PNoy to Pacquiao: Go to court, not media

Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao shows a copy of 2008 and 2009 tax returns filed with the IRS in the US, during a meeting with journalists in General Santos City, on the southern island of Mindanao on November 27, 2013. AFP PHOTO

Philippine boxing hero Manny Pacquiao shows a copy of 2008 and 2009 tax returns filed with the IRS in the US, during a meeting with journalists in General Santos City, on the southern island of Mindanao on November 27, 2013. AFP PHOTO

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd on Thursday admonished boxing champion and Rep. Manny Pacquiao of Sarangani for squaring off with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in a “media war” instead of answering the charges against him in court.

“. . . The way to settle it is to answer all of these queries by the BIR and not to engage in a media war. The media will not decide who is right or wrong. It will be our courts eventually, if it gets to that, who will decide.

But, again, the process has been two years,” Aquino said of Pacquiao, who has been railing against the P2.2-billion tax case he faces and the recent garnishment of his assets.

The President scored Pacquiao for being “cavalier” when he ignored the repeated requests of the BIR for a clarification on his tax payments.

“My understanding is that he was cavalier for not responding to legitimate summonses by the BIR. So he earns abroad, he pays taxes there [and]their tax rate and our tax rate are different,” Aquino told reporters at the sidelines of his visit to quake-hit Bohol.

Pacquiao’s camp has denounced the tax case as a form of “harassment” and “politically motivated.”

But the President said he cannot find the logic in Pacquiao’s allegations.

“I understand the [tax]accounts total P1.1 million. What is that compared to all of his winnings? And with all due to respect to Congressman Pacquiao, if he believes that he has complied with all the necessary rules and all the necessary laws, then I’m sure he has all the evidence to [prove his innocence],” he said.

“So if he did right, then I’m sure he will be able to prove that he did right, and therefore there is no issue,” he added.

Pacquiao challenged the P2.2-billion tax debt at the Court of Tax Appeals and submitted documents to prove he had paid the right taxes with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares said Pacquiao must present the documents to the BIR before he is cleared.


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    It was noted quite a few times that the simplest thing to get the fact on the tax issues regarding Rep. Manny Pacquiao’s non-payment of Phil taxes is for Phil BIR to officially request US IRS to provide whatever he (Pacquiao) paid during the years in question. The situation is similar for any Non-US resident, who wants to enroll to any college/university in the US, claiming completion of subjects/degrees from a foreign country school system. The Non-US resident enrollment cannot be completed without receipt of the certified copy of school transcripts from the foreign country’s school itself (a certified copy of transcript from the Non-US resident is not acceptable), just like Pacquiao’s certified copy of his 1040-NR is not acceptable by BIR.
    Bottom line, BIR (if the certified copies submitted was not really good enough) must get the certified copy of taxes paid by Pacquiao direct from IRS (during the years being questioned whether it were actually paid or not). If not, then Pacquaio must settle the tax with BIR. In case Bob Arum did not actually paid the 30% tax, due to IRS, from his US fights earnings, we can all wish PacMan the best of luck dealing with his promoter.

  2. This is coming from the president who interrupted everyone’s evening just to say he is not a thief on television. He really should have taken his own advise then.

    • BS Aquino III had said, he is not thief. Maybe he did not stole, but actual opened the door or gate and invites the thieves and stole everything that belong to other people or tax-payers’ money. He is more worse or bad than the thieves. For legal argument, he considered as mastermind, he did not protect the treasures of the country, being head of the state.

  3. The problem is very simple, Manny. Give the certified true copies of your tax
    payments in the US to the BIR. As simple as that.

