Pnoy’s Pork Barrel Republic


We are all beating a dead horse. This scandal smoked screened the scandals before these. After all is said done another scandal will crop up and will cover this one and so on and so forth until the end of these Governments term. Wake up people open your eyes. If you will demonstrate do it for all the s—before this too.
Butch Fernandez

I just read your article mentioning the “pork” of our Dear Kaydian (Dear Kababayan), the Hon. Henedina R. Abad, although this has been the talk of the town since some angry/jealous souls got hold of their copies from the internet. Abad is accused of having brought her way to Congress in the 2010 and May 13, 2013 Elections. These are unsubstantiated. Some detractors say her campaign teams paid as much P10,000.00 per vote in the last elections, thru the monicker ” financial assistance”. I do not believe. The Abads have been in the forefront of Batanes politics as early as 1959 when Butch’s father, Jorge, was elected to Congress. He was later appointed DPWH Secretary. Butch’s mother, the indefatigable Aurora, became a member of Congress and later as Governor. They were followed by Butch to Congress. Clearly they have endeared themselves to the Ivatans. One should come to Batanes to see for himself where Madam Dina’s gargantuan “pork” has been well spent. Almost all farm-to-market roads are paved. The national circumferential roads around the islands of Batan and Sabtang are almost completed. The municipal airports of Basco and Itbayat have been rehabilitated. Name it and every development project in mind is properly in place. Several projects designed to employ her denizens of supporters are in the project sites until now. The tourists, who continue to come are the best witnesses to what Batanes is now today. Who says Rep. Henedina Abad is not spending her “pork” to where it is intended?


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