PNP checks complaints against 1,000 policemen


The group in the Philippine National Police (PNP) going against erring policemen is now validating text messages from citizens that more than 1,000 PNP personnel are involved in illegal activities.

In a statement on Friday, Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos, PNP spokesman, said the PNP Counter Intelligence Task Force (CITF) has received 7,049 police-related complaints and at least 1,180 of these were text messages sent through its text-reporting hotline 09986702286 and 09957958569.

From the reports, the illegal activities were alleged to be perpetrated by 1,122 police personnel composed of 249 police officers and 873 non-officers, according to PNP CITF commander Sr. Supt. Chiquito Malayo.

The reports alleged that 641 PNP personnel were involved in cases such as protecting illegal activities, drug use and trafficking, extortion, illegal gambling, hulidap or arrest and hold-up, physical injuries, illegal logging, unexplained wealth, kidnapping, smuggling, gun-running and other analogous anomalies.

From initial validation process, the PNP were able to identify the personnel from different regional police offices.
The PNP identified the 385 personnel coming from the Metro Manila, 147 from Calabarzon and 14 from Central Luzon.

Since its formation in January this year, the PNP CITF were able to arrest 41 PNP personnel and 15 civilians mostly involved in extortion.

Al Jazeera dared to name source

Meanwhile, the PNP on Friday dared international media outlet Al Jazeera to identify the fisherman who revealed that metro policemen are ordering them to throw out the cadavers of killed drug suspects in Manila Bay.

Carlos said Al Jazeera should first validate whether their fisherman source is reliable or not and even hoped that the media network had validated the information first.

His reaction came after Al Jazeera reported on July 28 about bodies of supposed drug suspects killed amid the current administration’s bloody war against illegal drugs.

Quoting a local fisherman, authorities are branding the drug suspects’ remains as “trash” and policemen have been going to his house to order him to dispose of at least 20 bodies in Manila Bay and sometimes, putting weights so the bodies won’t float to the surface.

The fisherman also said he does not trust the authorities “playing both sides of the drug war,” according to the Al Jazeera report.

Carlos, however, rebutted the claims made by the fisherman, saying the PNP has no record of such routine from the policemen after conducting the war against drugs dubbed as Oplan Double Barrel Loaded.

“I will ask Al Jazeera who is the fisherman. Who is your source? How many bodies have you fished out of Manila [Bay]? Because they are putting up this article or report,” he said of Al Jazeera, during an interview with ANC’s Headstart.


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