PNoy kept Exodus to himself – Enrile

THE WHOLE TRUTH? Senators Grace Poe and Juan Ponce Enrile look on as police and military officials invited to the reopened Mamasapano inquiry take their oath as witnesses. PHOTOS BY DJ DIOSINA

THE WHOLE TRUTH? Senators Grace Poe and Juan Ponce Enrile look on as police and military officials invited to the reopened Mamasapano inquiry take their oath as witnesses. PHOTOS BY DJ DIOSINA

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd deliberately kept Oplan Exodus to himself and his trusted man, former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima, even if the mission was too perilous, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile said at the reopening on Thursday of the Senate investigation of the killing of 44 police commandos in Maguindanao last year.

The President, according to Enrile, disregarded the command system of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the PNP.

“To understand this, when I say compartmented Oplan Exodus, I mean that President Aquino intentionally, deliberately and actually confined and arrogated unto himself and Purisima full knowledge, command and control, and strategic decisions over Oplan Exodus,” the senator said.

He added that the President assumed responsibility for the operation and set aside the command system of the police and the military.

Former Special Action Force (SAF) chief Getulio Napeñas agreed with Enrile’s observation.

Enrile said Aquino excluded concerned members of his Cabinet and officials of the police and the military in the operation and sent the SAF troops on thr dangerous operation to capture terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan and two other targets.

But Purisima, who was present in the hearing, insisted that Oplan Exodus was a mission planned and executed by the SAF and Aquino was exercising his authority as head of the PNP and as President.

In his statement at the start of the hearing, Enrile maintained that the reopening of the hearing is part of the fulfillment of his promise to the families of the SAF police commandos and has nothing to do with politics.

“I’m doing this for the country so that never again shall a similar gruesome butchery will happen in this land. I’m doing this for the people so that they will know the national leaders who failed them because of ineptness and lack of leadership,” he said.

The senator added that aside from compartmentalizing the operation, Aquino also did not make any effective decision or take any action to prevent the barbaric slaying of the SAF troops.

“President Aquino deliberately hid or was hiding himself behind Purisima,” he said.
Napeñas said the United States had bigger involvement than offering $5-million reward for the capture of Marwan.

He explained that the US military provided human support and equipment to help in the evacuation of the commandos.

Enrile also questioned the failure of former AFP chief Gregorio Catapang to inform Aquino about the situation in Mamasapano even if he had information about the clash on that fateful Sunday morning of January 25.

Catapang admitted that he did not inform the President about the encounter because it was not his place to do so.

“That [was]a PNP operation. I should not be the one that should inform the President, it should be the PNP,” Catapang noted.

He said he received information about various operations against high value targets but he was not aware that it was Marwan that was being hunted down.

The military, according to Catapang, failed to immediately respond to the policemen’s appeal for help because there was no coordination with the police.

In a power point presentation, military officials blamed Napeñas for the botched operation, noting that the Armed Forces could have easily sent support had the former SAF chief not withheld important information.

According to the military, Napeñas did not provide information on the strength of his forces and their location.

There was also no communication with the SAF members, making it more difficult to find them, it said.

“If only the Oplan Exodus that was prepared by Napeñas contained all the foregoing, it might have made it easier for the nearby AFP units in the area to provide support or reinforce plans for execution even on short notice, even on the so-called ‘time on target’ basis,” the military added.

No changes
Although no new information was presented, Enrile said he was satisfied with the hearing because he was able to focus on the responsibility and accountability of the President in the massacre of the SAF troops.

“I focused on the President and nothing more. In the first hearing, there was no question about the President’s role,” he added.

As for Aquino’s liability, Enrile said that will be decided by the court.

Senator Grace Poe, head of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, said no new information was presented to warrant a change in the committee report on the incident that was signed by 21 senators last year.

“It was established that the President has been misinformed on the gravity of the situation in the Mamasapano and communication is lacking in details,” Poe added.

There was also no truth to claims that the President gave orders to the military to stand down and not send reinforcement to the trapped SAF police commandos, she said.


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  1. On noynoying’s responsibility and accountability. You cannot blame an insane nor try a mentally deranged in court.

