PNoy’s delusion of success


The “working visit” of PNoy to Europe and the United States lasting for almost two weeks turned out to be nothing more than a self-aggrandizing junket. And what better way to stretch the truth about his accomplishments – and enhance his image and importance – than brag before a captive international audience and then demonize his predecessor and favorite arch nemesis Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

In a speech before students and faculty of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Aquino said: “At the end of [Arroyo’s] regime, our people were so apathetic to all the scandals and issues affecting her, and the government’s inability to effect change, that the overwhelming ambition of many was to leave the country.”

According to PNoy, this is why “an estimated 10 million of our countrymen reside abroad” to work so that they could send their children to school and build their own house, or simply to improve their lives.

The truth, however, is that not much has changed during PNoy’s watch.

Based on government figures, PNoy’s touted “achievements” over the past four years has not dampened the desire or resolve of millions of our countrymen to work or live overseas.

During the last full year of the Arroyo administration in 2009, there were around 1.4 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) that were deployed abroad. In 2012, a mere two years into the Aquino administration, the number of our countrymen leaving to work in foreign shores jumped to 1.802 million.

Meanwhile, the number of Filipino workers hired abroad last year reached 1.836 million – the highest ever deployment of Filipino workers – surpassing the 2012 deployment figure.

So if, as PNoy claims, he has successfully “transformed” the country, why have more Filipinos “abandoned ship” so to speak, to seek their fortune overseas during his administration? Why has labor migration remained a necessity instead of a choice for many working-class Filipinos until now?

Speaking before an audience of French policy experts and researchers, PNoy also boasted that the Philippines is a nation whose people have a newfound hope and optimism.

True, Filipinos may be hopeful and optimistic but it certainly isn’t with the Aquino government.

In a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey conducted last month, the net satisfaction rating of the Aquino administration nosedived to a new record low in all geographic areas and across socioeconomic classes following the decision of the Supreme Court declaring the Palace-concocted Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) unconstitutional.

A month before, PNoy suffered the largest decline in his ratings in surveys conducted by both Pulse Asia and SWS amid the growing perception that he is not serious enough in efforts to fight corruption, coupled with allegations of selective justice which saw several Palace allies implicated in the PDAF scam evading indictment.

The plummeting ratings shouldn’t surprise Malacañang. In spite of PNoy’s spiel about the country’s economic gains, unemployment and poverty levels have not really improved during the past four years of his administration.

Adult joblessness, for instance, rose to 25.9 percent last March. The SWS notes that average adult joblessness has always been above 20 percent since May 2005, proving that PNoy’s “tuwid na daan” has not made any significant dent on widespread unemployment.

And while PNoy trumpeted his administration’s economic gains to clueless Europeans, some 55% (estimated 12.1 million) of Filipino families rated themselves as mahirap or poor in the SWS second quarter survey last July.

This explains why many working Filipinos are now voting with their feet – by moving and working abroad.

That’s a minor detail, however, to Palace propagandists who lost no time in praising PNoy’s European and North American excursion a resounding success.

So what has PNoy got to show for his P31.9-million junket? Well, not much.

Soon after arriving at NAIA, PNoy proudly declared that he had secured some US$2.3-billion worth of investments “in the sectors of manufacturing, energy, the IT-BPM sector, infrastructure and transport,” which would supposedly create 33,850 jobs in the country. “Of the $2.38 billion, some $900 million have already been committed, while $1.47 billion are prospective,” he added.

In other words, all that PNoy took home from Europe are “pledges” or the promise of a few European companies to invest in the country, most of which do not actually materialize.

And aside from Malacañang’s media statement that PNoy would be bringing with him some “good news” upon his return to Manila, no Palace official could say the amount of investments he was able to secure from his US trip, if there was any.

That’s because the good news was really about PNoy being able to buy and bring home some of his most desired gun accessories, which he couldn’t find in Manila like optics (i.e. gun scopes), a range bag, an eye and ear protection and a safe.

Now, that’s real success!


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  1. Am I living in the same world as all you guys? PNoy has created an ambiance wherein people are coming out to expose the grafters in the government. Foreign capital has more trust in the government.

    What do you guys want? Do you want a person accused of graft and corruption to become the President of the Philippines?

    • The writer is only reporting the facts and events for us readers to know and be aware of ,so everyone would know how inefficient, vindictive and pretentious this President has been at the expense of the impoverished citizens . Be thankful.

  2. Consigned to history..PNoy will be..with the epitaph…HE WHO INHERITED A GOOD NAME BUT DIED ANONYMOUS..sayang lang. So much to say that PH shall look on the timeline with prying eyes. PNOY did not sow anything good that BNAY (if indeed he is tha one) can reap rewards…as a mediocre PRES successor RP is no where to go but to the deep abyss of kangkungan. Me think RP in 2016 must aim for the “GREAT CHANGE” and change we must for our future generation.

  3. mikhail hironymus on

    Can’t believe that Pnoy came to the Bay Area to have an In & Out Burger, and be able to purchase: “his most desired gun accessories, which he couldn’t find in Manila like optics (i.e. gun scopes), a range bag, an eye and ear protection and a safe.”

    Nice going there, Benigno.

  4. “So if, as PNoy claims, he has successfully “transformed” the country, why have more Filipinos “abandoned ship” so to speak, to seek their fortune overseas during his administration?”…PNoy can have a quick answer to this…under his leadership, the Filipinos has become more skilled under TESDA, as such the demand for skilled workers has increased…you see? PNoy can always find ways to praise himself for his good governance.

    • TESDA under the Dept of Education started in 1994 under former Pres Ramos which help many hardworking resourceful Filipinos advance their technical knowledge so they can gainfully work abroad or at home No one should get credit for it, but those hardworking Filipinos themselves

  5. Very very correct, Sir Dulay. But the thing that makes him even more delusional is that the foreign media and the foreign heads of multilateral agencies and the largest banks of the capitalist world are repeating the lies about Aquino’s successes as if he were the person responsible for the impressive PH GDP growth, the large foreign currency holdings of the central bank, the consumer-driven Philippine economy, etc. These are all due to the “sound fundamentals” of the Philippine economy that the former President now in hospital jail started more than a decade ago, the good monetary policies of the Bangko Sentral and the heroic Overseas Filipino Workers who keep on increasing the amounts they remit to the Philippines for the use of their families and are buying the condominiums.
    Please continue writing these good and powerful columns, Sir Dulay.
    Thanks also to The Manila Times for not being a coopted newspaper.

  6. With all the lies about the successes of this administration, what a “disservice” being done to the people and the country. By all means, there should be no let up in exposing all of these, lest we’ll all wake up in the middle of the “sea of trouble”, with irreversible harm to the republic. May God bless the Philippines!

  7. Why backward? Because our national governments debts to local and international creditors are increasing yearly, yearly numbers of people becoming living below poverty level is increasing and more farmers, local skilled and non-skilled and professionals abandon their work here and are leaving to seek jobs abroad. Only the rich few oligarchs teaming with the inefficient and corrupt national and local government officials are happy in this country.

  8. Stupid President! He does not want to know the real score about his four years performance by closing his mind and his eyes to all criticisms. He wants to know only the good news from his advisers. Hence, our country is moving backward instead of progressing.