• PNoy ordered AFP, SAF to stand down

    FAREWELL  Olongapo policemen pay their final respects to PO3 John Lloyd Sumbilla, of the Special Action Force commandos killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Sumbilla’s remains were cremated at the Olongapo City Memorial Park on Thursday. PHOTO BY RUFFIE NYHL CRUZ

    Olongapo policemen pay their final respects to PO3 John Lloyd Sumbilla, of the Special Action Force commandos killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Sumbilla’s remains were cremated at the Olongapo City Memorial Park on Thursday. PHOTO BY RUFFIE NYHL CRUZ

    An analysis of the confluence of events surrounding the massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos inexorably points to President Benigno Aquino 3rd as the man who issued the stand-down order that prevented the PNP-SAF’s 45th Special Action Company and the Philippine Army’s 6th Infantry Division from reinforcing the beleaguered policemen.

    Pinned and surrounded by the enemy, they as early as 5 a.m. on January 25 had called their superiors to plead for reinforcements.

    The Manila Times has learned from a source, who requested anonymity, that Aquino, together with suspended Philippine National Police(PNP) chief Alan Purisima  were in the US Drone base facility in Zamboanga on that fateful Sunday morning. They were monitoring the encounter between the members of the elite PNP-SAF and the combined armies of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and its supposed-to-be breakaway element, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

    Media were told Aquino had flown to Zamboanga sunday morning ostensibly to inspect the site of an earlier car bombing in that city.

    According to the flight logbook, the presidential plane left Villamor Airbase at 9:15 Sunday morning and arrived in the Edwin Andrews Airbase shortly thereafter. Media were also told that Aquino left for Manila in the afternoon of Sunday. We stand by our source’s information that he was at the US Drone Center facility on Sunday morning.

    Nothing was heard of from him for the next three days. Aquino broke his silence and went on national television on Wednesday (after three days of silence) to explain what had happened to the fallen SAF 44 commandos and the circumstances behind their massacre.

    Unfortunately, instead of giving light to this dark disaster, his speech raised more questions than answers.

    SAF supposed to be US men’s security escorts
    According to our source, the SAF went to Mamasapano only to act as police security escorts for the American agents tasked to capture or pick up international terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan who had a $6-million bounty from the United States government and the Filipino terrorist Usman who carried a $1-million reward on his head.

    Marwan was recently confirmed dead by the Federal Bureau of Investigation while Usman is reported to have escaped.

    Generally unreported is the participation of the US government in the police operation for the capture of Marwan and Usman. The Times source said a team of US agents accompanied by the Philippine commandos went to Mamasapano to pick up Marwan and Usman on the strength of an agreement previously reached with the MILF in exchange for the $7-million bounty (which amounts to P315 million at P45 to $1).

    The American government paid the MILF P60 million as “entrance fee.” But before the American agents could take Marwan and Usman into their custody, the MILF demanded the release of the balance of the bounty. The American agents reportedly balked and replied that they did not have the rest of the reward money with them but that it would be released soon after the terrorists had been turned over to the authorities.

    ‘Sir, papasok na kami’ ‘Negative. Negative’
    A heated discussion followed. But raised voices were soon drowned out by the burst of gunfire, which came first from the ranks of the MILF fighters. The MILF leaders have disputed this, and pointed to the Americans and the SAF commandos as the ones who fired the first shots.

    Our source told us the President and the others monitoring the proceedings in Mamasapano from the US Drone Command Base literally froze upon witnessing the bloody turn of events.

    “Pati mga commander nag-freeze [even the commanders froze],” the source said.

    An eerie silence blanketed the room for quite a while. It was followed by the blather of confused conversation.

    It was not clear from our source who radioed the Drone command center and addressed words to his superiors, saying, “Sir, papasok na kami [Sir, we will now go in].” To which the President allegedly responded, “Negative, negative. Stand down.”

    Aquino was probably afraid that sending in reinforcements would violate the terms of the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro (CAB) signed between his peace negotiators and those of the MILF. He must have also been apprehensive that if the comprehensive agreement were breached, a full-blown war could ensue and doom the fate of the Bangsamoro Basic Law now pending in Congress.

    That also explains why he and Purisima chose to send in the PNP-SAF commandos — despite knowing that the PNP-SAF commandos are better in urban than in jungle warfare. The President did not want to send in members of the Armed Forces for the MILF would most likely see that move as a violation of the agreement. So he decided to send in the SAF policemen instead.

    “By 5 a.m. Sunday,” our source continues, “Banatan, maneuver. Nagko-communicate sa higher ups [By 5 a.m. Sunday, raging firefight, maneuvers and communications to the higher ups]. Police General Leonardo Espina called Army General Pangilinan of the Army’s 6th Infantry Division asking for reinforcements, “Bok, tulungan mo naman mga bata ko [Bok, please help my men].” Bok is an endearing term used by PMAers in addressing their batchmates in the Philippine Military Academy.

    Evacuate Americans first
    In the heat of the battle, an order was issued to immediately evacuate the American casualties first ostensibly to avoid a public backlash over the involvement or participation of the Americans in a purely domestic affair. The Manila Times on February 3 had a story that an American was among those found dead apparently left behind in the evacuation.

    Our source also said the operation to get Marwan and Usman was originally planned in the first week of January but that it was decided by the Philippine government to conduct the raid until after Pope Francis’ visit to the country on January 15-19.

    It was apparent that by past 12 noon, the SAF 44 must have surrendered to the MILF when they ran out of bullets. Many of them were shot at close range. This was evident from the wounds sustained by the fallen policemen, some of whom had their heads blown off. Then their firearms and personal belongings were looted by the MILF.

    SAF Commander Getulio Napeñas said his men were still alive at noon of Sunday. If reinforcements had been sent, some of the SAF members could still be alive today.

    By 10 a.m. on Sunday, a team from the Malacañang Peace Process group arrived at the scene. They immediately interceded for the SAF men and asked the MILF to stop the firefight. But the carnage continued until past noon that day. If only the reinforcements came in, lives could have been saved, our source lamented.

    Peace with justice and honor
    Widows of the SAF 44 are crying for justice. The Muslims are crying for justice (there were two Muslim SAF members who were killed in the gruesome episode and Muslim civilians got killed in the fighting.) The Filipino people are crying for justice.

    In the meantime, Malacanang and its lackeys are pushing for the immediate signing of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) on their misplaced appreciation of what is meant by peace. To them, it is “Peace at all cost.”

    “Peace at all cost” is an oxymoron. It is a betrayal of the SAF 44 Heroes and those who before them had offered their lives in defense of peace.

    The widows and their loved ones seek “Peace with Justice.” I couldn’t agree more. It should be a lasting peace. Peace with honor. Nothing else is acceptable.


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    1. Only way for this to end is if MILF recognizes that they are filipinos living in the Philippines. They don’t consider themselves terrorist but they do what terrorists have done which is strike fear into the country by hurting both military and civilians alike to get what they want. If they want their own country then go somewhere else in the middle of nowhere or go to some island around spratly that China is claiming and let’s see if they can build their own there. It’s like people living in Manila saying that we want this as our own so they get the government to sign a treaty to make it theirs. It’s ridiculous and stupid at best.

      • Also if celebrities or those who meddles in showbiz are voted then you will get unrealistic movie type results. It’s like brad pitt being a government official in America, its laughable.

    2. Breaking down this article, the “source” knows these info:
      1. That US involvement was beyond intel and that they actually had men on the ground.
      2. That US govt had a deal with MILF amounting to 60m to allow them passage.
      3. That he actually heard the arguments between the US soldiers and MILF which later drowned in the burst of gunfire.
      4. The he actually heard the president barking order for the reinforcement team to stand down, but he was unable to tell who was on the other end of the line.
      5. The he actually heard General Espina call Gen. Pangilinan to ask help for his beleaguered men.

      From these accounts, we deduce that:
      1. That the source is inside what he refers to as US Drone base facility.
      2. That he is actually in the room with the commanders and generals during the whole operation. Since getting all these info through eavesdropping is not possible, if eavesdropping in this part of a US facility is even possible. Also, he did not just hear, he “saw”.
      3. With his narratives, he is most likely a filipino, unless he is an American who has all the conversations recorded and later translated which is very unlikely lest the recording would have been in youtube by now.
      4. He cannot be a civilian, as no civilian will not be allowed at least on that part of the US facility.

