PNP records 75 election-related deaths


AT least 75 people were killed and an equal number of persons injured in over a hundred election related incidents (ERIs) that police have recorded during the duration of the mid-term local and national elections this years.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) have earlier declared that the mid-term election period, which started on January 13 and ended Wednesday midnight was generally peaceful with fewer ERIs recorded across the country.

Figures from the PNP Directorate for Investigative and Detective Management said Wednesday that from January 13 up to June 11, police have recorded a total of 112 ERIs across the country.

However, the said figure is still lower than the 176 ERIs that police have recorded for the 2010 presidential elections.

The figures said that, of the 112 ERIs recorded—90 of them are shooting incidents; seven explosions; five strafings; three ambushes; three harassments; one grenade throwing and three other types of incidents.

Of the 112 ERIs, this has resulted in the death of 75 persons—48 elected government officials; 21 supporters; two candidates; two soldiers; one policeman and one non-elected government official.

With the election period ending Wednesday midnight, the PNP is also set to terminate the enforcement of the election gun-ban and will now focus on the government’s campaign against loose firearms.

Based on latest figure from the PNP it said that had it had arrested a total of 3, 684 individuals and seized a total of 3,578 various types of firearms since it started implementing the election gun-ban last January 13.


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