• PNP raring to rejoin Duterte war on drugs


    WILL the government’s campaign against illegal drugs turn bloody once more when the Philippine National Police (PNP) rejoins the drive as directed by President Rodrigo Duterte?

    It depends on the drug suspects, according to the PNP chief, Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

    “It depends, if they resist and if they want it to be bloody, then we will give it to them. If they do not endanger the lives of our operatives, then why would it be bloody? It is a matter of action and counter-action coming from them,” de la Rosa told reporters in an interview.

    The PNP chief said no police officers would want any operation to get bloody and, he added, where he is concerned he wants a drug-free society without bloodshed.

    Noting, however, that drugs is a billion-dollar industry, he added that such society may not be achieved at all.

    “But it is very impossible to realize since it’s going to be a war because these drug lords will not just surrender, they will not just leave the drug trafficking business just like that. This is a billon-peso industry. They would not just step back but we are determined to win the war on drugs,” dela Rosa pointed out.

    On Tuesday, the President confirmed that he had ordered the PNP chief to create a new anti-drug task force composed of police personnel with no history of corruption.

    The President stopped the police from conducting anti-drug operations when several policemen were linked to the kidnapping and killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo.

    On same day, the PNP chief announced that he is forming a new group that will continue to carry out the government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

    Only policemen with clean records will be recruited, according to dela Rosa.

    He said he will not go to war unprepared.

    “We have to retool ourselves, reupdate, we have to reassess our units, we have to regroup, we have to reevaluate everything so that when we relaunch, we are prepared,” he said.

    The recruits, dela Rosa added, may be “[l]acking in experience but [they will join us]with a pure heart and equipped with the fervor to work for the country.”


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    1. If they do not endanger the lives of our operatives, then why would it be bloody

      Bato does not have a clue or is willfully ignorant.
      The police knock on doors, shoot everyone and throw down a couple packs of suspected drugs then loot the house.

      We are supposed to believe the PNP are a real police force now without doing anything except transferring a few officers to Mindanao.