PNoy’s hallucinations, Filipinos’ nightmare


IT’S bad enough when a person hallucinates. It’s worse when it’s the president of a country who hallucinates and thinks its citizens owe him a debt of gratitude for imaginary and fictional accomplishments. Well, this is exactly what’s happened to PNoy that many Filipinos are wondering what pill he’s been taking.

In a speech before school children at the Marikina Elementary School, PNoy bragged that the Philippines will surely attain First World status allegedly because of his accomplishments and the policies and reforms he put in place during his presidency.

PNoy trumpeted a litany of achievements under his watch such as the alleged decline in unemployment and hunger among families. He also boasted of his administration’s anti-corruption efforts and poverty alleviation programs.

“If we water the seeds sown and those we sent to school will find better jobs, then time will come that we’ll be part of the First World,” PNoy said.

It seems PNoy is so “out of this world” that he apparently believes he’s become some sort of savior.

The reality, however, is that with barely a year left in PNoy’s 6-year term, the majority of Filipinos are still constantly living the nightmare of high unemployment and underemployment, high food cost, high electricity and water prices, a decaying mass transit system, widespread poverty and rampant corruption.

For instance, official data shows that our unemployment rate has remained practically unchanged over the past seven years, hovering between 6 percent to 8 percent. In fact, from 1994 until 2014, the Philippines’ unemployment rate had averaged 8.90 percent. This is a conservative estimate since the government’s definition of unemployment is different from that used by international agencies.

It is estimated that between 2013 and 2016, some 1.15 million Filipinos will be joining the workforce every year but only a fourth of them will find stable jobs, according to the World Bank. This means the unemployment figures will continue to rise unless the economy can absorb new entrants to the workforce.

But with the latest economic data showing the country’s GDP sliding to 5.2 percent last quarter – the slowest in three years – while the three major economic indicators have also posted a downturn: foreign direct investment (down 54.6 percent), exports (down 4.1 percent) and manufacturing (down 4.2 percent), it’s almost impossible for the economy can create enough jobs to match the growing labor supply.

And with as much as 75 percent of the workers employed in the informal sector – which means they are not covered by social security and health insurance – majority of the country’s workforce have no protection from job losses. This figure is likely to increase as the population surges, the World Bank said.

Meanwhile, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said in a recent report that the combined unemployment and underemployment rate of the Philippine work force still exceeds 25 percent. That’s around 10 million Filipinos who are either not working or employed at low-paying jobs not compatible with their skill or educational attainment.

Although Palace drumbeaters like to point out that we have the second fastest growing economy in Asia next to China, the country still continues to experience widespread poverty.

A recent World Bank report said the Philippines’ economic growth has benefitted only the top 20 percent of the population, while almost a quarter of the population still lives below the poverty line, earning less than P16,841 (about $386) a year. The World Bank said that this figure has remained almost unchanged since 2006 despite the economic gains touted by PNoy.

While government data showed that the percentage of Filipinos living in poverty had declined slightly over the last few years, poverty numbers had actually increased among youth and urban residents – the two segments of the population that are growing the fastest.

Moreover, the latest nutrition survey conducted by the government showed little progress in beating hunger. The number of stunted and underweight Filipino children has not changed much in the last 6 years.

As for policies and reforms allegedly instituted by PNoy, we have yet to identify one, let alone cite one that has really had a positive impact on Filipinos. Corruption at all levels of the bureaucracy, whether in the national or local government, remains rife.

Even PNoy’s so-called anti-corruption crusade turned out to be nothing more than a ploy to demolish and incarcerate his political opponents.

The P134-billion Development Acceleration Program (DAP) – the Palace-concocted stimulus package – was reduced to a “presidential pork barrel” to dispense bribes to legislators to impeach and convict Chief Justice Renato Corona.

And more than two years since the P10-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam was first exposed, no charges have been filed against incumbent lawmakers and Liberal Party allies of PNoy implicated in the racket. In the meantime, the Commission on Audit (COA) is taking its sweet time completing the audit of PDAF funds during PNoy’s watch.

Can someone please slap PNoy out of his psychedelic dream?!