      Who are allowed to be with the president in the same room if indeed they were monitoring what was happening on the ground throughout the operation?
      1. Cabinet officials concerned
      2. Top brass of AFP and PNP in the area.
      3. SAF overall Commander of operation.

      This is not a usual meeting where someone can bring in coffee in the middle of the discussion and even if that was the case, the source would have stayed long enough to have all these info, which is very unlikely.

      How many people could there be and how hard would it be to tell who is the snitch if sensitive details such these are released to the public? If I were the snitch, hiding my identity wouldn’t make much difference. I’d rather keep my mouth shut, or divulge the information together with my identity to bring more credibility to my story.

      Why did the source release these info and did not identify himself? The answer is simple: the “source” is nonexistent and this news item relied only on the writer’s imagination to fill the gaps between information that is already known to the public to make the whole story seem credible.

      I am for the truth that is why I don’t just believe everything I read unless that article has passed my scrutiny. Some people with ulterior motives are here to take advantage of this unfortunate incident, fanning the flame and playing with people’s emotion which had been running high since this incident happened.

      A critical thinker, or gullible? Which one are you?

      • I have shed tears, regularly following anything about the SAF44 tragedy. The president is tagged as noytards. I feel sorry for him. I voted for him. I feel sorry for myself. Maybe I’m also like him and his nephew,Kris’ son who is authestic. Why on earth did entrust our nation to a person of this kind? The SAF44 were surrounded. Now lies from among his accomplice surrounds him also. They seem to be in common ground. But the truth that is trying to be concealed is being disclosed in the speeches made by him. The accomplice maybe are well-trained and are used to hide, deny,conceal or whatever it is.No matter how much effort they try to bury the truth. Still the truth will come to the open. In behalf of the families and friends of the SAF44, light can be seen and justice shall be attained, I thank especially to the media who tried to seek for truth and eventually justice so as to give peace and serenity to the SAF44’s souls and to their families as well.

      • @Gessie just because you don’t like what you are hearing doesn’t mean they are lying. Just because it doesn’t point to Pnoy does not mean it isn’t the truth. Quite easy to blame everything on the president.

    3. Even if the BBL will be approved, still there is no peace in Mindanao, or in some part of Mindanao. You know why? Because only the MILF who wants the BBL. Not the entire Muslim people. Learn from history……..

    4. Someone called the US embassy to inform them that Marwan is already dead. The US authorities asked PNP to escort them in order to verify if Marwan is truelly dead. It is true that the PNP was only there to escort and not there to capture Marwan.
      Though I’m not sure if the money involvement between MILF and US was even true. I was wondering why on the US authorities and some PNP SAF who surviced who knows that truth is not telling what really happened that day. ??????

    5. Ang nakakaasar dito yung order na stand down. Bakit sa fBi binigay agad ang daliri? RIP SAF44. God will give you and our country justice. Sa dami ng filipinong nagdarasal ng taimtim dahil sa nangyari, sigurado di Nya kayo pababayaan. Ang Pilipinas ay para sa mga Flipino lamang. I believe another country is really involve here. Mahilig mang-gera ang bansang iyon.

      • Really dude? Why don’t you just sit back and really use your head before you make such retarded comment. The United States was attacked on Sept. 11 by miscreants and moron muslims. The U.S. has been suffering quietly since the 70’s from these wayward muslim groups, yet you want yo blame the United States in taking an aggressive role in destroying these cockroaches. These muslims has terrorized most of the Philippines for God knows how long, yet you seem to forget their atrocities. How about, I send you a box full of cockroaches; I’d like to see what you would do. Pare ko, Pinoy ako 110%, and also served sa U.S. ARMY, I see it from both perspective, at mas gustuhin ko na ang Pinas kung mahal, na pinapayungan ng Amerika laban sa mga hayop at traidor na muslim at komunistang beho na nakikisawsaw sa ating bansa. Pinoy ka ba or…..

      • If MILF are in good faith to Phil Govt., they should have turned in Marwan and Usman without any financial consideration involved. Money is then more important to them than earning Trust.

    6. The plan was simple. It was supposed to be a covert operation which should provide a win-win for all the 5 players involved below. Up until the MILF started to act as terrorists themselves when they did not receive their share of the trade. This made the story end in an unexpected twist.

      Here are the personal agendas of the 5 players.
      1. Our Government agrees to plan with the US. This displays cooperation and alliance. Aside from the bounty money, this would also become a nice speech for the President if the terrorists were apprehended.

      2. US operatives to capture the terrorist and remain

      3. MILF to gain money in exchange of providing assistance to SAF and American operatives.

      4. The clueless SAF 44, which were sent as escorts to the American operatives (since the Army cannot be involved in this). They were at the bottom of the food chain.They were just there to do their duty to their country. I am even not surprised if they did not know about the bounty money.

      5. What I am missing in the story is the possible involvement of businessmen behind these strings. The ones running the show, the puppeteers, thus in order to protect their oil / natural resources, which is the bottomline of this dispute anyway.

      Greed can get the best of anyone, and create the worst inhumane results.

      • It’s not oil or natural resources that the powers that be are protecting. (You are correct on greed, though.)

        They are protecting the status quo, the ongoing and perpetual conflict in Mindanao because that is their business. Radical Islamic terrorism and combatting it is a very profitable venture for arms dealers and military contractors, and it is not too farfetched to think that perhaps the same puppetmasters are pulling both strings, so I think I don’t have to elaborate what will happen if peace would reign in Mindanao.

        This operation was planned to fail from the start, and the people who plotted this knew that they will be sacrificing the 44. 4 is an unlucky number for us Asians, in Japanese, the word for 4 is pronounced the same as ‘death’. The SAF 44 were double-dead.

        For conspiracy buffs (whom the general public call ‘nutjobs’), there are a lot of things that will grab your attention in this tragedy, and once you connect the dots and see the big picture, you will understand the reality of this country.

    7. It was really heartbreaking. I saw the photos and clearly, it wasn’t just a “misencounter,” it was a horrid massacre and the manner by which these men died was inhumane. No words to explain the pain as excruciating as what the families and loved ones of our fallen SAF is experiencing right now.

    8. Let’s not focus about the absence of PNoy and his story about how he lost his father, let’s just pray and focus on the 44 honorable men, their families and their stories. You can spend all day ranting and hurling invectives or you can take a moment to say a little prayer for the 44 SAF troopers.

    9. I think resignation is not the answer. However, everybody involved, especially the president should tell the truth to shed light of what really happened in Mamasapano that killed 44 policement so they, and their families will get justice

    10. On a regular day, Manila Times articles do not get a lot of comments because it’s not too popular with the masses, and the trolls (with their poor command of the English language) are afraid to get into lengthy debates with its readers. But you know something is true by the number of paid hacks sent to discredit the author, praise Aquino, and threaten us with Binay.

    11. As a commander-in-chief, pres. Aquino needs to go to the senate with gen. Purisima for investigation why pres. Aquino still coordinating with suspended general for this mission. This is violation of our chain of command in AFP and constitution. Pres. Aquino needs to step down as president and replace him to a better leader of the Philippines before he will send all us for bottle without reinforcement.

    12. for the people asking the President to step down….

      does it really require the president to address everyone for the incident???

      People – please have the due diligence to understand what chain of command means…

      not all issues should be face to face with the president – or else we never should have placed cabinet members or pnp officials if they cannot speak for the organization…The President is just one aspect…the majority of the issues should be under the control of the PNP officials themselves…(and officials we mean the ranks that molded the chain and not only the chief commander)

      and who the heck do you think is more effective to replace Pinoy???
      Mr. Duterte – duh???
      or Binay – urrghhh…!!!
      or Nur Misuari (for all we know, this is all what he planned)

      what then after the embarrassing result of the SAF Operation – Mamasapano Mishap???

      will we remain big mouth???

