• PNP, DTI Desks in malls pushed


    Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has proposed the setting up of police desks in malls, night markets, supermarkets and department stores to protect shoppers from criminal elements.

    At the same time, Marcos suggested there be DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) complaint corners to extend immediate assistance to consumers who will encounter problems with the products they purchased.

    “Bad elements make heyday during Christmas victimizing shoppers who, because of excitement, have become careless about their belongings. We need visible and alert policemen inside shopping malls to protect consumers from mostly pickpockets, and other individuals who go to malls not to shop but with devious inten who go to malls not to shop but with devious intentions like kidnapping,” he said in a statement.

    Marcos recommended that aside from complaint desks, policemen in civilian clothes should also be deployed to roam and secretly monitor the situation and nip in the bud criminal attempts.

    “The DTI should [also]assign representatives and designate DTI corners so that consumers and shoppers can easily lodge complaints with the agency about prices and the quality of products being sold,” he said.

    “We always hear of complaints of overpriced and substandard items. That’s why a DTI desk is necessary so that consumers can easily access government assistance,” Marcos added.

    Earlier, he said the DTI should come up with suggested retail prices (SRPs) on prime commodities commonly bought in connection with the Christmas celebration like food for Noche Buena and apparels.


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