PNP urges college grads to join force


THE Philippine National Police (PNP) on Wednesday stepped up its efforts in wooing college graduates to join the force, citing its backlog in 2016.

The PNP chief, Director General Ricardo Marquez, told reporters in a chance interview in Camp Crame in Quezon City that next year they need to recruit at least 10,000 policemen.

For 2015, Marquez said, they still need around 4,000 policemen to fill up vacancies in the 150,000-strong PNP.

The PNP chief added that their quota for 2014 has not been met.

“We are appealing to college graduates who are looking for work to give [joining]the PNP a try… and this maybe could be the answer to their efforts to look for a job or a chance to earn a living,” Marquez said.

While a policeman’s pay cannot be compared to high salaries being offered by big companies, he added, it is not far behind salaries earned by those working in private firms.

At present, a Police Officer 1 is receiving a basic pay of P13, 500 while an inspector gets P28, 839 and a senior police inspector, P31, 251.

The basic pay is apart from benefits and incentives that policemen receive, among them bonuses, health care, housing privilege, leadership and skills training and chance to serve as UN peacekeeper.

They will also have an opportunity to take post-graduate studies here and abroad, gain promotions and awards, win scholarships and other forms of educational assistance and avail of legal aid and retirement programs.


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