    13. wlang pinagkaiba sa mga napapanuod na fictional movies

      ang PULIS laging huli, laging walang nagagawa, kulelat…at laging dehado…

      i thought deeply that this actually happens only in the Pinoy Movies

      so sad however that the case of the Fallen 44 proved that our PNP force is nothing but a display of futile arm – who is ineffective of their call to protect the sovereign people internally

      maybe this will be nth time reminder and wake up call to upgrade our PNP system, instill true discipline and reinforce it with proper combat skills to be at par with the current demands of protecting the people… as we all know that terrorists (IF TRUE) are also upgrading and progressing in their tactical attacks

      puro kasi palakihan ng tiyan ang mga kapulisan kaya pag dating sa aktwal na bakbakan, tumba na lng lagi, o kaya magpatay-patayan para makaligtas… WHAT A SHAME!!!

      of course, it is clear that our POLICE force is undeniably corrupted for within the chain of command, leaking of top classified info for supposed to be secret operations were out and communicated to the enemies before the operation even commenced…GANITO NA BA KABABA ANG MORALIDAD NG ATING GA KAPULISAN???



      could we still hope that PNP force is still trainable on the line of discipline that corruptibility can be avoided…??? or should we aim to replace them with Marines or other arm forces and simply abolish the largest corrupt franchise in the country???

      peoples’ taxes are heavily funneled to the defense department – and yet what we see all this time is a waste of funds on the incompetent police force???

      what options does this kind of scenario leaves to the general people??? what kind of outlook do we expect to hear from our international allies in this event????

    14. it only shown how inefficient our pnp people when it comes to confrontational situations like this..

      very POOR combat skills


    15. antonio baroro on

      44 lives, given bullshit ‘hero’ a.k.a. ‘bayani’ recognitions. my guess is abnoy sold and allowed those men to be slaughtered without even any attempt to assist or extract them in exchange for keeping the ongoing, but never ending process for peace in mindanao with these islamic pigs, MILF. what message does that send for every man and woman from the police/military/whatever who dedicate their lives in the service of our country? that they are fucked? they have no choice but blindly obey the orders of this idiot president who took advantage of her mother’s death for cheap fame and instant popularity among the sadly guilible filipinos. he prioritized a foreign car manufacturer over attending or paying respects to the men that he left to die in the field. I love my country. but we are constantly getting fucked by these leaders who were voted into position by the very same ignorants who thinks tv fame-chaser Kris Aquino is relevant to this country. this is no one else’s fault except for every dumbshit filipino who voted for abnoy because his mother and sister are famous for historically useless reasons. we are ran by uneducated and heavily stupid leaders and even worse countrymen who they themselves keeps letting it happen by constantly voting for fuck faces like abnoy or erap. our country is hopeless. may god bless us all.

    16. because this is a classified operation, that’s why we will be fed with inaccurate details which which in turn will make our heads stuck up in our asses for very long time.

    17. If Marwan was “killed” by 4:30 am, How could it have happened when the SAF could hardly penetrate their camp.
      If the order was stand-down, a negotiation happened for the price of the supposed “killing” of Marwan, & the SAF penetrated the camp w/o reinforcements for the command. Yet the MI massacred still massacred the SAF even after negotiations.
      Everything went wrong.

      Justice for the 44-SAF.
      All the more, no to BLL.

      • No to BBL? That’s a head-scratcher right there. You do not know what you are saying. The fight with the Muslims has gone on for a very long time, perhaps longer than your existence in this world. Countless lives have been lost in the struggle for peace in Mindanao. We now have a chance at stopping continued violence from our Muslim brothers. They now have a chance of living a life they have fought for for a very long time. Why deny them this? The Fallen 44 would have died in vain if peace in the region is not recognized. Yes to BBL!

    18. This information only is based on the “source” who is not named and cannot be conclusively verified unless this is corroborated by an independent source. As such it should be taken with a grain of salt. To believe everything in this article is truth is to believe in propaganda. Truth has many sources. Obviously this article was written to fan the flames of indignation against PNoy and in so doing shot themselves in the foot. Why? Because they want Binay for President. They believe in Binay more than PNoy. Even if everything in this article is true, the question still remains. Should we have allowed two international terrorists to stay comfortably in a BIFF controlled area with MILF sympathizers and relatives backing them up? Or do we go against them no matter what come what may? If you damn dont like PNoy, then charged him in court after his term. Publishing this kind of article without corrobation is just chismis. A good newsworthy article shows different sources from different points of view to give better perspective of the issue which this article and the writer is sorely lacking.

      • auggee alvarado on

        But the story (or shall l say, alleged story) appears credible and true. One survivor from the Assualt SAC team wrote in his affidavit that they waited for 16 hours for reimforcements to come, and none came. Considering that the nearest troops and equipments concentration is just a kilometer away (remember the bulk of the SAC team, of 320 men, at the hi-way who meet up with the military’s armour division?) who can immediately respond within minutes. Who ever ordered them to stand-down should only be someone at the highest level of the chain of command. Probably the reason the invisible Purisima has now resigned to act as an escape goat and save somebody’s head. Sounds like conspiracy to me.

        I hope P-noy would be able to whether this bloody and messy political storm because l too think that replacing him with Binay is tantamount to jumping to the fire from the pan. But will his consciense be able to bear the blood and grief of the Fallen 44 and their families/relatives just to satisfy the untrustworthy MILF/BIFF?

      • I have the same observation. News in mainstream media these recent days had been mostly from unnamed “sources”. In this news, the unnamed source has enough privilege to be in the same room as the higher ups during a military operation. Is a non-military allowed inside a drone base facility, or if not, is the security that slack that someone could actually eavesdrop and know the key details of the ongoing operation? One claim was that Aquino actually ordered the commander who was about to backup the beleaguered saf men to stand down but he cannot name the person at the other end of the line; however, same source claims that espino called guerrero for help – how did he know who was at the other end?
        Men in uniform live by the code of secrecy and loyalty, they won’t talk unless they have already decided to turn against the institution that is why I don’t believe that the source is one.
        Like most, I am seeking for the truth that is why I am careful enough not to just believe everything I read unless they have passed my scrutiny.
        Sadly that is not the case for most of the readers who do not realize that some people with ulterior motives is using this unfortunate event to fan the flames and make use of people’s emotions to their advantage.


    20. During the firefight, An aircover must be immediately sent, Since it said here already some americans involvement. I would not mind if they sent their Blackhawk and attack helicopter, In my opinion, the lives of americans and Filipino troops in the ground is most important of all. Save them first then deal with the other problem later. Those muslims rebels are already on war a long time ago, So if they don’t want peace give them war.

    21. All has been said…we see a President who does not care about his country men whom he addressed as his Bosses….if we are your bosses, then where is the compassion, the bravery to stand up for the loss lives of the 44 SAF members who followed orders from their superiors even if it means losing their lives? did you even think about these heroes’ families..each of them is a child, a brother, some a father, a husband…how can you rectify your mistake? do something even if that something is an all out war to make this country a better place to live. Scrap the BBL agreement..have the decency to vacate your post..i’m sure there are other people better than you!

    22. I took note of just two hints from all the comments i read that appeared pointing to the truth behind the Mamasapano operation and the nondisclosure of full information by the authorities: 1) the plausibility of the alleged car bombing and its use as reason for Aquino in going to Zamboanga for a hidden purpose. 2) The Op Wolverine which is a foreign sounding term gave away the presence of the Americans during the actual operation. Operation plans conducted by Filipino forces are usually named in the local term. The exposure of American presence must be covered up by all means. Sa hangaring takpan ang buong katotohanan e nagkabuhol buhol na ang mga pahayag ng nasa kapangyarihan, turuan ng sisi at walang umaamin ng pagkakamali.

    23. francisco santos jr on

      Why did the Mamasapano incident happened, simple – TRUST, TRUST, TRUST, and Imperial Manila never learned from history of muslim negotiations!!! When (illegal) money is the object – $6million or 315 million pesos then the transaction is based on “TRUST”.

      On the American involvement, we all know (open secret) especially in our country where there are many “filipino CIA” – AFP/PNP, politicians, businessman, etc. America (CIA) are always behind the scene.

      Like window software, there are many “mamasapano incident” versions, its what version suit the story teller/s. so, lets wait for another version/s when all reports are submitted by all concerns.

      The facts of the incidents are: 1. 44 SAF are dead; 2. there lapses in the operation; 3. There are autopsy reports of the dead 44SAFs. Some have head wounds, shot in the back, gears of war missing from the SAFs dead bodies; 4. no reinforcement, either from AFP or SAF also; 5. out of ammo; 6. nobody from PNP and others taking full responsibility of the disastrous incident; 7. there is a SAF survivor; 8. no Plan B, just in case the PLAN A went wrong; 9. Marwan is dead and second target escaped ???; 10. Nobody is telling the whole truth yet, and 11. the rewards money -$6M. (source of info – Media).