  4. james gutierrez on

    good for BIR pursuing Pacman to pay his taxes. I suggest BIR should go after those involved in the Pork Barrel scandal. they should freeze their bank accounts and assets that can be dispose of. BIR should let the people know who they are pursuing to collect the amount owed to the government. I am sure there are lots of them that is well know than Pacman. very disappointing the slow process in getting Napoles to name names who are involved and for the government to recover the funds that were loss. BIR and other agencies should go after those dishonest politician and corrupt officials. Pacman earned his money the hard way, not on the back on robbing the people. To Pacman best to settle whatever you owe and show it to the people that the BIR are wrong. Go for it Pacman.

  5. noynoy is really double standard . if his people and underling are the one going to the media to attack others, okay lang. but if others go to media to attack or criticize them it is not okay. he realized that between him and pacquiao going to media, he certainly loses, so damage control agad! look at his underlings who hugs the media light when they want to malign somebody even with no solid proof at all.

  6. To be sure, Manny should pay the right taxes. That is his obligation. And the government has a corresponding right to exact that obligation. But if Manny indeed already paid the taxes pursuant to the Tax-Treaty between the Philippine and US governments against double taxation, and the only administrative matter left was the production and submission of the necessary documents for this purpose, and if Manny submitted proofs which the BIR considered inadequate according to its assessment and protest procedures, was garnishment of his money, or distraint of his property, proportionate to the claimed inadequate submission? Should this procedural lapse, mistake, inadequacy be enough to withhold the property of a person depriving him of its productive use?

  7. I supported Pacquiao in his fights by watching his fights through pay per view because he is a Filipino. I even prayed for his success. But if he is avoiding paying the right amount of taxes in the Philippines and even taking advantage of his popularity, forget it. And I don’t understand why people are backing him up and instead are mad at the BIR. They are only doing their job. The BIR are also after doctors and show biz people. Is that also political harassment? Should the government just forgive him just because he is popular or as they say ” he brought honour to the country”? There are a lot of people in the world that brought honour to their country but I haven’t heard anyone of them is exempted from their country’s tax laws.

  8. It is very obvious that Pacman is trying to use his popularity to sway people’s good opinion of PNoy because he already knew the garnishment was coming to him since July. I’m pretty sure that him and Binay are in cahoots. He knew he could easily beat Rios, so, he waited until the fight is over that way he could gain sympathy from the people. He ignored BIR for 2 years and joined the group of corrupt politicians. The irony is he always mentions the name of God in his interviews. But what he is doing is the way of the devil. Avoiding taxes is stealing! There’s no exemption when it comes to paying taxes. Pnoy is right! Pay up and Shut up!

  9. To all of you who still ignorant or acting ignorant due to fact that pacquiao is your hero, you must understand that when you don’t pay your taxes interest accumulate every year plus the penalty, that a standard procedure even here in USA. Bob Aurum is a lawyer he must know it more better than that. If you request a copy of your certified income-tax here in USA , it will not take you more than two years, it only take you a week. The mystery in pacquiao case why until now he could not provide any. The only logical reason i see in his case, maybe bob Aurum did not pay the tax, he probably using the money and make an arrangement with IRS here in USA to pay pacquiao tax every 3 months , so his hiding this information to pacquiao, the big reason he could not provide any document because he will be discovered. In my point of view pacman became a congressman even somehow he has some good friend who could advice him concerning tax- evasion, what happened?. Do you know that Al Capone went to prison for Tax- evasion not on the crime that he committed. I like pacquiao but, i think his hanging with the wrong crowd. A good friend will advice him a good answer, He could get a good lawyer that could help him and make arrangement with the IRS to lower his taxes. Paying 2.2 billion of pesos is a lot, i don’t think he has that money, if you convert that in dollars it will go all the way to more than $100 million dollars. If i were pacquiao i will fix it as soon as possible or he will end up penny less. Bob Aurum is a big promoter, but he is also slick person so better watch out.

    • You got that right, buddy! I’m a tax professional here in the U.S. and what you said about getting a certified copy takes only a week (maybe 2) is right.

      So why did Pacman wait for 2 years and joined the group of corrupt politicians? btw, he used to hang out with Gloria as well. You readers, figure it out!

