• PNP stops ‘Tokhang,’ starts cleanup


    Task force to check cases of reinstated rogue police after VACC appeal

    THE Philippine National Police (PNP) on Monday suspended indefinitely the controversial Oplan “Tokhang” and Project “Double Barrel” after the President’s order to immediately disband the PNP Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (AIDG) in the aftermath of the abduction and murder of a Korean businessman at the hands of rogue police.

    Duterte announced the disbandment in a Malacañang news conference late Sunday where he also said he had rejected PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa’s offer to resign following revelations South Korean national Jee Ick Joo was killed by AIDG men right inside the police headquarters in Camp Crame last October.

    President Rodrigo Roa Duterte offers a P1-million reward each for the capture of the three accomplices tagged in the kidnap-slay of Korean national Jee Ick Joo during a press conference in Malacañan.

    “It’s (Jee’s killing) an injustice enough but to ask for the head of the PNP chief, there is no rhyme or reason for that,” Duterte told Palace reporters.

    Duterte said he would form a new “narcotics command” to be led by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

    Jee’s death has dealt a severe blow to the PNP and Duterte’s anti-drug war, after investigators found that police raided the businessmen’s home in Angeles City, Pampanga using a fake warrant and under the guise of Oplan Tokhang (knock and plead), in which PNP men went to the homes of drug suspects to convince them to surrender.

    Senior Police Officer 3 Ricky Santa Isabel allegedly strangled Jee in a parked vehicle near the PNP chief’s office and residence in Camp Crame, then cremated the remains in conspiracy with a Caloocan City mortuary, to hide the evidence of the crime. Santa Isabel, his superior Supt. Raphael Dumlao and several others have been charged with kidnapping and homicide.

    Duterte on Monday met Jee’s widow, accompanied by Korean ambassador Kim Jae-shing, in Malacañang.

    Drug war extended

    With the overhaul of the PNP’s implementation of the drug war, Duterte said he had decided that the campaign would last until the end of his term in 2022, instead of three to six months and a six-month extension until March.

    “The drug war I will extend to the last day of my term. Wala na `yung [No more] March deadline,” Duterte said, admitting he was over-confident in setting a six-month deadline when he was a presidential candidate.
    An outspoken Catholic bishop said Duterte did the right thing in temporarily suspending all police anti-drug operations.

    “I hope it is stopped for good,” Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz told The Manila Times, adding that Oplan Tokhang did not get the desired result because of unnecessary drug-related killings.
    Senators also welcomed the decision, saying this would help restore the public’s trust in the police force.

    “This is a step in the right direction for the PNP as it works on regaining the public trust after several controversial incidents involving bad elements within the organization,” Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th said.

    The ‘mastermind’

    The President also named Dumlao the mastermind in Jee’s killing and gave him 24 hours to surrender following reports the AIDG team leader slipped out of Camp Crame in violation of his restrictive custody. He also placed a P5-million reward money on Dumlao’s head, dead or alive.

    But de la Rosa said Dumlao was back in Camp Crame on Sunday, and had promised to “tell all.”
    Duterte said other suspects were at large and gave them 48 hours to turn themselves in.

    On Monday, the National Bureau of Investigation denied reports its agents were involved in Jee’s abduction and killing, but presented another suspect, Jerry Omlang, an “asset” and “volunteer” who allegedly conducted surveillance on Jee.

    Omlang declined to talk about his involvement but said he had received “death threats” from Dumlao.

    Recycling probed

    De la Rosa on Monday told reporters he had ordered the creation of a counter-intelligence task force that would go after inept, corrupt and undisciplined policemen.

    The task force was also directed to look into the cases of policemen who were charged and dismissed from the service but were later reinstated under mysterious circumstances.

    This followed Sunday’s call by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) for a probe into the alleged “reinstatement for sale” scheme at the National Police Commission (Napolcom), the oversight body for the PNP, reported by The Manila Times.

    The task force will initially be composed of at least 100 police officers, led by a police official with a rank of senior superintendent (colonel in the military).

    The PNP chief said he would oversee the task force, which will first concentrate in Metro Manila.

    De la Rosa also said he had ordered the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) and the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management to come up with a list of all scalawags reinstated to the service.

    “Let all bad policemen be forewarned. We no longer have a war on drugs but a war on scalawags. We will cleanse our ranks and thereafter come back with a war on drugs,” said de la Rosa.

    The VACC on Monday called on the PNP to investigate and account for “collateral victims” of the drug war along with the cleanup of the rank and file.

    “Audit records of all PNP officers and men with complaints at Napolcom,” the anti-crime group said.

    Senator Grace Poe urged the PNP to strengthen the IAS by giving it authority to investigate and dismiss corrupt and unworthy police personnel without the PNP chief’s approval.



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    1. Create a Court Martial in the PNP. speedy investigation and trial . lifestyle check on all ranking officials of the PNP. create an “Untouchable Composite” to go after the scalawags.

    2. aladin g. villacorte on

      It would take Herculean efforts to cleanse the Augean stables. For years on end, from one presidency to the next, we have struggled in vain against evil habits that cry out to high heavens. Without question the legacy of violence and abuse, the culture of corruption, that have all settled within the PNP would make the government’s job extremely, extremely difficult.

      Let us implore the Almighty One for divine intervention. He never fails.

      • The people struggle while the government loots, enrich themselves and make excuses, lies and promises.

        God is not going to solve the problem of the government of the country, the people have to demand better.

    3. PDU30 is no longer surprise to learn that the PNP, as a government organization, have so many criminals in uniform and they know all the illegal way to generate income. Their badges and guns make them above the law and a lot of times, make them think they are untouchables. Corruption is already ingrained in our society and in our government, and this will not go away soon or in Duterte’s lifetime.

    4. Pres. Duterte said during the campaign that there were many Generals in the PNP, it’s about 140+ something, and will trim these down to around 60 Generals and this will do for him. I think he needs to revisit this campaign statement in lieu of the planned PNP reforms to be implemented.

    5. The most difficult enemies to fight are the ones from within. In this war on rogue cops, will there be dead cops similar to war on drugs under operation tokhang?

    6. The most difficult enemies to fight are the ones from within. In this fight against rogue cops, will there be dead cops similar to war on drugs under operation tokhang?

      • Apparently the rogue police who kidnap people and extort money have to do push up while Bato yells at them and then they are reassigned to Mindanao.

    7. Go after all the pork barrel and Dap fund thieves in the senate and house, why are they allowed to still billions and not face charges ?

      • First step is to get someone to head the PNP that knows how to reform a Police Dept.
        Bato has no idea what he is doing, Installing friends who have no idea how to reform a Police Dept into the top positions is not the best option.

        The next step is to reform the Justice and court system so they can actually complete a investigation, have a trial and convict the criminals within a year instead of 10 years.