      In a military or covert operation which went urgly, who fire the first shot??, without a reinforcement, the operation went from bad to wost – 44SAFs dead and no one taking the direct blame. All went to the comfort room (CR) to relieve himself.

      In my opinion. the Mamasapano incident is thing in the “DARK ROOM” making sure that all the “negatives” of the incident have a positive development – photoshop??

      As to the MILF report, they will never ever take the BLAME, period.

      My recommendation, if the government (imperial manila) want PEACE with the MILF or troublemakers who are mispresentaTHIEVES of the majority of the peace loving muslim people, then by all means put in plac all the “fireworks” to celebrate PEACE, not only in Minadanao but for the entire Bangsa Filipino Freedom and Peace Loving Nation (BFFPLN) if these minority, misguide and misinform rebels with their
      adamant and pretentious leaders refuse to listen/accept reason to co-exist peacefully with each other under One Flag, One Consitution, and One Country!!!

    24. Please spare the life of every terrorist caught they are human its against the commandments of God, just cut their dick and let them live. What can you say my idol Duterte?

    25. People seriously think that justice will be served here for the 44 slain police men? Not gonna happen. We couldn’t even serve justice for the farmers slain during the Mendiola Massacre perpetrated by Cory Aquino. What makes anyone think that Pnoy is going to get his come-uppance here?

    26. Luciano Adan
      1 min ·
      Congress, Pnoy and Supreme Court must Junk BBL!
      Drop and reject the BBL as its passage will further embolden the MILF to claim and carve that part of Mindanao (Maguindanao) as their sovereign enclave and eventually declare a sovereign Islamic State of Maguindanao, separate and independent from the philippine national government. BBL passage will allow MILF chance to seek international recognition as independent Islamic State from U.N. and it’s revognition by Muslim countries, like Malasia, Indonesia, ISIS, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, etc. is likely. If that happen, the danger of harboring and protecting local and international terrorists is not far fetched and they will demand its clear prior to allowing, if ever, the Philippine police or military to pursue or arrest them inside their carved fiefdom. There will be a serious friction on this issue and may become the incendiary cause for an all-out war instead. Further, any physical presence or unilateral Philippine military or police operation inside this territory will be called invasion by the MILF and they can lodge complaint with the UN. SAY A big Noooooo TO BBL!
      Congress must discard and trash; Pnoy must Veto and Supreme Court must rule BBL as Unconstitutional as it illegally dismember the Nation into two (2). Independent States not envisioned and sanctioned by the fundamental law of the land (Constitution)!!!
      New York City

    27. I am from Zamboanga City. The truth about that car bombing incident is not even true at all. Yes, there was an explosion that happened infront of that guiwan terminal but the real cause is not because of car bombing incident but because of the machine problem in the car and it happened to explode where there are available gasul gas tanks infront of a store that roasts chicken. That is the true thing about that news. Because the source of the car bombing incident was not true and to save the face of the President, that is the story that was shared to the public. But noytards coming to Zamboanga City is not due to that car bombing incident. But because of the threat by the MILF because those who were held captives due to the Zambo siege will then be fielded to Metro Manila. There was even an attempt to escape and rescue the jailed MILF members. There is strongly a connection of that Mamasapano incident to the coming of noytard to Asia’s Latin City-Zamboanga City. It’s more than the car bombing incident.

    28. While it could be true that there where Americans involved the big questionable part of the story is that Marwan was killed about 4:30AM by 84th SAC while the encounter happened about 5:30AM with 55th SAC — two different groups in different villages. If the angle about the argument is true, why did the MILF need to argue with the SAF/Americans 1 hour later after Marwan was dead? It doesn’t make sense.

      Given that the rest of the story like PNoy asking the PNP and AFP to stand down is plausible enough.

    29. Very true. Its a good decision at hindi na pinalala ang sitwasyon na mas maraming mamamatay kung sasali pa ang AFP at iba pang sundalo. GIYERA na ito pag nagkataon at mas maraming sibilyan at sundalo ang mamamatay. Sabihin na nating nagkamali sa unang desisyon pero hindi na maitutuwid ito
      ng isa pang pagkakamali.

    30. “leave no one behind” instead of “stand down”. never in my wildest dream have i thought that the commander-in-chief himself turns his back to the dying, bloodied yet courageous saf commandos! can you still afford yourself a good night sleep, mr. president? can u hear the screams of the fallen 44? i pray they rest in peace! salute to them!

    31. It is a dis-service for your source not to identify himself/herself, specially if the information is accurate. I understand the hesitance to reveal his/her true identity, with safety foremost in his/her mind. But there must be something you Mr. Ang can do to bring the informant to someone who can be trusted, so that a written testimony can be made in the presence of individuals of known integrity and respectability and certified by a a number of lawyers with similar reputation.
      Having said that, Benigno has blood in his hands and need to step down and be properly charged if we are to properly honor the fallen and give them due justice.


      The peace deal between the Phil govt and MILF is only and indication of how the armed forces of the republic is not capable to enforce their strength to groups such as MILF. The Philippine government have laid their hands up in surrender to the demands of islamic separatist MILF.

      If your are to take an example of similar islamic separatist groups such as those by the Uyghurs in Xinjang province of China, they could not withstand the strength of the Chinese armies, thus could not demand independent state by armed conflict. Furthermore, in the province of Patani in Thailand, the Thai government showing their reinforced strength by their armies declined demands from Malay/Thai islamic separatists.

      Peace can only be attained with full force evident by previous great world wars in human history. No one wants war, but foreseeable victory is in favour to those who have the tenacity and power.

      • If the previous government had not stolen our money, our armed forces might have improved already. Our President just started to enhance our military 5 years ago with whatever money he can use, not enough time to see the improvement. Hopefully, the next President will continue to work to improve our armed forces, instead of stealing our country’s money.

      • Pahina na ng pahina, pakaunti ng pakaunti ang mga sundalo ng MILF, kaya nga masaya si Murad nuong biglang niregalohan sila at peace treaty. If gobyerno-Pilipinas were to send 5 or 10 more battalions to Basilan, Maguindanao, other parts of Mindanao and equip them with helicopter-firepower and heavy artillery, mukhang iyon dapat ang solusyon. Ilang beses na na massacre ang gobyerno-Pilipinas troops na na-ubusan ng bala at napaligiran ng MILF?

      • The Armed Forces is more than capable, even with the shamefully low budget given by the politicos. It’s the politicos in charge who are incapable.

      • In the 70’s, the war in Mindanao was won by civilians. There may have been several casualties on their side but it is clear they now control more territories than before the war.

        The rebels knows this and people in Mindanao knows this. Even without government soldiers there can be peace in Mindanao but who will stop the civilians from an ethnic cleansing war?

        The Muslim leaders knows this and they now Mindanao can be like Bosnia. There are still millions of land hungry migrants in Mindanao. Afterall, they call the ILAGA- The Illongo Landgrabbers Association.

        The corrupt Philippine government can never win the war in Mindanao! If the government would ask volunteers and they supply arms and ammo today they will have their hands full in a matter of weeks. Marcos did just that but he lost precious oil to run the country.

      • Grundy Constantino on

        You call the truth “epel?” Where is your sense of truthfulness, accountability and patriotism? Or in your case, where is your brain?… Down the drainage? PUT THIS INSIDE YOUR EMPTY HEAD, ALL OF OUR HEROES WERE REFERRED TO AS REBELS/ ACTIVISTS DURING THEIR TIME. With exception from traitors ofcourse. I commend the Manila Times team for publishing the truth.

      • I agree. Why would the United States make use of Philippine assets for an operation like this. The article mentioned the use of drones for live feed of the operation. Recall that Marwan is dead. Think of it this way: Why on Earth would the United States of America collaborate with the Philippine government just to have a wanted individual KILLED? If the US did want Marwan dead, they could have just set out a covert operation that does not involve the risks of loose ends coming from the Philippine end. And if the US wanted Marwan dead, then the “drones” that the article mentioned could have just delievered an Air to Ground Missile to Marwan’s doorstep and vaporized anything and anyone in a 20 meter radius. Why would the US risk involvement, along with their bounty money for a DEAD terrorist? I personally would think that the US would have loved to ask questions from Marwan. Articles like this disgust me. How dare you, I am referring to the author, revel in peace and justice for our fallen service men and capitalize off of their sacrifice? The Manila Times needs some internal work done. This is not an acceptable news report. Since when did personal opinion become acceptable as news material?

