on this because they laid the foundation of this prosperity that is pagmayabang upon.
    My story is this I owned a condominium in EROCKWELL, IN MANANSAL CONDOMINIUM my space is 77 SQUARE METER. Every month I am oblgated to pay CONDIMINIUM DUES OF 11,000.00 every month and 1,500.00 of this will be paid to the government as VAT VALUE ADDED TAX. So i counted there ara almost 450 units in this condo so 1500.00 x 450i is equal to 650,000.00 pesos collection on VALUE ADDED TAX EVERY MONTH GO TO THE GOVERNMENT. low lets go to there is almost 10 building in the rockwell land so 10 building x 650,000.00 is equal to 6,500,000.00 pesos collection per month so times this by 12 is 77,325,000.00 per year collection that goes to the government. This estimate is low because other building are bigger. Now as everybody sees there are condo in quezon city, manila, cebu, the port, battings all over the philippines all of this condo pays union dues every month. economy is not growing as AQUINO IS NAGYAYABANG AT BINABANATAN SI GLORIA. KUMIKITA ANG GOVERNMENT NGAYON SA DAHILAN sa mag CONDO at nag babayad nang VAT TAXES na pinatupad ni GLORIA LABANDERA ARROYO. I am proud of the ex presidetn FDR, JE, GMA for the thing they did during their presidency FDR MADE FORT BONIFACIO to be sold and open for business, GLORIA ACAPAGAL ARROYO FOR PASSING THE NEW VAT LAW AND SET UP THE FINANCE OF THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT AS FITCH RATING USA WALL STREET RQUIRE. SO THE GOVERNMENT COLLECT TRILLION AND TRILLION OF PESOS TAXES ON THIS CONDIMINIUM VAT TAXES. IF you intend to double check my story check the info on my rockwell condo manansala go to the accounting office collecting the dues. With this the Philippines did not became like greece. THANK YOU

  2. William Tubig Dungo on

    for me what they’re saying is alie ar literally they’re liar. For me Gloria the late President is not competing with the current president benigno aquino 3. She just did her job Pres Arroyo was really the president responsible for this money collection because she was the one together with Franklin Dilon in the senate and Devenesa in the congress and the senator and congressman who PASS THE 12% VAT LAW in the 2005. After the approval of the LAW THE HYATT 10 RESIGN and left gloria the labandera. SO EVERYDAY PEOPLE RALLY ON THE STREET TO REMOVE GLORIA THE LAVANDERA and the people responsible for this ARE THE YELLOW SHIRT PEOPLE SABI NILA PASIKIT SA MAMAMAYANG PILIPINO. If Gloria did not do that WALL STREET WILL not lend money to the philippines. By then the philippines will like GREECE today but PRESIDENT ARROYO DID IT> NOW today AQUINO 3 administration in NAMAMAYABANG na MAS MABUTI daw ang tax collection niya ngayon kaysa kay gloria arroyo. HOY AQUINO 3 AND CABINET without GLORIA ARROYO the LABANDERA and her SANATE AND CONGRESS Team you canot collect the 3 billion pesos all and most of that money comes from vat. When arroyo came to office there in vat collection or its to low so fitch rating of USA obligated PRESIDENT GLORIA ARROYO to pass that law and enforce it. SO TODAY YOU PRESIDENT AQUINO 3 is just enforcing the law that gloria the lavender had made and you administration had no way to make collection without this law all of you are just enforcer of the law made by the president before you. you did nothing creatively for ordinary people. You make budget by enforcing the VAT LAW APPROVED BY GLORIA LAVANDERA TEH PRESIDENT OF THAT TIME.