• PNP official denies issuing calling card to FHM model


    Chief Superintendent Alexander Ignacio, Acting PNP Director for Plans, on Wednesday denied familiarity with the model who used his business card during a traffic violation.

    Earlier, FHM model Alyzza Agustin posted on social media that she got out of a traffic violation by showing a signed card of Ignacio.

    “First of all, I categorically deny that I personally know Alyzza Agustin, who claimed that she used my business card to avoid getting a traffic citation,” Ignacio said, who is currently on official mission abroad to represent the PNP in an international conference. He issued a statement to clarify issues surrounding the controversy.

    He added that the card which she posted “is not an official PNP business card representing my office, my rank, and my designation.”

    “I am a Chief Superintendent (1 Star rank) and not a Police Director (2 Stars). Alyzza Agustin is not my Executive Assistant and there is no such position in my office,” Ignacio clarified.

    “I do give my business card to those who request it. But it goes with the implied condition that it will not be used to violate laws, to shorten prescribed procedures, and for illegal gain. I will not tolerate the use of my business card, the facilities of my office or the privileges of my rank for unlawful purposes” he said.

    Ignacio appealed to netizens to be more circumspect in passing judgment thru social media particularly on the basis of unverified and inaccurate information.

    “I am currently in Malaysia giving a presentation for the Philippine National Police for an Aseanapol conference and that is why I could not respond sooner.” Ignacio said in a statement.

    For her part, Following the social media bashing and media reports, Agustin issued an apology for dragging the name of the PNP in her traffic misdemeanor.

    “I would like to apologize to everyone who was affected and offended by my post, fellow motorists, Director (sic) Alexander C. Ignacio and his family and the PNP institution as a whole,” she said in her Facebook account.

    “I was just overwhelmed by that moment because I was caught in a traffic for hours coming from work. I mean no harm to anyone just like any Filipino motorist, would like a little convenience in the road. Pasensiya na po sa aking pagkakamali (I’m sorry for my mistakes). I would like to make it a point that I do not know Director Alexander C. Ignacio personally,” she added

    Meanwhile, PNP spokesman Senior Supt. Wilben Mayor called on the traffic enforcers to arrest motorists presenting calling cards of policemen just to spare themselves from traffic violation.

    “In case of doubt, law enforcers who will be confronted in a situation involving a name-dropping traffic violator should simply do their job of enforcing the law,” said Mayor.

    Mayor clarified that calling cards, especially those coming from the police, should not be used to escape traffic violation and even in other offenses.

    “The more they show calling cards of the police, the more that they should apprehend them,” he added.

    “Business cards are purposely designed as essential tools for effective communication and should never be used for any other purpose, much more, to get away with traffic citation, to peddle influence or to seek special favors,” he added.

    Mayor, however, was quick to clarify that they will not initiate an investigation against Agustin on the controversy.

    The PNP spokesperson reminded policemen giving out calling cards to be careful in writing notes at the back of their calling cards to prevent the repeat of the incident.

    “But we are not discouraging them from giving business cards. In fact, we encourage them to do so to facilitate communication,” said Mayor.

    “There is nothing wrong with using business cards. The problem is how these business cards are being used,” he said. PNA


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    1. PNP officials are losing credibility. Whatever these fellows say, most Filipinos will not believe. As generally known, every time their officials visit the provinces, their local PNP units feed them hospitality girls while being entertained in local night spots. This gal might have entertained Dir. Ignacio, thus was able to fish his calling card. This therefore should be investigated to clear his name if he is telling the truth and the concerned official to file a case against the model.