• PNP insists no generals in drugs trade


    PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ricardo Marquez on Monday said no evidence has so far been found to support allegations that some police generals are involved in illegal drugs trade.

    Marquez said the police agency had investigated reports linking police officials to illegal drugs activities but found no evidence against them so far.

    “A big part of our campaign against [illegal]drugs is internal cleansing,” Marquez told reporters in Camp Crame. “But [even]now, the work is still in progress… and we haven’t seen any evidence that would support the involvement of active generals.”

    “Our campaign against illegal drugs has become more aggressive. Like I said, we haven’t gathered any evidence that would support allegations that there are some active generals that are involved in illegal drugs,” he reiterated.

    He issued the statement a few days after President-elect Rodrigo Duterte said he knew of three generals in the police force being involved in illegal drugs trade and urged them to step down or he would name and shame them.

    Marquez admitted that they have received reports about the involvement of some police officials in illegal drugs trade and these reports have been validated by the PNP’s Intelligence Group.

    He said special teams of the PNP’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (AIDG) in the Visayas are validating raw information linking these police officials to illegal drugs activities.

    The PNP chief added that the campaign against illegal drugs was temporarily shelved in the first semester of 2016 when the election campaign period started.


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    1. PNP General Marquez himself seems not serious to deal with bad or rotten eggs in the PNP! He should have made a strong statement by saying ” We have not gain enough the trust of the people due to some incompetent and corrupt PNP members who are involved in drug trafficking as well as extortions! We will make a very serious investigation with out sparing anyone so that we will make our nation safe and liveable by enforcing the law! We can repair also the tainted image of PNP because it is our responsibility to protect our youth and the people from the heartless drug lords and illegal drug peddlers” If that is his response to the media then he could have been appreciated! Some PNP,PDEA officers are percieved by the people that they are inovleved and It is an open secret activities. It is really a must that PNP and PDEA must shape up because their integrity and credibilityt as well as the PNP as institution is compromising the Future of the youth and the stability of the society! They are handling a very very important role therefore they must have a strong moral character because character of the PNP officers will make the PNP institution reliable and trusted! Proverbs 14:34

    2. Who is not telling the truth , General Marquez or President elect Duterte ? Both of them giving different contradicting answers. I know for a fact that policemen are mostly corrupt. I just do not know the level , did it reached the General position. I know for a fact that the corruption has already reach the Colonel position. I would suggest the increase in salaries of police to 70,000 per month with an agreement that those charged with corruption will lose their ensign ASAP and due process , imprisonment for all violators.

    3. Corruption all over. How about Colonel Marcelino allowed to bail for manufacturing narcotics ? I have seen Generals that own 10 condominiums in Las Pinas. There is a colonel that owns condos in Manila. How can a public servant own multi million homes from salaries of a military officer. How about ExPNP chief Purisima that owns multi million pesos homes ? How about VP Binay that owns multi million Homes ? Pilipinas, you are a home of scavengers.

    4. Catalino Garcia on

      Ikaw lang Marquez at si Pnoy ang hindi nakakaalam. Mag resign ka na pero kunin mo muna ang pabaon mo. Baka naman sabihin mo naman na wala ng pabaon.

    5. Juan T. Delacruz on

      Aaayyyy nakuuu po Mang Kardo!!! pati ba naman ikaw eh…hugas kamay din? Bumaba na po kayo dyan….at sabihin mo rin sa dalawa mong kasamahan para magaan ang kalooban ni Digong pag nag-umpisa na sya na mag-trabaho.

    6. Natural lang na pagtakpan mo ang kapwa mo General o pulis…kaya bago ka madamay magresign kana….