• PNP media policy gets Malacañang support


    Malacañang on Thursday defended the Philippine National Police (PNP) policy prohibiting the ordinary personnel from sharing information to the media.

    The PNP has barred ordinary police officers from disclosing information on crime investigations and crisis incidents to the media unless tasked by the leadership.

    Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said that the new policy was not intended to withhold information from the public but to ensure that accurate information is given.

    “[There are] initial reports that later on turn out to be wrong, so they just want to be very clear that when we relay information to the public it is accurate, so that it will not lead to wrong information being relayed to the public,” Lacierda told reporters in a press briefing.

    “There is no effort to hide the truth from the public. It’s just that we want to be sure that whatever we release to the public is accurate,” he added
    According to Lacierda, the media has the ability to squeeze information.

    But, he stressed that the media has to report to the public a certain crime accurately so that the police could investigate it properly.

    The PNP explained that the move aims to prevent policemen from unduly disclosing to the media and eventually to the public.

    Several police officers are being investigated for unduly disclosing sensitive information to the media. Some of them gave personal opinion in an ongoing case during an interview with the press.

    Under the tightened policy, only the designated officers are allowed to disclose information to the media.


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