• PNoy’s Pork Barrel Republic


    Until now, we have always been looking at government from the outside as passive spectators and as bystanders: Not anymore. CANA believes the route to real People Power is via information, education, organisation, advocacy and participation. Working simultaneously at the local and national level provides us all with practical opportunities on a daily basis in our communities. It also gives us a national voice and stage. So CANA is working to help set up a minimum of 28 local citizen action groups for accountability—but we hope many more groups will join together to build a national network for learning and sharing. Most importantly, CANA’s future rests not with the few groups that launched it, but with you—the people and communities across the country who will take future ownership and charge of CANA, just as we all need to take ownership and charge of government. Understand and organize. Monitor and engage.

    Cana, citizenactionph@gmail.com


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