PNP says plan to change uniform wont entail additional cost to personnel


TOP officials of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday said that the plan of changing the design of existing police uniforms will not entail additional expenses to their personnel.

PNP deputy chief for operations, Deputy Director General Ager Ontog and the chief of directorial staff, Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina said the PNP has its own budget earmarked for clothing allowance of police personnel.

“This allowance is allotted for the uniforms of our policemen and all of us in the PNP has this kind of allowance and funds [for new uniforms]will not be a problem since its already in the budget of PNP,” Ontog said in a chance interview.

For his part, Espina said that the plan for a change of new uniform will not be an additional financial burden for their personnel since the government has provided them an allowance for the procurement of their own set of uniforms.

“Even if we change our uniforms, it will not be an additional burden to the individual policemen and we certainly need to buy or change our uniform as mandated by the PNP for us to wear,” Espina said in the same chance interview.

Espina added that even new police recruits will not be given additional burden in procuring their own uniforms since they are also given initial clothing allowance for them to use in buying their uniform.

Ontog added that the initiative to change the current police uniform came from the National Police Commission (Napolcom), which mandates them to evaluate and change their uniform every 10 years.

“Naka 17 years na po tayong ngayon. Nagkaroon tayo ng mga lumang uniporme ng PNP at alam naman po natin na nagkakaroon ng changes sa ating climate so there is a need really for changes,” Ontog said.

Ontog added. “Even in the design of our uniforms… it will be more responsive to the needs of our policemen. Siguro po napakagandang panahon na ito ngayon upang ating tingnan muli yung uniporme po ng ating kapulisan,”

Espina added that the PNP’s decision to change the present design of their uniform was also based from the feedback and critique that they have received from the field through the years.

“So that’s for purposes of achieving a bigger uniform that would suit and adopt to the needs of our people. Bottom up planning kaya we are just addressing through an initiation of all these projects the needs of our people,” Espina said.

Espina added. “We cannot remain rigid. We should always adapt the needs of our people because they have to be comfortable in the field in order to deliver the objective of competence in serving our people,” ANTHONY VARGAS


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