  2. Opiniona na Cagayanun, keep it professional if you are, don`t call him names. If this is what you do to people who wants to feret the real stories. You are loser kind of human. May be it`s you who are nearing to see the Almighty.

  3. It is clearly that this incident is the responsibility no other than the President Pnoy Aquino who still wants to wash his hands, but it is to no avail.. Basically, sino ang may responsibility sa pangyayaring ito??? kaming mamayan??/ ano kami tanga?? Mr. President kahit saan mong tingnan anggulo ang pangyayari, whatever, whoever, whenever, YOU ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MASSACRE OF OUR 44 SAF OFFICERS BECAUS OF YOUR NEGLIGENCE TO YOUR DUTY AS THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE PHILIPPINES, MR PRESIDENT…Alangan nmn kami na mamayan ang maysala , nasaan ang logic mo???

  4. Poe and Roxas are both the same like Aquino. They manipulate the laws of the Philippines in their favor and both corrupt stealing the money of the government and use their legal technicalities to get away with it. Bloody revolution will happen if Roxas or Poe will become president and follow the footstep of TUWID NA DAAN using the PCOS machine

  5. opinionated na cagayano on

    If there were no new information presented during JPE’s hearing, can anybody guess his motives why he started this hearing again? He just wasted a lot of time and money doing this, at taxpayers’ expense. Was he playing politics again? maybe so, but I can offer a more realistic and reasonable explanations why he’s doing all this, in the name of justice kunu.

    You see, Lolo Johnny is getting closer in meeting his creator, but I don’t think he is too concerned about where his final destination would be, but he knows, deep in his heart that it he is more likely, will end up in hell on his final judgement day. What he really wanted to do is to leave a legacy, not as a corrupt politician or convicted plunderer, but as a politician that championed people’s rights. This was his motive, when he started this re-investigation.

    • I do not think so. Enrile reason is to get back at President Aquino because he was sent to jail for one year. I also think this is selective justice. Also this is Enrile last term. Something is terribly wrong with our president. We will know this after Aquino term in office.

    • shall I say, because poe did not do a good job in the first investigation? she left it hanging just like that, obviously protecting Aquino. At that time she was hopine Aquino would appoint her as his party’s candidate. that was the time when I lost respect to poe, she is just another politician, NOT someone would implement change.

    • Rodan Guerrero on

      Its not a waste of time and money, If you watched the hearing, you should have seen how Drilon/Llamnzares et al did their best to hide the truth and keep away BSA from responsibilities. You yourself knows what really happened. Sen. Enrile succeeded in unmasking the truth that Aquino kept the exodus to himself in forcing his BBL to be enacted into law. It is very clear he made the SAF 44 as pawns since he did not want any disruption in pursuing his BBL, although illegal as he believes this will be the only legacy he can leave.

  6. Napenas: ‘ This might be damaging, but during the encounter the position of the MILF and BIFF was already cleared for about 15 minutes before the AFP fire their first artillery.’ Isn’t that something?

  7. An example of US Arms Length Allies Managed Operations (ALAMO)

    Keep a distance, but retain close strategic control, use local expendables, have a puppet implement, and a fall guy if things go wrong.

    was the US agenda to scupper the BBL.

  8. So what has Enrile accomplished here? It is the same fraudulently elected senator Llamanzares, the American, presiding over this re-hearing, covering up an incompetent president whose term is nearing its end (thank heavens). Aquino has to answer for this murderous sacrifice of these 44 courageous SAF members. Enrile should put some teeth to these findings in the hearing and make all those involved as accomplices for appropriate punishment. Can Enrile make this happen?

  9. Grace P. Llamanzares actions during and after the re-investigation is very obvious, she is still defending PNoy’s actions. All you Llamanzares supporters, beware because your candidate is the candidate of PNoy as well. She is a trojan horse of PNoy making her a tool to fool the people again.

  10. Enrile and Binay are both the same. They manipulate the laws of the Philippines in their favor and both corrupt stealing the money of the government and use their legal technicalities to get away with it. Bloody revolution will happen if Binay will become president.

    These comments will soon be deleted because it is against Binay.

    • I agree, there might be a revolution if Binay wins. I personally do not advocate an armed conflict but it appears to be inevitable. I think it is time to go back to the United States where voters know who to vote.