• PNoy: We are one family


    INSPIRED by the strength displayed by victims of recent disasters, President Benigno Aquino 3rd anchored his Christmas message on the unique ability of Filipinos to rise from the ashes and weather challenges.

    The President’s message, which he delivered in Filipino, also encourages the people not to lose hope and to share the love of Christ especially to those who have suffered from tragedies.

    “Like the star of Bethlehem that served as the guiding light and inspiration to the three kings, we were filled with hope by the strength of our countrymen in the face of the tragedies that they had to endure,” Aquino said.

    He particularly cited the victims of the killer quake in Bohol province and those ravaged by Super Typhoon Yolanda in Central Visayas who, he said, showed their firm resolve to quickly recover.

    “In Bohol . . . I saw it for myself: They really stand up on their own and fight,” Aquino said.

    “Maybe, this is the most important lesson from the Lord: Let us do everything we could and God would fill up whatever is left out . . . This Christmas, we are reminded of our duties as Christians [which is to]love in the same way that God showed his love for us when he gave his only Son so that we may be saved,” he added.

    The President also noted that the holidays will be particularly lonely for overseas Filipino workers who are away from their loved ones.

    “However, we remain as one race as we celebrate Christmas.

    Wherever we are in the world, we are still one family,” Aquino said.


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    1. you need to be a yellow to be considered as part of his family… this yellow group is elitist and does not want common people to mingle with.

    2. Omg, Abnoy couldn’t have possibly said all this. Puro speechwriters lang, kinokopya ang hallmark greeting cards.