    33. If everything that was said here were true then thanks for the information.
      He went to Zamboanga to be near and monitored the deal. That’s scary, that’s enemies strong hold position. How many President can do that? Will do that for the sake of the country. There were negotiations, agreement, deals, entrance fee paid. The deal got soar just like in the movies: kidnapping, ransom, drugs, armaments shipment deals. Who started the problem? You find out!. We were there to accomplished the deal. We paid the downpayment already and the balance due will materialized. Both sides were heavily armed and our troops trusted them and confident due to the bounty. That’s why they got captured although some fought back.
      We respect, honor, the brave 44 and others. That’s the danger of being a soldier, I was once a soldier too, an officer during my younger days and I know and conditioned myself for any disaster and I was ready to fight and die. Just like the problems in the Arab, Muslim countries, these people are courageous, ready to die for their caused.
      Reinforcement was stayed down due to the peace agreement negotiation still pending which will be jeopardized and violated if the AFP bombed them. I am still for the President. He is one of a kind that emerged in 100 years. I am just worried that he may mistakenly lax his security. Just remember Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia etc, and the american soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sake of other countries. And the ongoing war now in the Arab countries. This is not a pork barrel deal, kickback deal and bribery. Wake up people! Can you sacrifice your life for the sake of future?
      Basbasan kayo ng kaunlaran, lahat kayo! Thank you!

      • “He is one of a kind that emerged in 100 years.”

        I agree, he is a one of a kind coward/idiot that only emerges every 100 years. I hope he’s the last.

      • Karek! I agree with you. It was the President’s call and we should respect that. It might be for the best. The peace agreement was not violated and who knows more of our soldiers could have been killed had the President ordered them to proceed. My condolences to the families of the 44 SAF soldiers, i know how it feels to lose a loved one, but we also need to learn to accept things beyond our control, most especially that of a soldier’s life. Just keep praying, as well as, we will be praying for you, too. Keep the Faith!

      • Don quixote, I, too, am in the military and i fully understand where you are coming from. Only men and women who wear the uniform know what you are talking about. Sadly, people who dont, even family members do not understand that we volunteered for the job to be of service to the country to attain peace, not for this generation but for the generations to come. The hope that my grandchildren’s children will not have to fight any more wars. But we must not shake our heads on the anger of the people, they, I hope most, probably care for us too much and this is how they let out their grieve and hurt of losing a loved one. For the people who do not wear the uniform, the care you show for our compatriots is nakakataba ng dibdib, but please know that they died as heroes who believed that what they did was for peace. As for Aquino, he is still the commander in chief and the president…. he oversees the whole Philippines, not just Luzon nor just Visayas nor just Mindanao… not just Christians nor just Muslims nor other minorities, I mean the WHOLE, his one decision can affect the entire country and 70 million Filipinos. We people only see partial, and whatever we decide only affects ourselves or a few. I hope people will think outside the box and see beyond the situation. Aquino may be wrong or he may be right on his decision to stand down, who knows? I will wait for all the facts to come out before stating my opinion. As of now, All i know is I salute and respect all the fallen 44 and the survivors for a job well done.

    34. The two demonyitas Deles and Ferrer already conditioned P-NOYs mind to save the BBL at all cost,the only thing P-NOY can do now is to do an allout war against MILF and their lapdogs the BIFF and ABU SAYYAF no more ceasefire,no more peacetalk until they are wipeout then arrest those two demonyitas Deles and Ferrer for treason.

      • Sorry, my comment below should be my reply to the previous comment.

        My reply for your comment is: I don’t think an all-out war will do us all any good. Eh di mas lalong ang daming namatay! Eh yung 44 pa lang nga ang dami niyo ng sinasabi, ano pa kaya kung libo libo na silang patay! At kasalanan lahat ng Presidente ang pagkamatay nila?!

    35. The BBL has a time line. If it is not passed in March, it may be too late for the Nobel Peace Prize committee to consider it. Aquino will be dropped from the eligible candidates list. Too bad for our incompetent president.

    36. No offense meant to Dante Ang but this could be a disinformation story leaked by the Americans the purpose of which is not yet clear at the moment.

    37. This confirms the belief that wherever the Americans go with “good intentions”, blood always follows. The bloodshed that will follow in Mindanao if we allow the Americans and their stooges the MILF to have their way will be endless, just like in the Middle East. The Americans are cursed with blood, we should not allow them to meddle in Mindanao or any where in the Philippines. Lets learn our lesson from the NPAs: bloodshed has not abated since self-confessed CIA agent Ninoy Aquino, his henchman Kumander Dante and now NATO-stalwart-and-American-ally-Netherlands-protected Joma Sison founded this “Maoist” group in 1969, FORTY FIVE YEARS AGO ! THE NINOY AND CORY WORSHIPPING YELLOW REGIME IS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY !

    38. It is tragic when a soldier or a policeman dies in the line of duty, much less 44 of the best the police force has to offer. What I don’t understand is why Filipinos are blaming their president for the death of the 44, when an all-out war that could have ensued by sending the AFP to the battle zone could have killed hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of our good men.

      • mahina din pala ang IQ mo Jampong. Hanggang ngayon hindi mo pa naiintindihan o napaguugnay-ugnay ang mga pangyayari. Masyado ka naman DILAW. Me hepatitis ka ba? Wala naman pumipigil sa iyo na mahalin si Abnoy. kaya lang wag ka magtanong kung bakit laging isinisisi kay Boy Sisi ang mga nangyari. Ako magtanong sa iyo: SINO ANG PINAKAMATAAS NA OPISYAL NG GUBYERNO NA ME KONTROL SA PNP AT AFP? dasal ko na sana alam mo ang tamang sagot dito.

      • Chain of command.Di ba siya ang president cno ang cc c hin alangan VP Bnay.Buti hindi na naman c Gloria ang c ni c

      • Ok sige. Iba nalang sisihin natin. Since ang paboritong sinisisi ni Boy Sisi eh si GA, sabihin na nating kasalanan to ni Glory. Di pa kasi niya inayos bago naupo si Boy dilaw. Tsk tsk. Minana lang ni Boy dilaw ang problemang ito, di niya kasalanan.

        Any operation could go wrong. Hell, any plan could go wrong. But we want the truth. Nothing less than the truth would appease the pain of the bereaved. Ang lumalabas kasi, the 44 people died needlessly because of personal agenda and politics. Is this why sumesegway ang presidente at turo dito turo doon ang ginagawa? Is the truth closer to “the 44 died for the wrong reasons”?

    39. Everything said and done. Unfortunately the Aquinos cannot do anything wrong. It will just take a Kris Aquino to cry in national TV and talk about the tragedy of “mom” and ‘dad’ and say ‘love… Love… Love…’. They are saints in the eyes of the 70million+ pinoys. Life is but a comedy and tragedy. The tragedy: a soldier may have killed an Aquino… The comedy: an Aquino may have killed 44 soldiers… Gulong ng palad…

      • May alinlangan pa rin ba tayo? Hindi ang MILF or BIFF ang pumatay sa magigiting na 44 policemen natin, kundi sya mismo si PNoy!

    40. Peace at all cost….. It seems like its all cost but no peace, the president and the suspended chief of police is all about the bounty ($6m), they did not send reinforcement cuz they dont want to share the bounty, or they dont want to inform other officials so they dont have to share the bounty, they are willing to sacrifice the lives of our filipino brothers for thier own interest

      • diyosme Te, bawiin mo yung sinabi mo, hinding hindi papatusin ni P-Noy yan! Baka ikaw pa! Try mo maging Presidente, baka di lang sa kangkungan pupulutin ang Pilipinas, baka sa poso negro na! Gamitin mo naman ang brain mo pag may time, kung meron ka ha! Kung meron lang talaga!

    41. The source of this story should be the first one to show love of country by sharing the knowledge to the 6 or 7 investigating bodies. At this very crucial phase of our history, everybody should do its share and tell the truth openly. It is cowardice to hide yourself.

      • it’s not that easy to go out in the open at this point of time. nakasalalay ang safety ng family nya. remember, kung ung SAF44 nga hindi sinuportahaneh sya pa kaya?

    42. This news sheds light to us who met the commando survivors. Now we understand why the SAF were very silent during the Presidents visit last friday after the services.

