Pnoy’s man in trouble again


A member of the Pnoy Cabinet is under investigation once more by the authorities for channeling hundreds of millions of his department’s funds for personal use.

A member of the investigating agency, but who lacks authority to speak on the case, said the Cabinet member has been implicated in the pork barrel scam, too.

The same official claims that his office is just completing its investigation report before submitting a copy to the Office of the Ombudsman, and another copy will be sent to the President.

Several complaints were lodged before the investigating agency by the secretary’s own people a few months ago, prompting authorities to conduct an inquiry.

The complaints ranged from his misuse of hundreds of millions of funds for rural development and favoring certain contractors to corner billions’ worth of projects in exchange for hefty commissions or kickbacks.

According to my source, Pnoy was informed in advance of the inquiry. The President reportedly gave a thumbs-up for an investigation but ordered that it be kept under wraps.

A few weeks later, the Cabinet member was summoned to Malacañang and was reportedly informed by the President that he would be stripped of some of his duties and will be replaced by a former politician.

Hooray, Mr. President!

PDAF agent “Gay Tan” … biggest tax cheat
I almost fell off my seat when I saw a Bureau of Internal Revenue computer printout showing that pork barrel agent Patricia “Gay” Tan never paid even a single cent of tax despite the alleged billons of pesos she made from the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) through the years.

Based on the same document, Tan, whose real name is Patricia Agana Tan, never paid her taxes ever since, though she has a tax identification number.

A reliable source close to Patricia said though Tan does not have a registered business but she is into financing contractors who do not have money to pay for the advance commissions of government officials.

In return, she gets 15 to 20 percent commissions from the projects of the contractors who owed her money to pay for the advance kickbacks or “tongpats” of unscrupulous lawmakers and department heads.

For this reason, “Gay,” who is married to Eduard Chun Tan, a nephew of tycoon Lucio Tan, was able to purchase a house in Forbes Park, a property in Tagaytay City and another huge real estate in Angeles City in Pampanga, my source said.

Surprisingly, despite the billions she allegedly made, based on the account of Janet Lim-Napoles, Tan never paid her taxes through the years, the same source added.

Aside from financing small contractors, this financier, also a daughter of a former congresswoman from Mindanao, reportedly was into “ghost” deliveries of computers and other equipment to the Department of Transportation and Communications during Secretary Mar Roxas’ time.

The government should go after Patricia Tan for the billions she allegedly stole from the people. But unlike Napoles, Tan cheated the government of hundreds of millions in taxes.



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  1. Benigno Kuha Ko Akin Na on

    Naku, pagtatakpan na naman yan ni PeeNoy. Or, maglalagay na naman si PeeNoy ng Public Works & Highway CZAR, ala Kiko Pangilinan kay Alcala.

  2. Erwin, I am a rabid fun, not only of your MT column which I read everyday, but also of T-3 and Aksyon news. I noticed that you are very bias against Mar Roxas and LP’s and like Commander CC always blame GMA, but always praised the Binays and Estrada’s. You always connect Roxas in every anomaly you dig up where Roxas was a former head. However, you never asked where the Binay’s and Estrada’s children got their wealth after EDSA I, when all of them I believe, worked mostly all their lives with the government as children of Dynasties and/or nepotism or Kamag-Abad, Inc. where they got juicy positions in the national and local governments.
    Erwin, I am not Roxas’ fun too but I want unbiased reporting. Last 2010 and 2013, for the first time, I did not vote straight LP’s and none of the candidates I voted last 2013 won, I voted Ted Casino and the Kapatiran. My friends told me why will I vote Ted when he is a leftist I told them ” I rather vote one left leaning HONEST candidate than 24 DISHONEST DEMOCRAT Leaning candidates.
    Erwin, this coming 2016 national election I hope there will be a good third candidate for president as I will not vote either Binay or Roxas.
    I hope Erwin you will continue your advocacy of exposing anomalies in the government, past or present, without bias or you might be accused of AC-DC, DI BAHO, ERWIN? ERWIN, MORE POWER !