• PNoy in Never Never Land


    Our congressmen and senators gave President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino 3rd (The Last?) a prolonged standing ovation even before he could start his State of the Nation Address (SONA).

    They saw nothing wrong in his hijacking of their inherent power of the purse. Since he had been giving them more of their much coveted pork, how can they not appreciate him? It really doesn’t matter to them that they’re supposed to be show windows of the people’s sentiments. The people’s thoughts be damned as long as they receive funds from the people’s taxes given them by the President “in good faith.”

    Ah, but the President said that his critics are in the minority and that majority of the people still support him. Is he living in a land of dreams? Sorry I asked, for his SONA itself shows that his feet are not touching the ground. Take his self-congratulatory statements on government response to Super Typhoon Yolanda for instance.

    He said: “The government didn’t waste a second in responding. Within 24 hours after the typhoon, our three C130 landed at the airport with relief goods. That same day, we established a communications hub for the much faster flow of information. On the second day, the Rapid Health Assessment teams of DOH and more soldiers, policemen and BFP personnel from other provinces arrived; many repacking centers were opened all over the country.”

    Wow! That’s a quick reaction from our president. We should all applaud him—if what he claimed were true. Was his insistence that only 2,500 died indicative of a faster flow of communication? The poor police officer who correctly assessed the extent of the damage was exiled to Camp Crame. Ah, truth shall set you frozen.

    In an interview four days after Yolanda, DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman proudly announced that they had already distributed 125,000 food packs to victims. Each food pack contained only 3 kgs of rice and canned goods. The assistance to only 125,000 out of the more than 4 million displaced persons after four days is not something to crow about. Yet there he was in his SONA raving over his administration’s response. He should tell that to the victims and he’ll get rotten tomatoes all over his face.

    The SONA is supposed to provide a road map for the government. I see no such thing, his numerous references to “tuwid na daan” notwithstanding. He didn’t mention any legislative program although he gave a few sentences to the 2015 national budget, a supplemental budget and a joint resolution to clarify still unresolved issues. He didn’t identify these “unresolved issues” but he’s most probably referring to “savings” and “cross-border” use of savings.

    His support for a joint resolution of Congress ensures the declaration of savings in midyear and their use on items not found in the General Appropriations Act. Our spineless legislators will bow to the president’s wishes so they could continue to get more funds for their pet projects.

    He would have sounded more of a true reformist had he cited the need to repeal provisions of PD 1177 and of the Administration Code that negate Congress’s Power of the Purse. He and his minions have been justifying his DAP because of these laws. Poor President! He merely wanted to enjoy powers that he doesn’t have because he wants to serve the people better and faster and yet, the Supreme Court has denied him this.

    He spoke of his administration’s “ability” to respond to existing and future problems. For immediate solution to the recurring power outages, he directed the energy secretary to coordinate with the Joint Congressional Power Commission, the Energy Regulatory Commission, the industry and the consumers“ to strengthen our ability to respond to the energy problem.” This “solution” is not very reassuring and yet, this statement was roundly applauded by the supposed representatives of the people. He also said nothing about proposals to amend the Electric Power Industry Reform Act. (For the nth time, everybody, please stop saying “Epira law”!)

    His solution to the high price of rice? Import more rice so hoarders would be forced to sell. Remarkably, he stopped saying anything about achieving rice sufficiency. He got burnt before, and a burnt child will avoid the fire.

    Our onion-skinned President claims said that his critics want to bring his administration down. He even said that all of his critics are against the people, showing his delusional belief that the people are solidly behind him.

    His portrayal of his critics reminds me of martial law days when those in media protesting the abuses of the Marcos regime were shrugged off as “the Mosquito Press.” Ah, but mosquitoes are not only pesky—they could also create bigger problems to those who ignore them.



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    1. Well of course Mr. Danao is entitled to his opinions… But let me play the devils advocate role for now…. Mr. Danao, would you rather have the administration of GMA or JEE in place today? PNoy’s administration is far from perfect, but in my opinion.. very much better than the two previous ones.. Why don’t we give credit where it is due and provide solutions instead of just criticisms. It is so convenient to criticize by just sitting on our cozy desk (normally called paper tigers). President PNoy is NOT our most brilliant President, but hands down he is the most honest. I agree, PNoy has to do more… but he already exceeded my initial expectation when he started his presidency… In fact, PNoy was able to move the very big rock of challenges over a stiff uphill.. all the next leader has to do is to continue pushing the rock and continue its motion…

    2. Our vote is like a car key.They (politicians) will promise you to be your driver & servant 24hrs a day but once you handed him the key, there they go, taken your car and leave you empty handed.

    3. Arrogance and ignorance , the best words to describe our president, if he made that speech in front of the Yolanda victims he will be hit not by rotten tomatoes but by broken concrete and stones. He even had the guts to boast that they responded immediately , if not for the NGOS many will die of hunger.
      Of course Pnoy zombies are expected to give him a warm applause if they can use their feet I am sure they will do it since they are well compensated by the DAP fund.
      His advisers always give Pnoy a positive results on all his projects that’s why Pnoy thought that he is a good president(only in his dreams).

    4. Mr. Danao, for sure you have read the book and saw the movie, The Knights of the Round Table as well as Robin Hood. Of course you know that these 2 are not real and true stories but are myths. These are the same as what Pnoy is talking about in his SONA. His boasts of accomplishments are only myths.

    5. Keep up the good articles striving to have the government improve and make this country better for all of the people. I would love to find a President I could say that to.

    6. P. Akialamiro on

      I am so glad I live in a democratic society. One of the cherished perks I enjoy is being able to read some facts (in the absence of FOI) about my government, especially from an insider (in Congress). I wish there are more dessimination of these facts in the different media. I say this because if we were to believe all that comes out the mouth of Pres. B S Aquino and his minions, we are ‘doomed’, for not being able to know the truth. All we get are words from a politician, ‘articulated’ by ghost writers and public relations people. In the SONA, we read a lot about misses: misinformations, misconceptions, misapprehensions, miscalculations and mistakes. I still believe and not all is in vain, but time is running out and the time is NOW!