PNoy no longer trusted

    POW-WOW  President Aquino fields questions from police cadets during a dialogue at the Philippine National Police Academy headquarters in Camp General Mariano Castañeda in Silang, Cavite.  MALACAÑANG PHOTO

    President Aquino fields questions from police cadets during a dialogue at the Philippine National Police Academy headquarters in Camp General Mariano Castañeda in Silang, Cavite.

    “I will carry this to the end of my days.”

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd may have foreseen his popularity going to the dumps when he uttered those words in Filipino in addressing the nation on February 6.

    At the time, he was making an attempt to pacify the public over the way he and his men handled the Mamasapano incident.

    The President’s trust ratings dropped to their lowest last week and, for the first time since he took power in 2010, Aquino is no longer the nation’s most trusted government official, a Pulse Asia survey that was released on Thursday showed.

    Senate President Franklin Drilon sprang a surprise by emerging on top as he edged out the President for having garnered the highest trust rating with 44 percent of the 1,200 survey respondents giving him the thumbs up.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay, whose name has been dragged in a corruption scandal way before the January 25 Mamasapano incident, was a close second to Drilon with a 42 percent trust rating.

    Pulse Asia Research Inc. earlier announced that the President’s trust rating has dropped from 56 percent in November to 36 percent in March 15.

    Pulse Asia conducted the poll from March 1 to 7 or over a month after the Mamasapano incident in Maguindanao that saw he killing of 44 members of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police.

    The respondents were interviewed face-to-face. The survey had a plus/minus 3 percent margin of error.

    Commenting on the survey results, Malacanang said the President will focus on fulfilling his sworn duties despite the drop in his trust ratings.

    “The President is firmly determined to fulfill his promises to his bosses, the Filipino people,” Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said in a statement also on Thursday.

    “In all his actions and decisions, he abides by his sworn duties and serves in accordance with his judgment on what is best for the nation, regardless of the ebb and flow of public sentiment and popularity ratings,” he added.

    Aquino posted a 47 percent approval rating in Class E and nearly the same approval and indecision ratings in the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

    In Metro Manila, the respondents were either critical of presidential performance (41 percent) or ambivalent (33 percent).

    In Classes A, B and C, opinion is split with 35 percent expressing satisfaction over the President’s quarterly performance with 30 percent critical and 35 percent undecided.

    On presidential trustworthiness, about the same trust and indecision ratings were recorded in the Visayas (34 percent), Mindanao (45 percent) and Classes D (35 percent) and E (38 percent).

    Binay, meanwhile, enjoyed approval ratings ranging from 44 to 53 percent in Luzon, Mindanao and in Classes D and E.

    Almost the same numbers were recorded in Metro Manila. Respondents either approve (39 percent) or disapprove (37 percent) of the Vice President’s performance in the past three months.

    Binay recorded a 44 percent approval rating and 32 percent indecision rating in the Visayas.

    In Classes A, B and C, public opinion is split with 38 percent critical, 37 percent appreciative and 25 percent ambivalent on Binay.

    Half of the Class E (50 percent) trusts the Vice President. He is trusted by 43 percent in the Visayas and 46 percent in Mindanao.

    Thirty-nine (39) percent of the people in Metro Manila, however, trust him while 38 percent distrust him.

    Senate President Drilon got a 56 percent approval rating and 53 percent trust rating in the Visayas.

    He also got near to small majority approval scores from Classes D and E at 48 and 56 percent respectively, and had almost the same approval and indecision ratings in Metro Manila (40 versus 37 percent), the rest of Luzon (43 versus 45 percent) and Class ABC (38 versus 41 percent).

    His trustworthiness is split in Metro Manila with 38 percent trusting him, 36 percent undecided and 26 percent distrusting him.

    In the rest of Luzon and all socio-economic groupings, basically the same trust and indecision figures are recorded at 33 to 46 percent versus 35 to 43 percent.

    Among government institutions, Filipinos trust and appreciate the Supreme Court the most.

    The High Court was the only key government institution that scored majority approval rating at 45 percent.

    The Senate obtained a 38 percent approval rating, and the House of Representatives, 34 percent.

