PNP ‘demoralized’


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte’s order to reinstate an Eastern Visayas police official linked to the illegal drug trade has left some in the Philippine National Police (PNP) demoralized and dismayed, a senior police official said on Saturday.

    A senior PNP official based in Camp Crame, who asked not to be named, said morale in the PNP, especially among those involved in anti-illegal drug operations, had been greatly affected by the controversy surrounding Supt. Marvin Marcos, head of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Region 8.

    “The PNP chief has disciplinary authority to order the transfer of a PNP personnel who is facing a criminal and administrative case,” the PNP official pointed out in an interview.

    Duterte on Friday broke his silence on the issue and admitted that it was he, not his aide Christopher “Bong” Go, who ordered PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa to reinstate Marcos.

    “It’s like this. I ordered Bong Go to call. By the time he passed it on, de la Rosa answered. I said, do not remove the guy because he’s included … I am doing an investigative job,” the President said in a mix of English and Filipino.

    The President claimed he needed to keep track of Marcos’ movements. Duterte said the investigation was over and Marcos’ supposed drug links turned out “positive,” while the Eastern Visayas police director, Chief Supt. Asher Dolina, was “cleared.”

    Marcos’ reinstatement caused a stir as he was part of the CIDG team that raided a Leyte jail and killed detained Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. last November 5.

    Espinosa’s son Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. told a Senate inquiry last month Marcos asked for money to fund the election campaign of his wife who ran for vice mayor. Dolina also received protection money, the younger Espinosa claimed.

    ‘Face the charges’
    De la Rosa was put on the spot after admitting on Thursday that a Malacañang “kumpare” or friend told him to reinstate Marcos. On the same day, Sen. Leila de Lima, a vocal critic of Duterte’s bloody war on drugs, told reporters it was an “open secret” that Go called up de la Rosa, citing a source in the PNP.

    Go immediately denied the allegation as “hearsay” and “unsubstantiated,” and was cleared by Duterte on Friday.

    De la Rosa on Friday dared de Lima to name her source, but said there should be no issue as Marcos and his CIDG men had been restricted following the Leyte jail raid.

    Duterte said Marcos “has to face the charges.”

    “Let him maintain the right to be heard,” he added.

    ‘Grave abuse’
    But the PNP official described Duterte’s order to reinstate Superintendent Marcos to his old post as “unpresidential” and a “grave abuse” of power.

    “He (Duterte) is always saying that the police should not be afraid of facing any cases and that he is backing them all the way,” the source noted.

    The PNP source warned that the reinstatement of Marcos could encourage PNP personnel to commit more abuses.

    “Expect more grave abuses to be committed by PNP personnel,” the source said.

    “It seems that the real PNP Chief here is President Duterte and that de la Rosa is only acting as a front for him,” the source added.


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    1. lintek talaga crab mentality ng Pilipino, di baling magkagulo ang Pilipinas. Masunod lang ang gusto nila. Bakit di pabayaan dumiskarte ang Presidente.
      Di naman totoo na demoralized ang mga police gawa sa ganyan balita. Di nga nag taasan sahod nila kung di pa gawa kay duterte. Pinapamassacre pa nga sila dati. so not really news worthy. Tinuring na silang basura dati ng mga dilaw di naman siguro ka tanga.

    2. PNP ‘demoralized’? kalokohan, nadoble na nga ang sahod at napakaraming benefits. hinay-hinay lang, di pa natin alam ang mga hakbang ni DU30, DU30 knows art of war ni sun Tzu.

      • Sinasabi ba ninyo na dahil nadoble ang sahod at dumami ang benefits, OK LANG IBALIK ANG KURAKOT SA GOBYERNO? Ok lang talaga na alam ni Bato na itong si MARCOS ay isang KURAKOT na inutos ni Duterte na IBALIK ANG POSISYON as Superintendent?

        Hindi ninyo po ba alam ang taxes na binabayaran ng mga TAUHAN NG PILIPINAS ay pumupunta sa sahod ng mga ito, LALO na ang mga CORRUPT? Antay-antay na lang ba dahil “di pa natin alam ang mga hakbang ni DU30”? Hindi pa pwedeng MAG-ISIP ng anong MAARING MANGYARI?

        Atsaka, ano alam ni Sun Tzu sa gobyerno? Hindi ba Art of WAR ang libro niya? Ano po ang koneksyon sa pamumuno? May mga kalaban si Duterte, pero hindi po ito war, POLITIKO po ito.

