‘PNoy’s Cabinet men good for Duterte’


Members of President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s Cabinet may be beneficial to the coming administration of presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte.

Secretary Sonny Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office made the statement after the Duterte camp announced that it is considering retaining some members of the Aquino Cabinet once the Davao City Mayor assumes the presidency.

“We have seen in the past that there are Cabinet members who served multiple administrations. We should give the new President the room to pick the best and the brightest, but I would say that having people from the past administration would be of help,” Coloma said in Filipino over state-run Radyo ng Bayan.

“With experienced people, the learning curve will be decreased,” he added.

The Palace expressed confidence that the new administration will be able to sustain the gains of the Aquino presidency.

“We continue to work to maintain the high level of investor confidence. That’s why in the past six years, we have been persevering in laying the foundation, building the infrastructure, through good governance, because President Aquino is convinced that good governance translates to good economics,” Coloma said.

“We are confident that the foundation that we built is strong and won’t be taken down. We have built this with the help of a lot of sectors,” Coloma added.


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  1. I agree, they are all experienced, in what? The big question is, are they trustworthy? Men who cannot be bought or sold though the heavens fall?

  2. New people equals new beginnings..Let past administration go and let new faces come in –in any organization, no one is indispensable.For me, as long as leaders are decisive, people oriented and hardworking and results oriented , it would be OK. I’m sick and tired of people who have all the degrees but a “sitting duck” doing nothing…I like action , no procrastination..the NOW person , possesses strong problem -solving skills, “magaling dumiskarte” hindi whiner /complainer–if we have that even for 60% – 70% of government offices nationwide, we can really effect a change that we want…

  3. by GFM:
    Mr. President, Like any sport and/or politics, it’s no difference. Transition is the key to keep things moving. We all support you with the help of your trusted colleague to make the choice. Mr. President you run a good race. Run faster to get to the goal line. It’s not over till it’s over in six years. The buck stops with you.

  4. Frank A. Tucker on

    To Secretary Sonny Coloma of the Presidential Communications Operations Office; Don’t hold your breath !

  5. Sino sa membro ng gabenite ni Pnoy ang hindi BUWAYA pa pagtiwalaan ni President Duterte? Paki recomenda si ABAD na manatili sa pwesto niya habang iniimbistigahan ang DAP at PDAP at maraming hindi pa accounted na kwarta ng bansa.

  6. President -elect Duterte should start fresh with his own selection of new cabinet members, not considering any Aquinos cabinet members who are already tainted with dishonesty ( Janet Napoles corruption, use DAP. and PDAF declared illegal by SC , too many violations to mention. Mr. Duterte if you have good intention of improving the life of most Filipinos who voted for you, be wary of this administration cuz they will ruin your administration to the max, so Leni Robredo will be installed to take your place, she is no different from another Aquino ( the mother).May God bless you.

  7. mr president duterte huwag kang pauuto kay coloma. pag nilahokan mo ng mga tao ni pinoy ang gabinete mo, huwag ka ng matulog. makakati ang mga kamay niyon.

  8. Mark Torres on


    Please don’t hire any of the BS Aquino cabinet especially the opportunist Hyatt 10 members.

    The cabinet must be all new, at least for the first three years.