• PNP generals’ names being used in extortion


    I really feel sorry for PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Chief Supt. Francisco Uyami Jr. because a group of people are using his name to collect money from illegal gambling and nightclub operators.

    A certain Jerry Villanueva and one alias “Boy” reportedly go around every Friday at the different gambling joints in regions 3 and 4 and the various nightclubs in the same areas extorting money from its operators.

    According to the same report, the two hooligans threaten these operators closure of their businesses if they refuse to give on the weekly collection, better known as “intelihensiya” in the protection racket lingo.

    Likewise, PNP Directorate for Intelligence Gen. Cipriano Que­rol may not know it but a certain Rodel Seremonya , who even introduces himself as police officer, collects hindreds of thousands of pesos every week from “jueteng” operators in southern Metro Manila using the general’s name.

    Alleged “jueteng” operators Allan Manuel, Boy Orosco, and a certain Mr. Lim are the milking cows of Officer Seremonya.

    I know Uyami and Querol do not accept dirty money.

    So, the next best thing these officials can do is to arrest these self made collectors and shut down the illegal numbers game in southern Metro Manila and in regions 3 and 4 to maintain their good reputation.

    * * *

    The most dreadedpolice unit . . .

    The Philippine National Police (PNP) leadership should seriously consider the dismantling of all its station anti-illegal drugs (SAID) units following reports of abuse and corruption among its men.

    Most, if not all, members of the said units make money from the drug pushers they arrest. They earn oodles and oodles of money from suspected illegal drug traders.

    Worse, even innocent individuals become their prey nowadays by barging into their homes without search warrants claiming “hot pursuit”.

    Few days ago a lady went to TV 5 to complain against members of the Marikina Police Station Anti-illegal Drugs unit.

    In her complaint, she said that four cops from Marikina SAID, who are in civilian clothes, barged into her house claiming they are in hot pursuit of a drug pusher though no one went inside their house except for the said cops.

    According to her, the. policemen ransacked her house and carted P30,000 cash, jewelry, and a watch.

    But the usual victims of these money- hungry cops are the people whom they have arrested before for drug pushing.

    Convicted drug felons reportedly have become the milking cows of these cops even though they have mended their ways.

    They are subjected to frisking and questioning at the SAID offices or their homes raided even without search warrants, thus, the former drug pushers and their families are forced to coughed up money so that these crooked cops would leave them in peace.

    The Manila Police anti-illegal drugs and San Juan Police SAID are likewise the object of complaints from residents.

    Wait till PNP Chief Gen. Allan Purisima and NCRPO Commander Gen. Leonardo Espina hear this.

    I’m very sure the SAID days are numbered.



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