PNP chief cries ‘unfair’ over ‘tanim-droga’case


It is “unfair” if the general public only hears the side of the “tanim-droga” (drug planting) victims without considering the Philippine National Police (PNP) too, PNP Chief Director General Ronald de la Rosa decried on Friday.

In an interview, de la Rosa said that it would be best if the public, including concerned groups, would also hear the side of the PNP, being the top agency implementing the brutal war against illegal drugs.

“Please, also hear the side of the PNP to give you the right and correct side [of the drug planting]issue. It’s unfair if they will just hear the other side of the problem,” dela Rosa lamented.

Based on earlier reports, a group of police officers coming from the Manila Police District (MPD) were allegedly involved in planting drug evidence against four senior citizens nabbed in Manila last year.

De la Rosa said that those officers involved have already explained the matter to MPD Director Joel Coronel who had a “good conversation” with the latter, according to the PNP chief.

“Later on, [the police officers]called General Coronel and it turned out good since they explained it to him (Coronel) very clearly,” he said.

De la Rosa also denied the “tanim-bala” scheme going on, adding that the operation was “covered by search warrant” and a cash money worth P1 million was also found during the operation conducted by not less than 25 MPD police officers.

“There was also cash found in the crime scene. If all they wanted is the cash, they coluld have simply taken that. That was also explained to General Coronel,” he said.

Aside from Manila, a drug-planting scheme also allegedly occurred in Bacolor and Mabalacat in Pampanga. The victims raised the issue to the anti-crime watchdog Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) Pampanga chapter.

With this, dela Rosa ordered the Police Central Luzon regional director to investigate the matter.

The local court in Pampanga earlier junked the “tanim-bala” case in Mabalacat.

The VACC, through their spokesman Arsenio Evangelista Jr., earlier called on the PNP, particularly dela Rosa, to suspend the war against illegal drugs in the face of the alleged drug evidence planting being done by police officers conducting anti-drug operations.

Evangelista also urged the PNP to initiate anew an internal cleansing within their organization before the matter causes a “national embarrasment.”

“You tell the VACC to tell it to the president. We just follow orders and if he (Duterte) says that we should stop [the war against drugs]then we will stop. I have no power to say go or no,” dela Rosa told reporters.

He added that the Region 3 police will investigate the case on the video taken by a Jovie Espenido with the police hurting a drug suspect.

“It is wrong to hurt someone. But the context of the event must be investigated first [before jumping to any conclusions],” he said.


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