    “These figures do not differ significantly from those obtained by these institutions four months ago,” Pulse Asia said.


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    1. BS Aquino, like his incompetent predecessors during the last 50 years, has no vision. But among our presidents, he maybe the most inept, the most ‘bobo’, and with psychological disorder to boot.

    2. Resign, Benigno Aquino. And carry that too, in your end of days. Because at the moment, you are someone who is insisting on remaining within our field of vision, and we do not want you there.
      When your time is up, and you are facing the final judgement, remember that you will not be able to hide anything from God. Best to practice now, by accepting all your faults from the time you took your current post of president, courtesy of hocus pcos, to your biggest booboo to date, the unnecessary loss of the lives of the fallen 44. Talk to the people and apologize. After you have done that, leave the palace and hide somewhere, I do not care where, just get out of our sights. Do not return. Stay out of politics and leaves country alone. You and your father and your grandfather, have done enough damage to this country. So staying out of politics goes to all your relatives, to the 3nd degree. And do not forget to leave that all important letter of resignation. Good riddance.

    3. According to C. Beltran “Until we do so, God will curse us with the kind of leaders and false Kings that he warned the Israelites would end up ruling over them (Samuel 8:11-18). In the last verse God says something that many people will sense applies to their current sentiment and our present political situation or dissatisfaction: “When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the King you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day.””. If we stop electing candidates who are from a dynasty then the country might as well be back to the old times when we were second to Japan I Asia. other words, we should stop electing people who tend to be corrupt. We should have second thoughts of electing personalities like Estrada, Revilla and the Binays. The wrath of God on our beloved country the Philippines will continue if we elect the Binays.

    4. basta iisa ang ibig sabihin ng lahat na ito = bagsak si Pnoy, at sya lamang ang bumagsak.

    5. Abnoy-noyingski on

      Marami pa ring tanga (bato bato sa itaas o hi papawid ang tamaan huwag naman magalit) sa atin dito sa bansang Pilinas; akalain mo na dalawang magnanakaw sa katauhan ni Drilon de Baboy, at Binay(aran) ay umaabante pa rin sa survey. O my! Tapos ang Presidenteng sinungaling nasa magnada pa rin namang puwesto! Ano ba yan!? Wala ng dala ang mga kababayan natin ano?

    6. This show that Pulse Asia is bogus and they just incriminate themselves by putting the top 2 corrupt politicians(Drilon and Binay) in the country that is not in jail as the 2 highest trust rating,what a joke and corrupt Pulse Asia.

    7. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      Hindi rin dapat paniwalaan ang Pulse at SWS dahil nababayaran… Siguradong malaki ang binayad nina Pork Drilon at Haring Abnormal.

    8. Ruben V. Calip on

      Drilon is a major part of the dishonest, corrupt and hypocritical Aquno LP coalition with other opportunities and dishonest parties. But he and Binay will be better than this de facto president Aquino created by Brillantes-Smartmatic-PCOS-machines. If the elections will be transparent and either he or Binay wins in the precinct-level because the people (whether bought or principled) voted for either and publicly-witnessed and verified results are transmitted by fastest IT means to the municipal and other consolidation and canvassing centers, then whoever becomes president is the people’s choice.
      And let’s not forget that Drilon and Binay have both been achievers in politics, unlike Abnoy.

      • God help the Philippines if the people truly believe Drilon is a trustworthy politician. It’s nauseating just to hear of Drilon’s name, the biggest thief of them all. Could this be another idea being floated by this yellow survey outlet to determine the viability of Drilon as a presidential candidate to bail out Pnoy should he succeed?

    9. Roldan Guerrero on

      A President whom majority of citizens do not trust? He has but only one alternative to do….RESIGN!

    10. Maybe Drillon paid for this survey by Pulse Asia. Who will believe this lie? Drillon has baggage on his back, nobody in his right sense will speak highly of this man.

    11. There was one writer who wrote and argued in another paper that because of the loss of trust of the people and the obvious lack of support from the people, then sad to say, the Abnoy no longer has a mandate and should therefore henceforth STEP DOWN immediately.

      We cannot argue with the logic of this argument. Hence, we should therefore insist on the STEPPING DOWN of this illegitimate president.