      Dear President, as one of the relatives of the Angel 44, we pray that someday, we would have the strength to accept our loss. We pray, that we no longer be kept in the dark, we pray that this government would be very honest to us. The more news we receive coming from these anonymous sources, the more we feel that our government betrayed us. We hope that the government will get to have the courage and dignity and tell us, what really happened. We deserve that. Our love ones died and so we deserve to know the truth.

      • The news is by far very near with the stories told by the SAF troopers which resounded over and over again at Bicutan-Camp Bagong Diwa.. That was the time when Pinoy went to Mitsubishi while we await for the arrival of the bodies of our relatives… I am so sad that you were not able to hear these stories during the wake at Camp Bagong Diwa but it may have been better though because it was a torture to control that anger while Pinoy walks late during the necrological service…

        The same stories were told by those who were with them during the Masasapano encounter… This is the reason why you see fathers, mothers and wives mad and angry at Pinoy because the first hand stories came from the comrades of these fallen 44…which is almost as accurate as this report.. There are more stories to it but I hope this will be made public…

    43. I would like to believed the story, but why can’t your source identify himself if he is indeed telling the truth. Some people are gifted of telling lies..Let your source come out and tell the nation the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So, we all Filipino’s can choose who can lead us better the present Cmdr in-chief.

      • If this informer is brave enough to surface and divulge his identity to the public then it will become “44 Brave SAF Police Personnel and 1 Brave Informer Lost Their Lives due to the MamasaPanot Encounter”.

      • It is not easy to just break out their silence and expose the truth. Siyempre my mga pamilya rin ito na dapat protektahan. Lets say “the source” is very eager to tell the public the truth behind this massacre and dealings, pano naman yung mga anak, asawa, relatives nito? Baka mabalitaan mo na lang, isa isang pinapatay yung mga malalapit sa buhay nung source? Hindi ganun kadali yun, especially in these days wherein security and comfort are rare.

    44. The sad awful truth… How can we expect justice from the president eh siya naman pala ang puno at simula ng lahat ng kapalpakan sa Mamasapano? Can somebody file an impeachment case against this president after this please?!!? I would rather have an acting president that is riddled with allegations of corruption BUT WHO KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING AND KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HIS MEN rather than a CLEAN president who does not know a thing about governance.

      Resign? Swerte mo naman… The Filipino people should BOOT YOU OUT OF OFFICE!

      • we have not accept yet that muslims since time immemorial are like that… war-behave-people, not just here but abroad as well. the president must have had precautioned over the deal with the muslims, so much so that it involved lump sum of money. In the first place, harboring a criminal by the muslim is an offence in the name of the republic, as Marwan is in their refuge. In simple words, you can not trust the bandits because their minds are not normal. The president must have cautioned and must have prepared to back up those soldiers who are on the front-lines, if only he realizes that the high risk dealing with non-normal-bandits is real as they are. The president may in ways be the president… but can not be a commander in chief … as attested in the battle wich lost FORTY-FOUR lives. If for instan,ces the marines were in that scenario, their comrade fellow marines who is is stand by position,cannot just stand by when they learn of it….surely they would rescue their brothers- even without the go-signal …
        you were not prepared mr. president

      • Do you really think that your corrupt presidents know what they were doing? Do you really think they cared? Ang alam lang ng mga yun eh magnakaw at patabain ang mga bulsa nila!
        Do you even understand what you’re saying? Naiintindihan mo ba ang mga pangyayari?! May dalawang international terrorists na nandito sa bansa natin. Alam mo ba ibig sabihin nun? Alam mo rin bang these people posts a threat to our country? Siyempre, problema sila. At sino ang magaayos nun, siyempre ang Presidente! At dahil sa katangahan mo, DUMAGDAG KA PA SA PROBLEMA!!!!
        Mas madali kasing sumatsat noh? Kesa mag isip!

    45. When someone does NOT want to BE IDENTIFIED He or THEY are hiding something… If you want to tell the truth… Reveal who you are… So your credibilty may be challenged! Those that release and others that wrote this news have OTHER agendas…

      Isip ka muna what you want to believe!

      • I pity people like you. you are a blind defender of PNOY. hindi mo ba inisip na yung whistle blower is an active military officer who does not want to endanger his family and his self, but want what he knows about the incident to become public.

        come on, so many circumstantial evidence points to PNOY and PURISIMA and these people did not dispute these, they just refuse to answer.

      • The truth is probably in between this version and the govt’s version.
        I suspected US involvement from the start.
        The name Op Wolverine is a dead give away.
        The swift response of the US at the scene of the battle is another one.

      • Sa Pilipinas kung gusto mo nang katutuhanan kailangan talaga itago ang sarili mo kung gusto mo pang mabuhay nang mahaba2x, pwera lang kung mayaman at madami kang kapit dahil madami ang tutolong sayo.

      • I dont usually comment on this. Whoever is the source of this story, two thumbs up.. It’s better that you kept urself unidentified.. U know how powerfu these people are and i know that u want safety fr ur family.. Kung yun ngang 44 SAFs nde xa nanghinayang e dba?

        Sa mga nagchachallenge jan and saying something about this person, keeping him/herself unindentified, isip kaung mabuti ha…again, they did not give a damn kun mamatay man ang 44 na SAFs.. Tinginnyo manghihinayang mga yan kun nagpakilala pa un source?! Hell no!!

    46. Thank you Manila Times for releasing this. I have been waiting for this real version for quite a while since ABS-CBN and GMA network had some different versions from their own “sources”. I appreciate your courage and bravery, let your inks never runs out and continue to uphold the truth.

    47. No wonder Pnoy was nowhere to be found 2 full days after the ambush-massacre of the Fallen 44 at Mamasapano since he was in quandary and confused on what to tell the people since he was personally involved in the direction of the SAF operations from the Zamboanga US Drone Center. Concerned of being accused of violations of the cease fire or cessation of hostilities with the MILF, he ordered the SAF-AFP to standown instead of reinforcing the SAF beleaguered commando. This led to the gruesome death of the 44 SAF without any help at all from their comrade-in-arms. It turned out it was the MILF who has initiated the violation of the cease-fire agreement and ambush the SAF commandos and stole the equipment, arms and uniforms of the dead PNP. Pnoy also covered up the participation of American operatives and those killed in the firefight-ambush. Pnoy lied BIGTIME in 1) denying personal direction of the operation and ordered the standown of reinforcing SAF and AFP; 2) covered up the participation of Alan Purisima, who was then suspended and not suppose to perform his police function as head of PNP ; 3). Covered up the participation of American operatives, which is not so pre-authorized by the Philippine government to interfere in the operations; 4) Pnoy twisted the facts by saying and in effect blaming the SAF Head was frequently admonished to seek the coordination of the AFP, when it was him to block and ordered the standown of AFP reinforcements. Pnoy secretly launched the SAF operations together with Purisima, apparently to absolve himself of responsibility in case of failure, or be accused of violation of the cessation of hostilities agreement due to on going BBL deliberation in Congress. Adding insult to injuries, Pnoy in an uncaring, insensitive behavior chose to attend the Car plant opening of Mitsubishi, rather than be present and lend moral and personally sympathize with families of the Fallen 44 when the caskets arrived at Villamor Airbase. In his Necrological speeches, Pnoy, true to his stubborn and uncaring attitude and without due respect to the feelings of the victims families and the Pilipino people who were deeply grieving over the massacred policemen, failed to denounce the perpetrators of the massacre and make a firm statement to seek justice and punish the ambushers. Instead, Pnoy warned of further trouble ahead and the vanishing peace if the grieving emotion of for justice is given preference over the peace process. This is a very callous and disrespectful behavior for a President to do in the face of thie national tragedy. No wonder the Medal of Valor he gave to some were rejected which amounts to a deserving insult to him.
      I demand that Pnoy accept responsibility for this fiasco as he was hands-on directly involve and as Commander-in-Chief, if he has the principle and scruples of a decent and honest human being.

      • Well, ang sacrificial lamb eh si General Napenas. Sinibak agad nila at baka kumanta ng husto. Nasibak na pero pasundot-sundot eh bumibigay si General Napenas. Dapat kasi protektahan siya dahil isa siya sa talagang nakakaalam ng operasyon at kung sino talaga mga opisyal na involved sa plano. Kasi pag ito ang tinira na alam natin lahat eh puwedeng mangyari, mababawasan ang informants. isecure dapat si Napenas. Wag sa PNP at lalong wag sa AFP, kasi bata din ni Abnoy si COS Catapang (akala ko Catapang sa giyera o labanan, bahag naman pala ang buntot kay Abnoy. sayang yung pangalan). sino magrerekomenda kung sino dapat pumorotekta kay Napenas. Dapat ngayon na bago mahuli ang lahat.

