• Pnoy should start talking and stop hiding


    After keeping quiet for several weeks on the Mamasapano, Maguindanao incident, President Aquino, if he is man enough, should start telling the public now of his knowledge of and participation in that fateful police operation, in which forty-four commandos were literally slaughtered by the enemies.

    Aquino’s continuous refusal to tell all about the costly operation, 44 cops killed out to get one terrorist, has spun several inquiries but with one common objective, supposedly to find out concrete details, including who ordered the operation, who ordered reinforcements to stand-down and let the commandos be killed.

    However, instead of admitting his fault, being the commander in chief of all the armed forces and the police, PNoy has kept himself quiet on the issue for the past few weeks and only allowed his spokespersons to answer questions from the media. Except for the media collaborating with the Palace, everyone has complained that the inquiries have become means covering up Aquino’s true role and accountability.

    Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. told Radyo5 last week that the President can only keep quiet for some time on the issue but he has to definitely answer questions from his “bosses” soon.

    We may have elected a corrupt-free (?) leader but we definitely installed a President without balls!

    * * *

    Cainta councilor wanted by his creditors
    Another group of individuals has come to my office last week to seek help in locating a councilor from Cainta whom they claim to have gone into hiding after failing to pay his debts to them.

    Cainta Councilor Gino Alcantara allegedly owes hundreds of thousands from small time businessmen in the Cainta, Taguig, and Pasig areas.

    According to the complaints, Alcantara borrowed money from them in 2013 to fund his campaign funds for the election that year.

    He reportedly issued postdated checks to his creditors, who only found out later that all of his bank accounts had been closed.

    This columnist’s efforts to reach Alcantara proved futile as the councilor refused to take my repeated calls to answer the said allegations.

    I guess voters from Cainta are now aware what kind of public official this Gino Alcantara they have voted into office?

    * * *

    Letter from a publishing house
    Here’s a letter from a publishing house regarding its involvement in questionable transactions of a certain “Army Carreon” with the Department of Education-Makati, which appeared in this column last week.

    Felta Multi-Media Inc. Pres. and CEO Ma. Aileen A. Siazon wrote: “Please be informed that our company has no knowledge or affiliation with a certain ‘Army Carreon’ as you have indicated in your article.”

    “In light of accurate and ethical journalism, you or your researcher should have validated any implications of Felta Multi-Media Inc. before printing. Your action is clearly libelous and unjust.”

    Well, thanks for calling my attention, Ms. Sazon. It saddens us that you have been victimized. Perhaps you and other companies must exercise more vigilance in watching out for crooks that might be using your company’s name without your knowledge.



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    1. Joshua Desiderio on

      we should stop supporting this kind of man, this sorry excuse for a president. he is beyond incompetent, he is inept, he is also insensitive! even before the Mamasapano clash, we already saw how PNoy chooses a few select men rather than choose the millions of Filipino to protect. we should also stop expecting from Aquino to act up, to act accordingly… wala na tayong maaasahan dyan… tsk tsk

    2. It is very hard for him to – I am sorry and
      hereby tender my irrevocable resignation – Boss.

      Why? Because he wanted to be a Nobel Prize winner.

      Fake Hero now a fake Nobel Prize Winner

      Nang hihinayang siya.

    3. If one wants to ask direct questions to PNoy if he will allow it, of course, be prepared to stomach lies and insults coming out from his nicotine-smelling mouth. And you will even be lucky if he does not cough in front of you. But really, PNoy is a natural coward in so many instances other than the PNP/SAF slaughter for not showing up and if he does, keeps on parrying direct questions which he does not like or does not know how to answer, or looking for excuses and whom to blame. The aforementioned comes so natural for PNoy.

    4. Abnoy-noyingski on

      Walang balls? Ay oo nga pala peanut lang ang alam ni Aby-noy! Peanut kung mag-isip at may peanut na ugali (kumbaga mani). Hindi sasagot ng tama yan, buhat pa ng pasimula, sinungaling na yang mga magbabarkadang yan? Di ninyo pa ba alam?