‘PNP leaders favor PMA grads over PNPA alumni’


Class presidents of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) from 1983 to 1992 are reportedly meeting in secret and making plans to dramatize their discontent over the alleged unfair assignments in the Philippine National Police (PNP).

A police officer privy to the grumblings in the PNP said PNPA graduates, especially those with ranks of superintendents and senior superintendents, are discussing among themselves what courses of action they will take even as they appeal to the police leadership to level the playing field for promotions and placements to key positions.

Presently, more than 300 graduates of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) are still serving in the PNP, with the last batch coming from Class 1992 of that school.

On the other hand, although PNPA graduates in the police force number at least 3,600, most of them occupy “not so juicy posts” as those held by their counterparts from the PMA.

Last Monday, President Benigno Aquino 3rd called for a command conference in Camp Crame to tackle the complaints of unfair treatment in promotions and assignments to key posts in the PNP.

Chief Supt. Reuben Theodore Sindac, PNP public information officer, said the police leadership is now findings ways to make promotions and assignments equitable between PNPA and PMA grads.

“This is now being discussed, being studied so we can make promotions more equitable and of course proportionate,” Sindac said.

The Association of Police Lateral Entrants (Apole) and the Police ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) Graduates for Integrity, Morality and Order (Primo), two groups of non-PMAers in the police organization, have signified their intention to join the cause of the grumbling PNPA officers.

Last year, Sindac compared PNPA graduates and PMA graduates to fried chicken and crispy pata.

The Apole and the Primo said they can empathize with the PNPA graduates since all of them were treated as ‘second-class’ citizens in the PNP in promotions and assignments.

The two groups said another cause of concern is the PNP Senior Officers Placement and Promotions Board’s (SOPPB) being composed of PMA graduates “who oftentimes act favorably to the graduates of their school.”

“Chances are nil for applicants from the PNPA who have complied with qualification standards such as eligibility, education, training and time-in-grade. Any imagined or real derogatory record cited by the Chief PNP and members of the SOPPB against any PNPA applicant is enough to disqualify him,” the groups said.

“The PNPA graduates don’t stand a chance. At a deadlock, they appoint a PMA officer as officer in charge or in an acting capacity. To avoid their being supplanted by non-PMAers OICs are appointed who are not replaced even after two years,” the groups added.


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  1. Nelson Dela Cruz on

    Para sa akin hindi patas yon. Biruin mo sa PMA apat na ang pwede nilang puntahan (Army, Navy, Marine at Air force) tapos pati ba naman PNP aagawin pa nila. Tama na. Bigay na nila sa PNP grads ang PNP.

  2. apolonio reyes on

    PNPA. Like San Miguel Beer Slogan ” Iba na ang may Pinagsamahan at Ayos na ang Kasunod “, huwag na kayong magtanim ng sama ng loob at mauubos din ang mga PMAlyer sa PNPA at kayo na ang susunod, Sabi nga pa WEATHER-WEATHER LANG YAN, Di ba ho, Yun-Yun ?