• PNP officer faces P4.3-M ‘hidden wealth’ lawsuit


    THE Office of the Ombudsman charged a high-ranking officer of the Philippine National Police (PNP) before the Sandiganbayan with a civil lawsuit relative to his P4.3-million purported ill-gotten wealth.

    State prosecutors slapped Eduardo Matillano with a forfeiture case after it was discovered that his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) from 2001 to 2003 showed excess of wealth.

    According to the Ombudsman, Matillano did not file his 1994 to 2000 and 2004 asset disclosures but his three-year wealth report showed that he could have shored up P4.3 million from undeclared assets.

    Records showed that Matillano’s 2001 net worth tagged at P1.97 million, his 2002 net worth pegged at P2.34 million, while his 2003 net worth totaled P4.09 million, or P7.73 million.

    However, listed properties from the Land Transportation Office, City Assessor’s Office, the Register of Deeds, and the Securities and Exchange Commission showed that he had assets in Antipolo City, 10 vehicles and six business interests—all which were not stated in his wealth reports.

    Five land titles in Antipolo City in Rizal province were traced to Matillano worth P3.32 million and a lot in Roxas, Palawan City but without a market value.

    A Toyota Hi-Ace, Nissan Patrol, Kia Ceres, Mitsubishi Fuso and other vehicles were also traced to him.

    Financial connections in 10 businesses, including Warbird Security & Investigation Agency Inc. with paid-up capital worth P5 million, were also listed under his name.

    The Ombudsman said that taking together his SALNs from 2011 to 2003, his net worth fetched P7.73 million.

    However, a check at the PNP Pay and Allowance Section disclosed that between January 1994 and November 2004, Matillano only received P3.4 million.

    “From the above date, it is clear that respondent had an unaccounted income amounting to P4.3 million . . . It must be stressed that the amount of P7.7 million was manifestly out of proportion to his salary as public official,” the Ombudsman resolved.

    The Ombudsman asked the Sandiganbayan to issue immediately a writ of preliminary attachment to protect the interest of the state in the alleged ill-gotten wealth.


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