    3. Press release ng mga dilaw ito, para masira credibility ng administration. Ang dami daming kaso ng mga PNP officials sa NAPOLCOM at IAS na hanggang unresolved, nakabitin, walang resolution. Discarte ng administration yan, bakit ang bilis ng pag husga nitong unnamed PNP official. Gawa gawa lamang iyan ng mga DILAW.

    4. “Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad’ watch this president go insane if not one already,

    5. Bakit ang discretion ng Pangulo ay pinakikialaman nyo, hintayin ang end result nito
      Noong si Abnoy lahat ng ginawa nya tama, lahat ng may kaso protectado nya diba? Let the President do what he has to do. May plano yan. Buti pa nga mag declare na sya ng Martial law para tumino ang mga diehard yellowtards.

    6. The One who appear to be going against the wise move of the President is the real enemy. We should take note of that person. Look at his very deceptive words , he said that he understood now that the chief of the PNP is not Bato De la Rosa but Duterte. What an ignorance ! He forgot the fundamental stated in the constitution—the President is the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF ALL THE ARMED FORCES…Bato is only a subordinate. Duterte is the Commander in chief. ALL THE ARMED FORCES including the PNP , of course , is under the supreme command of the President.

    7. When Rody Duterte decided to run for President of the Philippines, he has already made the decision to give his life if need be to accomplish his tasks. For those who think that they can oppose him and his ideas, you better make the same commitment as he did. He will kill and nothing will stop him until he is satisfied with the outcome. And in the end he expect to be killed himself.

    8. It is easy to concoct stories using anonymous sources kuno. That is pure gossip. The danger is that media, when used irresponsibly, can really create confusion if practice like this is condoned. Pwede ko namang sabihin si De Lima at Trillanes may relasyon sabi ng anonymous source ko.

    9. Digong wants to know more about the big fish who ordered Marcos to liquidate Espinosa but the news was already out of the box, so no more movement because everything you do will be monitored hereon … don’t trust everyone in the government, some are supporters of the yellows that will never surface especially the Mistah where they are loyal to their organization more than the Flag & Country (ask them and you will be surprised to know) , they are working behind the scenes to destroy this administration. Why is De5 knows this? Your guess as good as mine.

    10. as per bato cidg8 marcos back to region 8 post by order of duterte. bato bato sa langit napatay si mayor espi. question- who influenced du30? investigation daw nya ito.

    11. I bet you this guy is going to declare martial law before any people power. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. What you ow , you reap. God will not be mock.

    12. Brian Blackwell on

      Well, I guess we have to accept the the mysterious ‘source’ is real and not imagined? Honestly, guys, for a serious newspaper you often publish stuff that doesn’t have legs.Serious accusations require serious factual reporting, not just a ‘source’ from thin air. Expected better of you.

      • very well said, these 2 reporters are being laughed at for their “reliable source” , we all know that they are trying very hard stirring things up to be famous thinking that the readers are that stupid, HOY MAGBAGO NA KAYO!

    13. Now we can see who Uterte is. 16 million Pilipinos made a very bad decision. Problem is how can we get him out of the presidency. Another people power ?

      • Go ahead and call the yellows to launch a people power and lead them to the max and all the way. Bring out all your resources from drug business and oust the sitting president. I dare everyone from the yellows to do it.

    14. At this stage nobody knows what STRATEGY the President has in his mind , to fulfill his promises to the people !

      Would the end justifies the means ?

      SUSPENSE !!!

      • Conventional wisdom states : the end justify the means. It is worth refreshing our minds that there is another kind of wisdom which the whole world tend to forget. And this is the UNCONVENTIONAL. Being unconventional does not mean evil , it is simply 360 degrees out of phase with the conventional. This kind of wisdom completes the whole truth , and it is the wisdom of Christ.
        Everybody ought to raise his respective antenna to get a better reception of the President’s wisdom. He is actually employing this higher thinking to ferret out the truth. If he follow the conventional , he would fail to bring forth the whole story.
        Christ conjure up the unconventional mind—return not by the way you came. This is signified by the Star of David , where the first triangle point towards the earth while the second triangle point towards heaven.

    15. Klaro pinatay nila ang Mayor sa kulongan upang di magsalita laban sa kanila, bakit ipabalik ang talagang nagkasala?