    • @ John Doer -Yellow-retards understanding of gross taxation you’re only repeating the sound waves uttered by granite face KIM HENARES of BIR. Garnishment case against Pacquiao if succeeded will make KIM
      HENARES of BIR 10% richer out of P2.2 Billion finder’s keeper commission Including Pacquiao’s fleet of luxury cars. Unless, accept the consequence of refusal to join the Liberal Party bandwagon will lead him to oblivion

    • Sino naman ang nagsabing di inaayos. Nasa tax appeal na nga. Bakit inunahan ni kkk henares ang korte? Kararating palang ng tao galing sa bugbogan binugbog na nila kaagad. Ayaw lang nilang magpunta si pacman sa tacloban kasi makikita ng buong mundo kung paano siya tatanggapin ng tao. Binigyan ni pacman ang mga biktima ng yolanda ng kasiyahan. Pero si penoy, anong dala niya? Puro paninisi. Maliwanag na panghaharass at wag na nating bigyan ng ano pang kahulugan.

  10. Pacman has to give the bir for the documnet/s they are asking for.If the document is accurate,then what’s the mess.The problem is you keep on ignoring.The Lord says Thou shall not tell a lie.

    • Maybe you did not read carefully. Manny provided all the documents he recieved from the irs. But henares did not honor them because they were not certified. She should have verified the documents with the irs herself it was she who was in doubt. Considering the amount concerned, it should merited special effort of their part. Why didn’t she take advantage of the tax treaty with us to facilitate this? Tamad ba? O gusto Lang iharass dahil hindi kasama sa gang nila?

  11. HOUSE RESOLUTION 2309, filed Mar 28, 2012

    A resolution urging the House of Representatives to investigate, in aid of Legislation, the failure of the BIR to observe the constitutional requirements of due process of law in the case of Congressman Emmanuel “Manny” D. Pacquiao of the province of Saranggani and to recommend remedial measures, if necessary

  12. Inis talo ang laro. Unang nainis si P’Noy kaya talo siya. Again with Manny going to the media, inis na naman siya. Again talo ulit siya.

  13. Betty Corrales on

    Why is this President interfering with the tax problem of Pacquiao? Why don’t you just leave this case with the BIR and concentrate with the problems regarding corruptions on your government….Para kang batang walang isip…

    • Ms. Corrales, PNoy is not interfering. He got interviewed by media and was just voicing out his opinion.

  14. A tax treaty exist between the United States and the Philippines. It is a time
    honored treaty to avoid double taxation. Why is abnoy saying that the tax rate
    in the United States is different from the Philippines. Once, Pacquiao paid the
    taxes for his winnings in the United States then he is deem to have already
    satisfied his tax obligation. Now. does abnoy knows what he is saying? I suggest
    he has to do some research about tax treaties between countries. It is a shame
    when no less than the noynoying president is not familiar with existing laws. Like
    what they did with the PDAP. It is clear the this abnoy does not even know his
    law or he just consider himself to be above the law. It is a shame to have a
    president who seems to be ignorant of the law.

  15. Hey Pnoy, you’re not the only person who has the right to go to media, Pacquiao has all the right to ventilate his frustrations against the politicized BIR

  16. Why is the President of the nation commenting at all on this tax case against Pacquiao if it is not politically motivated? This is a case between the BIR and the individual (Pacquiao) and the Pres. should stay out of it.

    • Because his accounts were frozen by the BIR, Pacquiao borrowed money to be able to help the typhoon survivors.
      This was a much more honorable act than what was done by the “highly-educated, college graduate” government employees who held up the distribution of food/water so that the gov’t. dep’t.’s initials and the photo and name of officials could go on the supplies which did not come from them. This is tantamount to theft of the supplies, claiming a different source for them, all for self-interest. And a Pres. who, after seeing the devastation for himself 2 days after the storm did not immediately swarm the areas w/ military and food/water supplies.
      The Philippines has had many college-educated, very intelligent people leading the country in the past and yet they were mostly in it for self-interest and the interest of their cronies, stealing the nation’s funds. Maybe the country would be better off with a non-college-educated person with his heart in the right place. Maybe this person would do more good for the country than a bar top-notcher.

