PNP, AFP to go after communist rebels


TOP military and police officials met on Thursday to plan their operations to defeat the New People’s Army (NPA).

“In view of the lifting of the unilateral ceasefire and the cancellation of the talks, we will intensify our operations together, the PNP (Philippine National Police) and the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) to fight the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) NPA to defeat the armed group and put back into jail all those high ranking personalities,” AFP chief Eduardo Año told reporters shortly after his meeting with police officials led by Director General Ronald De la Rosa.

Año and De la Rosa signed the AFP-PNP Joint Letter Directive (JLD) which will intensify and level up measures to maintain peace and security during their Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Center (JPSCC) meeting in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

The meeting aims to strengthen the mechanisms of the Joint Peace and Security Coordinating Center (JPSCC), particularly the creation of cells at different levels.

“So that means all our planning on our action, the AFP and the PNP would always be hand in hand down to the provincial level. Likewise, we are giving emphasis on the new order of our President in view of the lifting of the unilateral ceasefire and the cancellation of the talks,” Año said.

He said the AFP will not deploy additional troops to rebel-infested areas because there are “enough forces” in those places.

“Even during the ceasefire we made sure that there are enough forces left there even if we are focusing on addressing the terrorism threat,” he noted.

Año said one of the salient points of the agreement is the “joint training.”

“There will be joint training. The PNP can attend the regular courses of the AFP training institution and vice versa, so that our interoperability would be in cohesion,” he added.

Año belittled the supposed strength of the CPP-NPA.

“Its only in perception that they are strong. But look at their strength, look at their influence. Everybody would believe that for the next 50 or 100 years they will never win, that’s why I’m telling them this is the best opportunity (for) the peace negotiations. Why did they spoil that chance, they want to fight for the next 100 years? Whereas, if they will come and work with us, together we can make this a better country,” he pointed out.


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