• PNP official says model used forged business card


    A senior official of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday denied knowing personally a female model who bragged that she avoided a traffic citation when she used his signed business card.

    Chief Supt. Alexander Ignacio, head of the PNP Directorate for Plans, said model Alyzza Agustin could have used a fake calling card bearing his name since the one she presented was filled with erroneous information.

    Agustin whipped up a storm of protest in social media when she boasted on her Facebook account that she was not apprehended because of Ignacio’s calling card.

    Ignacio denied knowing Agustin, even if the card presented by the model to the traffic enforcers indicated that she was his “EA” which many interpreted as executive assistant.

    “First of all, I categorically deny that I personally know Alyzza Agustin, who claimed that she used my business card to avoid getting a traffic citation,” Ignacio, who is on an official mission abroad, said in a statement.

    The police official added that “the card which she [Agustin] posted is not an official PNP business card representing my office, my rank and my designation.”

    He clarified that he is a Chief Superintendent with a one-star rank, not a Police Director with two stars as was indicated in the business card.

    “Alyzza Agustin is not my Executive Assistant and there is no such position in my office,” Ignacio said.

    “I do give my business card to those who request it. But it goes with the implied condition that it will not be used to violate laws, to shorten prescribed procedures, and for illegal gain,” he added.

    “I will not tolerate the use of my business card, the facilities of my office or the privileges of my rank for unlawful purposes,” Ignacio said.

    The police official made an appeal to netizens to be more circumspect in passing judgment.

    “I am currently in Malaysia giving a presentation for the Philippine National Police for an Aseanapol conference and that is why I could not respond sooner,” Ignacio explained.

    At the same time, the PNP leadership issued a strict reminder to all of its personnel to exercise due diligence and discretion when giving away their business cards.

    PNP spokesperson Sr. Supt. Wilben Mayor said business cards are purposely designed as essential tools for effective communications.

    “[It] should never be used for any other purposes, much more to get away with a traffic citation, to peddle influence or seek special favor,” Mayor added.

    Agustin apologized for the storm she created on the Internet.

    “I would like to apologize to everyone who was affected by my post, fellow motorists, Director Alexander Ignacio and his family and the PNP institution as a whole,” she said.

    “I was just overwhelmed by that moment because I was caught in traffic for hours coming from home,” Agustin, who is said to be a model for racy men’s magazine FHM, added.

    She said she does not know Ignacio personally.


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