PNoy’s legacy; Bedans quarrel


WE have economic difficulties but arguably not a crisis such as that which beset the US in the late 20’s and early 30’s. A morbid joke that went around was that if anyone tried to get a room, the hotel desk clerk would ask: “for sleeping or for jumping?”

The man on horseback who came was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with his first hundred days that would transform America. The US Supreme Court (SC) proved hostile, the nine scorpions in a bottle voting against his initiatives, 5-4. He threatened to pack the court with his appointees but Owen Roberts joined the minority of four. Urban legend had it that “the switch in time, saved nine.”

PNoy has a little above 500 days to go. Time to think legacy. I remain a foot soldier, with a cane, in the Yellow Army. My hope is that he will be followed by other non-stealing Presidents to restore the values, institutions and processes damaged by World War II, exacerbated by the two decades of Macoy and Imelda and nearly shattered by the decade of Glo and Mike.

The BangsaMoro problem dates back to centuries ago. And we keep multiplying like rabbits. Etc., etc., etc. Not an easy task for any Prez even if the nation were 100% behind him to run our undisciplined country of ungovernable people.

We are fanatically sticklers for our rights but casual and so-so about, or indifferent to, our duties. Traffic rules are ignored. We remain what we were called during martial law before Edsa’86, a circular firing squad. And, we have just concluded the longest holiday season in the world, an annual exercise. Enjoy, not work, ethic.

Where it used to be Congress and the Palace which would declare holidays, our indolent judiciary stopped working afternoon of December 23 last, and resumed working only last Monday. What gave the Supreme Court the authority to declare December 29, 2014 and January 3, 2015 holidays? So different when I was young, when courts worked between Christmas and New Year. In fact, Macoy, even declared December 31, 1965, a working day, having been installed the day before. In the US, election day is a working day, I am told, and many would vote at seven a.m., before going to work.

The Supreme Court should not play point man in flaunting the Indolence of the Filipino.

How many detainees have been released this week when they could have been freed had the judiciary done what it is paid to do: decide cases, not to stage presscons, speechify, travel abroad, socialize, accept accept, etc. In short, return to the jurassic era of Berting Concepcion, JBL Reyes and Ka Celing Munoz-Palma, magistrates not seen nor heard, only read. They decided cases.

This October certificates of candidacy will be filed. The Comelec and the SC should resolve now the Smarmatic issue. I accept with much of the nation the 2010 and 2013 results, save what I understand happened in isolated places like Bacoor and Biliran. The results reflected my hopes or expectations. And a flawless election is impossible anyway in a country of 7,000 islands and 50,000,000 voters. For one thing, a voter may be bribed the night before with indelible ink put on his thumb to disable him from voting the next day, if assumed to be for the other side.

Comelec chief Boy Brillantes was my college contempo in San Beda and my compadre.

Both of us were born on August 14, 1939 and became widowers when  vehicular incidents in Makati ended our marriages. I trust him (but not if he shows you a birth certificate that

I am older by hour or even minutes; one may just look at the both of us, ehem).

2010 saw Pepe Melo chairing the Comelec. I thought he did a good credible enough job. Sans delay, and violence virtually disappeared, standard in manual voting.

Commissioner Rene Sarmiento was in that Comelec. Comelec critics today include Rene Azurin and Gus Lagman. The three, Sarmiento, Azurin and Lagman, along with Brillantes, all attended San Beda (Sarmiento, AB’75; Azurin , GS’58 and HS’62, Lagman, GS’52, HS’56, and Brillantes, HS’56, BSC’60 and LL.B’64. Boy and Gus were high school contempos. I have no reason to doubt the integrity of these four. They may err, and commit mistakes of the mind, not of the heart. They are all patriots. Would lawyer-accountant Boy not know how to count as Monching Mitra, HS’57 and LL.B.’53, said of the Marcos Comelec?

If Gus beats Boy in their announced debate, it would affect PNoy’s legacy, who may be seen as a Comelected Prez. Abangan!