    48. Really skeptic about this “source”. This is a better account of the misfortune. If this were all true, then, technically, there was indeed a “miscommunication”. But the anonymity of this source whom the paper apparently stands by is very questionable.

      • “source” is not rocket science. intindihin mo po kung paanong ang mga newsmen ay nakakakuha ng “scoop”. di ba may connect sila sa loob? di ba bumubili sila ng info?

    49. Its too upsetting to read through. If this is true I hope he will stand to his decision and his reason and live through all these with his conscience as a president and as a person. For me its the worst mistake ever made by a commander in chief.

    50. Just thinking…the President went to Zamboanga to check the car bombing.
      Timing naman yata na may car bombing dun…hmmm, is it coincidence lang or kagagawan ng military? Otherwise, wala sya magiging reason to go to Zamboanga.

      • Think again, why would a president of a country of all things inspect a car bombing site? Is it for curiosity, media mileage, or something else?

      • My dirty mind says that sila sila rin gumawa ng eksena ng pagpapasabog para may reason sya na pumunta sa Zambo.

    51. Now we know all the truth! How in the hell this kind of President have a guts to tell a big lie, and he let those 44 men over run by the MILF and BIFF. Situation like that never call a STAND DOWN, 99.9% your mission will fail. President Aquino and those General need to know exactly what is consist of the “OPERATION ORDER” they have 5 important step. The Five Step is 1. Situation what kind? 2. Mission what kind of Mission. 3. Enemy, Who is. Where, What Kind, How Many and What they doing. 4. Support, Who is supporting this mission what all kind of support and Where the support located. 5. Coordination need to let know all the involve personnel .

      • How sure are you that this piece of news is already the truth? If this is the truth, and you’re calling the President a liar, what do you call the presidents before him? If this was Marcos’ time, you would have never known about these deaths, coz news then was blocked out. Just be thankful that the President now is all for freedom of information. I’m sure he had followed a protocol or whatsoever “operation order” you’re saying. It is easier said than done. I’m sure the President did the best of what he can do at that time in the present situation he was in. I”m sure it was not easy for him but sometimes we need to make judgement calls in diffucult situations!

    52. Herbert A. Pureza on

      Understand that this is a reporter’s report blanketed by a continuous “according to source”…by just reading this, will you at once believed in this??? how if its just to beat deadline and plain story of imagination?? And/ or just done this report in exchange of some money from ill mind to sway people’s attention? I say, I’m waiting what the President would say on this. For the moment I’m staying by my Presidents’ side in rebuilding this nation.

    53. If Pnoy has self respect he would have resign right after he talk to the pulis who not one gave a single word while and after he asked them to say anything or ask questions. The silence of the pulis indicates lost f trust. I think that lost of trust by the pulis is the general sentiment of the entire nation. US-PNOY-PURISIMA OUT NOW.

      • How sure are you that this piece of news is already the truth? If this is the truth, and you’re calling the President a liar, what do you call the presidents before him? If this was Marcos’ time, you would have never known about these deaths, coz news then was blocked out. Just be thankful that the President now is all for freedom of information. I’m sure he had followed a protocol or whatsoever “operation order” you’re saying. It is easier said than done. I’m sure the President did the best of what he can do at that time in the present situation he was in. I”m sure it was not easy for him but sometimes we need to make judgement calls in diffucult situations!

    54. I was a bout to post an article last night but this news popped out this morning in my newsfeed..
      This was exactly what pained me and how my heart crying out out.
      None of the 44 SAF are my relatives but I am a true blooded Filipino who is crying for peace for this Nation and justice for the fallen 44 SAF and their families. I am just an ordinary civilian who fears for the lives of our future generation..but I am not blinded of the yellow propaganda roaming around trying to cover the truth. enough is enough! I cant do anything but just to write my sentiments here…
      Huwag sana tayong maging bulagbulagan sa katotohanan at wala sanang white wash na mangyari para pag takpan ang kabaluktutan ng mga kasalukuyang namumuno ng ating bansa.

    55. Mr. President, your country has been calling for justice and you vowed to serve your countrymen during your presidential campaign. We are hoping to see your sincerity and truthfulness in your words as the church even supported you to win. If you really are for public service to your men and your country, I pray that God will give you knowledge and courage to do what is right and just.

      Please give honor and dignity to those who gave thier lives for the country. For I was born and raised in Mindanao. I have seen chaos and war but the decades of peace talks never gave us lasting peace. How can peace be achieved if those peaople that we are reaching out do not have the sincerity to make peace? All they have is greed to dominate the weak and innocent.

      • I echo this.

        Just like in other Muslim countries where Muslim insurgents/terrorits hurt their own Muslim brethren, i want these acts to stop. the government had been trying its best to accommodate our Muslim brothers and come up with a solution for decades now. Killed government troops and innocent civilians from decades of fighting became part of the statistics. How many times have they used ceasefires to provoke and kill government troops?

        Peaceful resolution of the conflict through negotiation is the way to go. SANA! SANA! but how can you talk peace to people who are not honest? Who are traitors?

        i echo Asin’s Cotabato

    56. So you’re saying that towards the end of this president’s term that you’re ok with him being replaced by Binay just because you want him to resign?

    57. What a God forsaken country the Philippines has become– To have a president who is not only lazy, inept, and incompetent, but totally lacking in empathy for the people he serves. Pity the policemen who lost their lives because of a Commander In Chief who couldn’t care less whether they live or die..

    58. “We deserve the leaders we get.”

      Ergo, unless the comrade-in arms of those sacrificial lambs decide they deserve a better Commander-in chief, then, they might as well bite the bullet and be at peace with their decision to be led by an incompetent President, obsessed to project himself what he is not – decisive and competent, worthy to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

      The AFP must also realize by now that their Commander in-Chief is comfortable with the idea, and very capable to point a finger at them, depicting them as the oneS who could have saved those SAF men, but did not.

      What we have is a President who cannot and does NOT accept any responsibility. A fitting testament that we have voters who cannot and do not accept that they are responsible that we now have a President like Pnoy.

    59. I am crying as I write this.
      Fellow Filipinos, join in the Aquino RESIGN or Oust Aquino movements.
      Help prevent this monster of a man who has become our de facto president from doing more harm and injury to our Republic, to our police and military and to us–flesh and blood Filipinos!

    60. I share the sentiments & plight of the widows, families & comrades in uniform of our Fallen 44 heroes! Justice!!!…honor and peace!

    61. This is the real story that the Aquino administration do not want to be exposed from. As you can see here, BS Aquino could not control his men. He has no command over them. As Commander In Chief, the official in charge of the operation could have hid his advised not to proceed. Now WHO’S TO BLAME? From the beginning, it is very simple, BS Aquino has the full knowledge of the operation. With 392 commandos coming from the different regions, this is a very big operations and this cannot be done without the clearance from the President. Why is it that until now he don’t accept that responsibility? WHY? Very simple again, let those Fallen 44 to die than to sacrifice the Bansangmoro Basic Law (BBL. This goes to show that he has NO MERCY AND COMPASSION with the Fallen 44. I don’t think so the Pope will be happy for this. IT IS TIME TO REPLACE THIS PRESIDENT. LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS VERY DANGEROUS…

      • dante ang, the MT publisher, will not stake his reputation if his sources are false…. ur question betrays your yellowtard affiliation and sympathies.. wake up moron

      • Dr. ANG is the Chairman Emeritus of MT. I don’t think he will write this one if his source is not reliable. I admire your bravery for writing and publishing the truth. please take care..

    62. Your story is the most credible one I have read so far. My firm belief is that those 44 soldiers were double crossed by no less than the Philippine president himself. Their lives are far more precious than one punk terrorist, incidentally whose movement can easily be traced.
      The rest of the story, including the unwatchable grief of the survivors, also shows the callousness, insensitivity, and mental instability of one individual, who is the commander in chief and responsible person for this infamous wrong decision. Mr. Pnoy did not decide for his team but for his own glory, to satisfy his insatiable thirst for power.
      The right thing is for Pnoy to order himself to “stand down” like he ordered the AFP when the SAF were dying and asking for reinforcement.

