• PNP probes general in gambling payola


    THE Philippine National Police (PNP) is investigating a police general who is allegedly receiving payola from illegal gambling, PNP chief Ronald de la Rosa said on Monday.

    He said the PNP’s Counter-Intelligence Task Force (CITF) started an inquiry after receiving a complaint.

    The task force led by Senior Supt. Jose Chiquito Malayo is looking into allegations that the police official with a star rank is on the take from illegal gambling operators.

    “This is pertaining to collection of gambling payola but it is being confirmed,” de la Rosa said.

    Two weeks ago, the PNP declared an all-out war against all forms of illegal gambling which de la Rosa said breeds corruption and may mutate into other forms of organized crime, including drug-trafficking, illegal vices, money-laundering and kidnapping.

    He warned police officers who are protecting gambling lords that they will be targeted by the CITF since their act is tantamount to corruption.

    The CITF was recently created to go after rogue policemen.

    De la Rosa lamented that while the police leadership is serious in its bid to rid the organization of “bad eggs,” erring policemen are hiding under the cloak of due process.

    He said it is important to observe due process in the removal of erring members of the PNP.

    “Their usual excuse is they were denied of due process,” he pointed out.

    He cited the case of hundreds of policemen who were reassigned to Basilan province.

    Some of the policemen claimed they were denied due process because no cases were filed against them. De la Rosa admitted that no charges were filed against the concerned policemen but they had derogatory reports saying they were involved in nefarious activities.

    “We have made a series of validations, we checked and rechecked all the list, we scrutinize before we finalized (the report). They were very brave in saying that they were not charged because it is true that no complaints were slapped against them because the complainants were scared to file a case but it is an open secret in their units that these policemen were involved in shenanigans so we don’t need to wait for complainants to come,” he explained.

    The PNP chief said that of the more than 300 policemen reassigned to Basilan, only 54 followed the order. Most of these are from Baguio and Cordillera. Majority of those who defied their reassignment order are from Metro Manila.


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