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    Of course PIGNOY is the best president the Phils. has ever had. Let us count some of his unequalled achievements. He subsequently increased the PDAF allotment of all lawmakers both Congressman and Senators such that the Balimbings will join his party. (Take note that PDAF was initiated by his mother when she was President) Because of PDAF, he professionalized curruption in government, destroying his campaign slogan: DAANG MATUWID, converting it to “TUWAD NA DAAN”. When the SC striked down PDAF, he invented the DAP, and used it to removed Guttierez and Corona by bribing the Lawmakers. He also invented the BUB but it was unpopular as the SC also declared DAP unconstitutional. He is the first President who protects all his erring compatriots, Ex. Gen. Purisima whom he is trying to reinstall as PNP Chief. He will be the first president to become a Nobel Peace awardee once he will be successful of bribing again the lawmakers so that his BBL will be enacted, but Bongbong may be the thorn in his futile intentions. He is the first and only President who exels in Video Games doing this past time even in critical situations, it was once quipped that he was playing video games while the Chines Tourist were being slaughtered at Quirino Grandstand, and even refused to ask apology to the Chinese government and their relatives. He is the first president to sacrifice as many as 44SAF men just to come close to his Nobel Price Award obsession. He is also the first president who reached the trillion mark of national budget but no visual accomplishments where these trillions were spent. NOW CAN YOU TELL ANYBODY BETTER THAN THE PIGNOY? What were mentione were just some of the few unequalled accomplishment of SIMEON PIGNOY AQUINO. He will be listed and remembered in Phil. history as the best President this country has ever had!

  2. PNOY is dreaming since he became the president of the republic. He greatest trait is to blame others for his failures.

  3. tuwid na daan is the crookest slogan this administration portray on us… has no effect at all.

  4. Ohhh, he is beyond fixing. How can we fix a person who has a hero complex, delusional, has the mentality of a child, used to hide behind mommy’s skirt, vengeful because his sick mind believes these people disadvantaged his family, oooopppss! am I describing sadam Hussein? a person who lives in lala land and has no iota of knowledge what the world around him is doing. viva olala, eep on dreaming while your trapos stoke the fire and keep feeding you your lollipops!

  5. BS Aquino 3 is the WORST and BAD President of the Philippines we ever had.
    this is the final conclusion about him.. Nature will CURSE HIM….

  6. Above all else, we must reform our electoral practices and the state of journalism in this country. Otherwise, we’ll have another incompetent candidate hyped to high heavens by the elite-controlled media during the campaign so that no one will suspect his election victory via PCOS machines. He will then be sustained in office by the same media outfits (or more precisely, the elites that control them) by diverting people’s attention away from the (expected) spectacular incompetence by pimping stories about his love life and interests. And while everybody is swooning over the junk food stories in the media, the real hard facts go unreported while the elites continue their ‘rape’ of our country.

  7. genesisbughaw on

    A pathetic creature and we have to kind enough because whether we like it or not, Prisidinti BS Aquino presented our Country in his recent ego trip in America that the Philippines is the darling of Asia.

    He better ask purisima if he is the real darling.

  8. It is so sad that we have Aquino who tells everyone all the good he is doing and when we discover the truth we find out that he was just telling us a story. He is such a bad president. Let us hope we never get another one like him.

  9. This moron is so pathetic he chose to extol his hallucinations before a crowd of elementary students who are just too young to know any better or care. I dare this moron to give the same talk before college students of UP or Ateneo and if he could go even halfway of his talk without being booed or things thrown at him I will concede a miracle to have transpired. The nerve of this idiot to claim that because of him we are headed to first world status I agree that somebody should slap him at the back of his head (batukan) to bring him back to reality.

  10. P.Akialamiro on

    It’s pathetic that we have a B S Aquino for a president. What is surprising is that only a few take exceptions to what this sitting president has been claiming. This proves how PDAF and the DAP monies are ‘effrective’ and how ‘deep’ they have penetrated. I hope the Filipino people, particularly the media, won’t easily forget about these that they will demand that someone will have to answer for these monies.,

    • p.akialamiro, it is the main stream media, both print and broadcast that perpetuate the lies that boy sisi tell us.boy sisi and his cohorts like lolo sb, abadingding and lolo(NG) are experts in story telling A LIE. they must have very good scriptwriters like the scriptwriters of teleseryes of abs-cbn and gma7