• PNoy intercedes in Metro traffic


    ALARMED by the growing public discontent over the traffic gridlock caused by the construction of two major road projects in Metro Manila, President Benigno Aquino 3rd summoned members of his Cabinet on Friday to come up with effective ways to ease vehicle flow in the affected areas.

    According to Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr., Aquino directed the Departments of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Transportation and Communication (DOTC), Interior and Local Government (DILG), and the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to “fine-tune” measures that would ease the flow of traffic.

    “In a meeting this morning, the president directed the secretaries of DPWH, DOTC and DILG, and the chairman of MMDA to fine-tune mitigation and remedial measures designed to minimize the citizens’ inconvenience, in coordination with DepEd [Department of Education], CHED [Commission on Higher Education], DOLE [Department of Labor and Employment] and DTI [Department of Trade and Industry],” the Palace official told a press briefing.

    During the meeting, MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino reported that traffic volume along South Super Highway has been reduced by more than seven percent from 131,000 to 122,000 vehicles daily since the start of construction Monday evening. This shows that affected motorists have begun using alternate routes adjacent to the construction area, Tolentino said.

    “According to a JICA [Japan International Cooperation Agency] study cited by Socio-economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan, the Philippines is losing more than P2 billion daily in potential income and foregone productivity due to severe traffic congestion in the metropolis,” Coloma said.

    “This is why the government has prioritized two major infrastructure projects, namely the Skyway Stage III project and the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road. When completed, travel time from NLEX to SLEX will be reduced drastically from an average of two hours to less than 30 minutes,” he pointed out.

    Coloma said the benefits from the completion of these road networks will far exceed the inconveniences the people are facing now.

    “These projects will bring about an improved quality of life due to ease of travel across Metro Manila that will benefit the citizens, communities, businesses and industries in the Calabarzon (Region IV-A), National Capital Region and Central Luzon, an area that presently contributes about 60 percent of the country’s gross domestic product,” he emphasized.


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    1. Maybe if this administration had not that ” last two minutes” feeling and started some of these projects earlier, then we would not have these gridlocks due to simultaneous starts of all these projects. Hope it was not deliberate to start it this time in order for them to be finish during the time of the next presidential election so that they could trumpet these as accomplishments of the LP administration and it would be still fresh on the people’s mind. There are more projects this administration would like to start in the next few months, to be finish before Aquino finish his presidency. . What were they doing for the past 3 yrs?

    2. this government did not mention the benefit of those oligarch funding the infrastructure by way of tool fees. this infrastructure benefits the yellow and favored allies of noynoy from profits to the detriment on most of the people, especially commuters. even if public transports (PUB’s & AUV’s) use the skyway, the burden on the tool fees will still be shouldered by the commuters since any added cost will eventually passed on to the passengers.

      it is a good thing that additional infrastructures (skyways for this matter) are constructed (though through private funding), yet a more effective way to help commuters is for the government to spend on expansion/improvement of existing mass transport and building new ones to serve the ever increasing number of commuters.

      how i wish we have government officials (never mind noynoy since he is a hopeless case) with common sense and even a little foresight in planning for the future generations… and this government thinks that it have done an excellent job?

    3. I have been suggesting, for years, to DPWH to stop road re-blocking as it is not only expensive but cause monstrous traffic but instead asphalt all major concrete roads in cities but DPWH kept on doing road re-blockings for rea$on$ they themselves only knows. Since DPWH scheduled so many road re-blockings in Metro Manila, may I suggest that they assign traffic aides the whole time they are working;
      1) Assign 3 traffic aides at each lanes to stop-start traffic flows in each lanes since we all know how un-discipline and unruly our drivers and stop the traffic 20 meters from the worksite.
      2) Order the first outer lane to move forward for one minute and stop it for the next lane to go, etc,.etc.

      Doing this orderly traffic will not only discipline our driver but will prevent clogging near the work where road re-blocking is being done. This is being done in Canada when ever there are road repairs or traffic accidents where traffic policemen are immediately dispatch to see to it that traffic flows smoothly.
      Since MMDA and most of Metro Manila has CCTV, this could also be done immediately to de-clog traffic.