PNP transfers Dayan to new safehouse


LINGAYEN, Pangasinan: Ronnie Palisoc-Dayan, former bodyguard, driver and lover of Sen. Liela de Lima was transferred to a new safehouse after armed men were allegedly spotted near the vicinity of his first safehouse.

Senior Supt. Ronald Oliver-Lee, Region 3 provincial director, said Dayan is safe but ordered his transfer to another safehouse somewhere in Pangasinan after policemen guarding him saw several armed men roaming the area on November 27 and 28.

Lee said Dayan’s family was also not allowed to visit him at his new hideout where security was beefed up to ensure his safety. He pointed out that Dayan’s life is still in danger and they are not discounting the possibility that somebody wanted him abducted or assassinated.

Dayan’s family could not be reached for comment as no one was willing to talk to members of media who have been waiting outside their home since Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, relatives of Dayan in Urbiztondo town urged him to tell the whole truth and all the secrets of de Lima on her involvement in the illegal drug activities in order to free him and his family from further controversy.

Rowena, Dayan’s first cousin in Barangay Real, urged him not be afraid to reveal all believing that his cooperation can heal everything and his protection will continue until the investigation is over.

Rowena also believed that her cousin has not yet finished telling all the secrets of his former boss because she was also convinced that Dayan is still afraid to reveal what he saw and witnessed.

Rowena told The Manila Times that Dayan will be dragged into the illegal drug controversy because the money he used in buying his farm lands and residential lots, the construction of houses and purchase of his four vehicles came from de Lima.

Dayan, a high school graduate and ordinary farmer, has become a millionaire and powerful person in Urbiztondo since 2007 up to the present according to his relatives.

“Where did he get millions of money if his only job is being a driver and bodyguard of de Lima?,” his relatives wondered.

Earlier, Dayan told the police provincial director that he is not yet finished in revealing all the secrets of de Lima and will be ready to disclose them if invited by the Senate.

But his wife Norilyn and their daughter Hanna Mae, allegedly de Lima’s favorite, prevented him from testifying further against de Lima. Rowena also confirmed that de Lima was crying while talking to Hanna Mae through her cellphone after they returned to Pangasinan on Thursday night asking her to advise her father not to testify anymore.


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  1. Really, Manila TImes. This sort of strategic information should not be released at all in public in the interest of Mr.Dayan’s personal safety.
    Espinosa’s rub-out is a classic example of bungled security.