• PNP chief has more explaining to do


    Senator Serge Osmeña on Thursday said Police Chief Allan Purisima still has a lot of explaining to do before the Senate when it resumes its session this month.

    Osmeña wondered why Gen. Purisima failed to include in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) the Toyota Land Cruise he rode to the senate.

    The veteran lawmaker estimated the cost of the bulletproofed sport utility vehicle around P4 million, which did not reflect on the SALN of the PNP chief.

    It will be recalled that Purisima only mentioned the Toyota Prado and a Toyota high-end van during the hearing as his vehicles but failed to include the bulletproofed Toyota.

    “I am sure he (Purisima) will say that this Land Cruiser was just borrowed from a friend even though there was an open deed of sale already,” said Osmeña during a radio interview.

    The lawmaker from Cebu added if he were PNoy, he would have Purisima go on leave because he seemed inefficient in addressing the growing problem of crime incidence in the country these days.

    PNP Spokesman Col. Wilben Mayor said Gen. Purisima is ready to answer these new charges labeled against him when he presents himself to the upper chamber this month.

    Definitely, someone, other than Senators Osmena and Grace Poe, including Ping Lacson, wants Purisima’s head because he wants his own man at the helm of the police organization.

    Here’s a clue: a close ally of Pnoy and a cabinet member too.

    * * *

    A religious but deceitful business partner

    A 40 something year old businesswoman went to my office last week to complain against her partner in a business deal in Maguindanao recently.

    The lady said, this rotten businessman, who is a devout member of the Iglesia ni Cristo, run off with her commission after being paid by the local government of Maguindanao for the medicines they delivered early this year.

    She said her business partner, whom she identifies only as alias “Lestor Espeno”, of Fairview, Quezon City, has been hiding from her since then..

    The lady complainant now wants to go to the leader of the INC to ask for help so she could collect her money, which she needs to pay for the tuition fees of her kids and to buy food for the family.

    Well, madam, the good thing about this church is that they do not condone evil members. I’m sure they will order him to pay you, otherwise he will be booted out of the “kapatiran.”


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    1. wilmer andrada on

      With all these cases of corruptions, malversions, plunders and other forms of kleptocracy in our government that are being exposed, the Justice Department should be more aggressive and vigilant in resolving these anomalies if the Philippines has to go forward.Why do we have to wait months or years before trials and convictions to occur?Modern technology are available to make our process faster than the snail pace process of our current Justice System. We need more funding for the NBI and COA to uncover more of our Pathologic corruptions in our government operations.We need substantial rewards and assured personal protections for whistle blowers and investigators.We need to see convictions and jail
      terms in the media so as to discourage some of our potential offenders in committing such crimes and thinking that they are untouchables.

    2. wilmer andrada on

      It is very encouraging that the Philippine Government is in the process of house cleaning which is long overdue.I applaud the courage of all the whistle blowers and the vigilance and independence of certain news outlets who are not corrupted by politics to expose all these anomalies.I noticed that the inquirer will make headlines about the alleged corruption cases of the Binay Dynasty while Manila Times will not even mention in their publication. Does Binay own this news media?

    3. When it comes to money i dont know any pinoys i would trust. They all see to get blinded by money & once see it, they want it & they dont care how they get it. It always makes me laugh when a pinoy describes another pinoys stupidity, they never say they are stupid they say they are impatient. By being excused by each other you all think everything you do is ok. Its why this country is the bottom of the heap in asia. Even cambodia with all it went through is taking over & moving ahead of the philippines.