  17. Mas malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw. Political harrassment and diversionary tactic. Hitting 2 birds with one stone. Hehehe…

    • bkit naman political harassment? sa palagay mo ba mananalo na ang hero mo bilang pangulo o bise…ni wala pa nga sa tamang edad para tumakbo…

      try to think of this…papaano kung si kris aquino ang hindi nagbayad ng tamang buwis ok lang ba para syo o kaya ung kapitbahay mong itsinitsimis ka ang hindi nag-remit ng tamang bayarin sa BIR ok pa rin syo?

  18. The President should lead the way for others to follow. Do not use the media for political persecution and grandstanding. Do not allow the media to take your pictures while giving relief goods to the flood victims. Do not use the media to take pictures in camping in the Zamboanga crisis.

    The late President Diosdado Macapagal allowed the media to take his picture signing official papers while having his hair cut. Critics said later – why not allow the media take his pictures while in the bathroom.

    Be a like a President Ramon Magsaysay. If there are complaints, he goes there and talk to the people minus the media and eat with them and planted rice with them. He has a very loving heart – hindi palabas lang. He went to a place where the people needed safe water to drink and the next day the technicians were there installing pumping wells for drinking water. At another time he went to a place and ask the people what do you need? The Sitio people said – they need a Farm to Market Road. They next day the Public Works Engineers are there with their Buldozer making the road. That is why the people called him “Magsaysay is my guy”. Later President Magsaysay said. Do not understate a “Farmer (rerferring to himself)”, he usually jumps two ahead of a “Politician (referring to his Critics)”.

    Be a Mayor Arsenio Lacson of Manila. Someone in the underworld is saying that if he goes to that place – he will die. The late Mayor went to that place alone in the middle of the dark night, dressed in white without a body guard and media. No body ever dared to show himself/herself. When the media people and the police know that the Mayor was there – they rushed to the place and they saw the Mayor standing in good view to would attacker. They mayor said later, if anybody wants to hit me, make sure that you get your target at the first shot – for you do not have a second chance.

  19. Some people yesterday were slating the bir, & i dont know why. They are only doing their job. Do they believe that people like manny pacquiao is above everyone else. They have rules in place to help stop fraud & we have seen what happens with the pork barrel scam when people dont follow the rules. I would have thought it was commoin sense that after each fight in the united states manny would have paid his taxes & get certified paperwork from the usa tax dept. If he didnt he was very lax & if he is very lax in things like that why on earth would you want him in government. Think about it, its very simple. If he was lax in getting his income tax documentation where else might he also be lax. Is he up to the task of any form of government, remember he didnt go to college, he didnt graduate, he isnt that intelligent. People get what they deserve & i for one wouldnt vote for pac in politics, yes hes a nice guy but you want competent people & i think th people with him will be able to run rings around him with their brains.

    Pacman is a hero and elevated the country in boxing but he is also an insult to the Filipino people because the people in his district voted for him in politics the fact that he did not went to college. and worst of all some of his relatives and family members went to politics also and won, this only shows the stupidity of some if not many of us and voters, this is a big insult as the world will learn about it. Pacman is a good boxer and professional athlete now doubt but he is not very smart to be a congressman. this is the result now with his handling of his tax evasion charges and the people who voted for him will suffer the most.

    • santiago caisido on

      I agree with you mukhang naisiahan siya ni bob arum baka di talaga nagbayad si bob sa U.S. ng withholding taxes ni pacman di naman alam ni Pacman. Kaya hinahabol siya ni henares. To pacman nobody is above the law you should pay the correct tax kahit hero ka o congressman.