    63. I have no reason to doubt your piece Dr. Ang. But if this what actually happened then it is highly possible that Marwan is still alive.

      Since the US government is part and parcel of this operation which is not even covert, then it is highly possible that they are also part and parcel of the damage control with the “alleged testing of Marwan’s DNA.” This despicable incident in our country keeps getting stinky as days go by.

    64. armando flores on

      Actually, there was no Philippine court issued warrant of arrest for marwan. The philippine authorities who ordered the SAF operation against marwan are saying that the lawmen were serving a warrant of arrest for marwan and usman. They did not say that, if ever there was a warrant of arrest, it was issued by a U.S. Federal Court in California, and not by a Philippine court of justice. That makes the entire operation of the PNP to arrest marwan illegitimate and unlawful. The philippines has no business enforcing or serving a warrant of arrest issued by a foreign country. The planners of that SAF operation wherein 44 young policemen perished were more motivated by greed for the bounty, a hefty sum of $5 M for marwan and $1 m for usman, rather than in attaining and serving justice.

    65. Can this source be protected with security and immunity? How can he protect his own life if he is against the president and his hench men?






      Luke 6:37 [ Judging Others ] “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

    67. Senator Tatad, please check the people or organization behind the ouster of Pinoy (its not that I say Pinoy is not accountable but…). The IBP which is headed by Binay, CBCP headed by retired bishops who received payolas, pajeros or money from Binay, the LEFTISTS, NPAs who were also recipients of Binays amassed wealth and who massacred some civilians and govt forces, I prefer a lesser evil for if Binay becomes the president because of the situation then it is the end of the Philippines. Pinoy should start thinking of firing some of his allies like Binay and others.Binay is behind all these plans for Pinoy to step down. Its about time that Pinoy should realize that Binay should not be trusted. Binay’s role as a rambotito during Cory’s term does not absolve him of his evil deeds. Let us all pray to save the Philippines from the Binays.

    68. Victoria Rudio on

      This was a dastardly act by both PNoy and the American forces behind this. I hope PNoy gets hia due reward by being ousted in gov’t. You cowardly & indecisive president!!

    69. Earlier reports said Americans were involved in retrieving the bodies of the fallen soldiers. How come the Americans were in the area just to retrieve the bodies? I believe that the operation was led by the Americans and some of them might have been killed also.

      If Aquino did not give the stand down order, the army and saf reinforcement will be fighting the MILF and BIFF in broad daylight and the people will know that the Americans led the operation and a public outcry that the Aquino government is a puppet of the Americans.

      This was what President Aquino was trying to avoid that is why the new media was absent during the retrieval operations. The retrieve the dead Americans first.

    70. If these information is true Aquino should be ousted by the people through massive demonstrations and a transitory government must be formed similar to what happened in the first EDSA revolt when Cory was swept to power and Marcos was forced to resign. The Constitution was abolished the entire government was reorganized even judges of the Supreme resigned en mass, the legislature was shot down and Freedom Constitution was enforced while a new Constitution was rewritten. The people are tired of corrupt and inept politicians. We must demand to have a new government and new elected leaders.

      An independent commission must be formed composed of highly respected men and women to investigate what really happened in Mamasapano. Who are the responsible parties? Where was Aquino and what was he doing during those critical moments? What was the role of the MILF in the carnage? Why was there no coordination with the AFP? Why did the AFP fail to reinforce and rescue those beleaguered slain SAF officers? The explanations of Aquino, Gazmin, Catapang, and Napenas are meaningless and hallow?

      Let us mobilize and start daily massive demonstrations to cripple this inept government and demand for accountability, truth, justice, and reform. Those who murdered the troops must be arrested and face the bar of justice. Those elected and appointed government officials including the military and police leadership must also be investigated and tried impartially before the court of law.

      This is not only an egregious blunder on the part of Aquino, Purisma, Gazmin, Catapang and Napenas it is disgusting and shameful–literally these individuals did not only fail to exercise their power and perform their mandated duties to enforce the law, ensure the safety of the civilians and the slain police officers who were desperately calling for help. They abandoned them in the face of death while they were doing their duty to enforce the law in arresting an international terrorist coddled by the lawless MILF and BIFF. The presence of Marwan inside or near the camps of MILF for a long time is a clear manifestation that the peace talk is nothing but a ploy by the notorious MILF. It is a deception to fool the people-they talk peace but they are supporting and hiding an Al Qaedda terrorist and bomb expert. How can Iqbal deny that the MILF leadership does not know anything about this? Suspend the BBL deliberations. Prepare the entire AFP and PNP for the looming resumption of hostilities in Mindanao that may spill in other areas including Metro Manila. We must assist not only the families of the slain and wounded officers but the civilians as well especially our innocent Muslim brothers and sisters. We are all Filipinos and we all belong to one nation.

      I reiterate my call for Aquino and his government to resign now!

    71. Senator Saguisag, I fully agree with you when you said, “I am against Veep Jojobama Binay’s suggestion that the IBP probe the tragedy; it has shockingly prejudged “the brutal murder of the 44 police officers of the PNPSAF.” PDI, Feb. 3, 2015, p. A7, col. 3. Any IBP probe would be tailored to suit this appalling and shameful premature ejaculation.” Binay is taking advanae of th situation to promote his own personal plitial and economical goals. Remember that Binay and the IBP are one and the IBP promotes the personal ambitions of Binay. There will be no objective probe by the IBP. Who knows, it might be Binay who is also behind the massacre in order for him to become the president where at this time Binay has no chances in the 2016 elections. Binay will also be behind any planned coup d tat.

    72. If these information is true Aquino should be ousted by the people through massive demonstrations and a transitory government must be form similar to what happened in the first EDSA revolt when Cory was swept to power and Marcos was forced to resign. The Constitution was abolished the entire government was reorganized even judges of the Supreme resigned en mass, the legislature was shot down and Freedom Constitution was enforced while a new Constitution was rewritten. The people are tired of corrupt and inept politicians. We must demand to have a new government and new elected leaders.

      An independent commission must be formed composed of highly respected men and women to investigate what really happened in Mamasapano. Who are the responsible parties? Where was Aquino and what was he doing during those critical moments? What was the role of the MILF in the carnage? What was there no coordination with the AFP? Why did the AFP fail to reinforce and rescue those beleaguered slain SAF officers? The explanations of Aquino, Gazmin, Catapang, and Napenas are meaningless and hallow?

      Let us mobilize and start daily massive demonstrations to cripple this inept government and demand for accountability, truth, justice, and reform. Those who murdered the troops must be arrested and face the bar justice. Those elected and appointed government officials including the military and police leadership must also be investigated and tried impartially before the court of law.

      This is not only an egregious blunder on the part of Aquino, Purisma, Gazmin, Catapang and Napenas it is disgusting and shameful–literally these individuals did not only fail to exercise their power and perform their mandated duties to enforce the law, ensure the safety of the civilians and the slain police officers who were desperately calling for help. They abandoned them in the face of death while they were doing their duty to enforce the law in arresting an international terrorist coddled by the lawless MILF and BIFF. The presence of Marwan inside or near the camps of MILF for a long time is a clear manifestation that the peace talk is nothing but a ploy by the notorious MILF. It is a deception to fool the people-they talk peace but they are supporting and hiding an Al Qaedda terrorist and bomb expert. How can Iqbal deny that the MILF leadership does not know anything about this? Suspend the BBL deliberations. Prepare the entire AFP and PNP for the looming resumption of hostilities in Mindanao that may spill in other areas including Metro Manila. We must assist not only the families of the slain and wounded officers but the civilians as well especially our innocent Muslim brothers and sisters. We are all Filipinos and we all belong to one nation.

      I reiterate my call for Aquino and his government to resign now!

    73. Muriel Magtanggol on

      Pngoy, show some decency for once- say sorry, then resign! Our country do not deserve you!

      • And who do we deserve, Binay? If he steps down Binay will take over. I’d rather wait for PNoy to finish his term then put him to court for this. I agree that if MILF can’t comply to the basic requirements in achieving peace, why would the govt even be too cautious to do the right thing. They should have sent reinforcement.

      • kayo mag isip. hindi porke gustong pababain yung presidente gusto na din namin kay binay. utak biya e

    74. It seems like lies have caught up with him, at the cost of 44 lives!!!
      Blood in his hands!!!

      • Duterte for President! Annihilate all those incompetent & heartless government officials including the retarded President!