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  1. I have serious reservations about Boy Brillantes. His responses to criticisms and charges against Smartmatic are just like VP Binay’s to the charges against him, plain denials which frustrate and irritate many and lead them to unkind conclusions and remarks. Our hopes are, however, raised when he challenged Gus Lagman to a debate about certain issues against Smartmatic, and Lagman accepted. Unless Brillantes will do a Binay and withdraw, this debate should clear up a lot of the doubts and questions regarding not only Smartmatic but the credibility and reliability of the questioned machines as well. We hope that this debate will push through that our faith in the Comelec might be restored..

  2. Understanding Person on

    Si Rene S., kampihan lang. Kapag nakasama na niya, ok na kahit ano gawin. What does he meant na I believe in the integrity? Lahat ng tao may pagkukulang, lalo na kapag nasa power ka na, iba na ang tao ng tao.

  3. Better retire Rene bec even your eyesight is yellow… Your yellow idol the Cory and family is the greatest thief of all… They robbed us not only of money (pork barrel queen and king) but one of the most unprincipled leader of all time… Cory surrendering to Estrada for the sake of her son’s political survival and Pnoy for prostituting our Constitution… Thanks to you and to all yellow brigade… Lalong dumami ang magnanakaw sa gobyerno at Lalong dumami ang mahirap ma Pilipino at higit sa lahat dumami ang walang prinsipyong Pilipino

  4. These are the questions I would like to ask you too RENE.

    Sen, Rene, kung ang atin mga elected and appointed government officials EXECUTHIEVES, LEGISLATHIEVES at JUDYCIATHIEVES ) ay hindi sumusunod sa utos ng atin 1987 SALIGAN BATAS papano nila mapapasunod ang ordianriong tao sumunod sa traffic rules? Sabi nga ” FOLLOW THE LEADERS” Di ba Sen. Rene?

  5. How can Sen. Saguisag now vouch for the integrity of Sixto who has clearly displayed improprieties in his being Comelec chairman. Is being a San Beda alum enough to say that Sixto has integrity left in him?

    • Mukha atang hindi lang si Presi-Noynoy ang sampalataya sa “loyalty to fellow citizens end when loyalty to KKK’s is needed”.

  6. In the uk having an election doesnt mean you stop going to work. They make it so you can vote early or late depending on your hours. But as is always the case the philippines knows better how to do things. Make is easy for everyon & they will vote for you. Give them more holidays they will vote for you, but then just to make sure ( in case they dont vote for you ) use smartmatic & then winning the election is almost guaranteed.

  7. apolonio reyes on

    Sen. Rene, your correct that we should have next ” NON STELING PRESIDENTS” and a President who is honest and does not steal but also presidents who will condone the evils of his official family, friends and party mates and send them to jail. You are also correct, Sir Rene, that the SC should not be flaunting the indolence of the Filipino and the policy “NO WORK NO PAY SHOULD BE APPLIED TO ALL OR TO NONE AT ALL, INCLUDING SC”,
    Sen. Rene, I was also a ” Yellow Army ” before EDSA I and I am very disappointed what happened after EDSA I. Those leaders who shouted at the top of their voices at Makati rallies ” IBAGSAK ANG MARCOS CONJUGAL DICTATORSHIP AT MARCOS DYNASTIES ” not only formed their own DYNASTIES AND ENRICH THEMSELVES AND FAMILIES and now control our country and most of all are oligarch themselves which was the reason ” KNO ” why Marcos declared martial law.
    Now even Pnoy, the only son of our beloved NINOY and CORY, is not against DYNASTY and does not order his ” YELLOW CONGRESS ” to enact an enabling law that will ban DYNASTIES as per 1987 CORY CONSTITUTION.
    Sen, Rene, kung ang atin mga elected and appointed government officials EXECUTHIEVES, LEGISLATHIEVES at JUDYCIATHIEVES ) ay hindi sumusunod sa utos ng atin 1987 SALIGAN BATAS papano nila mapapasunod ang ordianriong tao sumunod sa traffic rules? Sabi nga ” FOLLOW THE LEADERS” Di ba Sen. Rene?