PNoy a lucky man but a failed leader


Bgc security…arrogant and stupid. The next time you visit the Bonifacio Global City, either for shopping or recreation, watch out for those roving security guards in the area. You may just be the next victim of their arrogance and stupidity.

Several parents of students of Everest Academy, a Catholic international school in the area, reportedly got infuriated over the weekend when a handful of BGC security guards confiscated the licenses of their chauffeurs for a simple no parking violation.

Those parents, who were attending a school activity that day, swore there were no “no parking” signs on the side street leading to the said school.

They were surprised when their drivers informed them that these nincompoop motorcycle-riding guards of BGC, instead of just issuing them traffic tickets, confiscated their licenses.

The drivers claim that when they asked for their violation to these men in blue, they were yelled at and threatened their cars would be towed if they did not hand over their licenses at once.

This is not the first time that people complained about the abusive security men of Global City in Taguig. They have been the subjects of complaints in the recent past for beating up or rough handling people they accosted for being rowdy.

And, several times these victims called the attention of the management of BGC, which is by the way is owned and operated by Ayala Corp., but no action has been taken to correct this problem so far.

Wait till Mr. Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala hears this.

* * *

Were we duped in choosing this president?

Ever wondered how this incompetent leader in Malacañang made it in his office today?

Political analysts would definitely tell you that it was pure luck for PNoy to be chosen as standard-bearer of the Liberal Party in 2010, replacing its candidate, Mar Roxas, at the last minute.

No one paid attention to then Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd as he was considered a mediocre legislator. Some say, if not for the legacy left by his parents, Ninoy and Cory, Noynoy might not have even made it to the Senate.

But as fate would have it, Cory died, and Roxas continued to trail Sen. Manny Villar then by a large margin in the surveys for the polls for the 2010 presidential election.

This was when the leaders of the Liberal Party finally decided to anoint Noynoy Aquino as their official standard bearer following the death of his mother and use it to their advantage as the nation mourned over the lost of its icon of democracy and model of honesty for government officials.

According to De La Salle Political Professor Antonio Contreras, the people then were looking for someone somewhat like a savior to free the nation from deeply rooted corruption and reeling poverty.

The LP leadership then turned their attention to Noynoy, who carried his family’s corrupt-free legacy with the matching, “walang mahirap kung walang kurap”, slogan on to the day of the polls.

However, little did everyone know that Noynoy would be surrounded by corrupt and abusive friends, classmates, and shooting buddies who would become part of his Cabinet and be his close advisers later on.

The rest is history.


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  1. Matthew Parkes on

    I also think it is intellectually dishonest to suggest that the Aquino family has a reputation for being corruption-free. Clearly that is not the case.

    Ninoy was a traitor, just like his father, and Cory ran an administration nearly as corrupt as Marcos’s. And Cory’s KKK was her undoing also, especially her close ties to her relatives who did very, very well out of her presidency including being protected from ever being investigated in relation to to Ninoy’s murder.

    In reality, the Cojuangco-Aquino family should be constitutionally blacklisted from ever having one of their members again holding an office of public trust. They have bad blood. They are a family of traitors and thieves who would murder one of their own in order to retain power.

  2. Bobo naman ang presidente nagyon ng Pinas! Sobrang arrogant, stupid, and naive sa lahat ng nangyayari sa paligid niya, paano tanga!

  3. The Lopez’s, owner of ABS-CBN, owe to Cory the return of Meralco and ABS-CBN itself without payment. By extending support to Noynoy, their interest will be protected. See how Meralco has succeeded to overcharge its customers, but failed to refund what is due to them? Many people are blinded by their belief that ABS-CBN is “maka masa”.

  4. Why didnt those drivers call the police & have them sort it out. Plus when i hear anything in this country to do with driving i have to agree they are probably guilty. If they were illegally parked ( & they probably were as people in the philippines just have a total disregard to driving laws ) then they deserve to have their drivers licences taken from them. Im not sticking up for these guards but please show me a single driver in this country who shows any form of driving etiquette any single time they drive. Since i got here ive found the filipino driver to be stupid ignorant & just basically useless. They break every single driving rule every time they drive.
    Back in the uk in years gone by ive had driving tickets but each time i deserved them, no filipino will ever tell you he deserved it, he will always say he was innocent.

  5. concerned citizen on

    I agree that Aquino’s rise to the presidency was the result of his mother’s death, but let’s remember that Cory’s popularity had waned after she became a president. She even wasn’t able to rally the people to another People Power revolution against Arroyo, right? But ABS-CBN hyped up Cory’s death by giving it full TV coverage and by turning it into a variety show, featuring its top celebrity singers. As the Filipino people are showbiz-crazy, it worked to rally the people behind the son of the deceased. In other words, ABS-CBN is very much to blame for the rise of this psychopath to the presidency, not to mention of course the lack of discernment and the intellectual immaturity of many Filipinos. Mind you, not just the CDE classes but even A & B, especially the Yellow brigade, voted for Aquino, many of whom are among the elite in this country. Do you wonder why the businessmen, including the Ayalas, are very quiet despite all the crimes committed by this administration? They are Aquino supporters not only because they are part of the Yellow Brigade but also because they’ve become much richer under Aquino.

  6. >>> BCG security guards…. ARE THEY ALLOWED OR AUTHORIZED BY LAW TO CONFISCATE DRIVER’S LICENSE??? Are they part of LTO, TMG, HPG, MMDA or Local Traffic Enforcers ???

    >>> PNoy, yes he is lucky to be a President. But those who voted him from class CDE are very much stupid and ignoramus, but they ‘re lucky too in receiving much money during that elections.